The fire’s lit.

Tonight and feeling a bit cold, I lit my gas fire for the first time since early Spring. Daytime temperatures are just about bearable now but as night falls it is dropping to 10 deg. where I live. That is too cool to sit around in. I don’t mind cool weather personally or even cold weather but when I am at home sitting I don’t want to be wearing an overcoat! It will get colder though and it will be next year before I can turn down the heat. Here in the UK we have just been informed on the news that we can expect our fuel bills to rise by possibly 60% (relatively) over the next ten years. That will be a considerable rise. It isn’t really surprising though, we are used to mad price rises here. I find it strange that more effort isn’t being applied in developing sustainable electrical energy before it is too late. We have many wind turbine ‘farms’ producing ‘free’ energy. The only cost is the initial outlay and maintenance but the use of this kind of energy should drive down the cost to the consumer. There is a long way to go to make this and other systems such as hydro-electric stations really viable alternatives to nuclear or coal systems which have a negative impact on the environment. I may never see prices coming down in my lifetime, has anyone? One day things might improve but in the meantime, the fire’s lit to keep me warm!

Shirley Anne


Yet another one.

Driving through my home town this morning I was able to look more at the shops than I would normally otherwise be able to do. There wasn’t much traffic about in the main street and as I looked about I could see many of the shopping outlets closed due to the financial recession. This morning I saw yet another outlet closed which only a few days ago was trading. There are still many businesses making an effort and some appear to be doing better than others. I say ‘appear to’ because without knowing the real facts it could be that even they are struggling. Although things look gloomy, conditions could be worse and I don’t think we are experiencing as deep a recession as we have in the past but nevertheless some people must still be finding it difficult to survive. I am very fortunate in that I seem to be getting regular requests for my services. I suppose there wil always be those among us who have the spare cash to spend even in difficult times. I think this is what is needed to keep the economy moving. It is sad to see yet another shop having to close though because fewer people can afford those extra luxuries. One day all will be back to normal I guess but in the meantime we have to struggle on.

Shirley Anne

There is no escape!

Today I finished work at 12.15 so I decided to dine out for lunch. Those of you who know me will understand that this is something I do on a regular basis, I treat myself and my ex. to lunch. Today after an extended lunch I asked to be dropped off at my local pub for a couple of hours. That duly done I was having a nice time chatting to different people when, four hours later my ex. returned to collect me. Not at my request I might add but she said that I’d had a couple of phone calls at home regarding electrical work. So off I went home to follow up on the calls. There is no escape it seems. I am destined to work till I drop! Anyway I got the jobs and have scheduled them for tomorrow and next week. Well it pays for my beer tokens doesn’t it?

Shirley Anne

Rain, rain, rain……..I feel fine.

I got soaked today. Not surprising really, it hasn’t stopped raining all day but it has been quite warm and humid with it. Rain, rain, rain but I feel fine. I heard a remark from an English comedian on the television tonight and he was describing what the older generation talk about each time he met any of them. ‘All they talk about is how hot, cold, wet, damp, foggy, humid, dry the weather is’, he said. It is becoming the norm for many people to pass remarks about the weather. Try getting through the whole day without hearing someone you meet mention the weather or you yourself mentioning some aspect of it. You might be amazed at what you find. For a long time now I have decided that the weather is something we should simply accept. I got wet today but I feel fine. I didn’t give it a second thought. It was raining, I went out in it and I got wet. End of story. I didn’t rush back indoors and moan about it or even mention it but the occupant of the house simply had to say something. It’s like an obsession, it’s ingrained into some people’s exsitence, it’s something to talk about, it’s something to moan about. For heaven’s sake it’s just the weather!

Shirley Anne

Well we’re off again!

…And so starts another week on the treadmill. A bright and sunny Monday morning in October sees the start of my week. I’ve been out already and brushed my driveway clear of pine needles and fallen cones then off to do a small job, fill up my van with deisel and now back home chilling out. I have work scheduled on two days more this week, so far that is! I never know when somebody is going to call so I have to be at the ready. On Thursday evening I have arranged a dinner for six in a restaurant twenty or so miles away to celebrate my ex’s. birthday on Sunday. I am looking forward to that. We had more of us last year and had a great time eating, drinking and dancing the night away but this year we are only doing the meal……..and drinks of course!

Shirley Anne

The road to nowhere.

Sitting here and thinking about my life I am wondering where it is all heading. Where am I going? Living a life is first and foremost about survival. The rest of what we do is essentially less important. We must survive to continue to live. What we each do in our lives to meet that need is up to ourselves. We make plans for the future, not for the past or even for now, everything is for the future. So we go through the motions of everyday life to meet that need. When we are satisfied that things are under control and on track we turn our attentions to the other things in life to make our exsistence bearable. That could be any of a hundred and one things we do each day. At the end of the day though we are on the road to nowhere. Everything we do is meaningless but we have to do it anyway. There is no alternative. People have agendas and live their lives accordingly but in the end it is all futile. In the great scheme of things it is totally pointless. However we must toil and live out our lives and do what we must for at life’s short journey’s end we can do no more.
For more reading see Ecclesiastes (the whole book) in the Holy Bible. I dare you! In love

Shirley Anne x

The wind is up!

Today, in fact overnight too, it has been very windy but the sun is shining and the sky is blue. Sure sign that Autumn is finally here. Of all the different aspects of weather I think the wind, when it is high, is the most destructive. I don’t much care for the wind at all.
I was pretty tired last night and went to sleep listening to the wind whistling outside. It didn’t take long before I was in the Land of Nod though. So this morning when I awoke I didn’t feel like having a lie in. I decided to go out and buy some light fittings… you do! For many weeks now I have been thinking about having lights on my dressing table mirror for the dark mornings ahead. One light on the ceiling isn’t really sufficient when applying make-up but during the summer months when it is light early in the morning there is enough daylight to compensate. My dressing table is situated in front of the windows so that natural light is on my face. In the winter however, when I get up, it is still dark. So off I went and purchased two light fittings and returned to fit them. A bit of a wiring job and the making of two brackets saw the job finished and I tried them out. There are six lights in all, three each side but they are quite bright even though I’d bought low energy lamps. I also fitted a switch behind the mirror to switch them on but I think I might have to change that for a dimmer type! At least I’ll be able to see my face properly in the mornings now! By the way……….it’s still windy!

Shirley Anne

Not really sure.

On visiting my second job of the day I was met by an old couple who told me that they had seen my advert in the newspaper but that they also had a business card. They explained that the details on the card, the phone numbers, were exactly the same and that I’d been there about ten years ago doing another job. Ten years ago I was pre-op. and my plans to transition were still two years away therefore when I did the job I would have been presenting as a male. In fact they were right. Now then what was I to say? Well at first I wasn’t really sure. Should I explain about my transition for they seemed to be saying that they recognised it was me the last time? ‘Well’, I said, ‘that card isn’t mine but it’s the same business’. I gave them my new card which shows my name whereas the old card didn’t. They seemed a bit confused and said that they thought it was me who had visited the last time. ‘Ten years ago’? I enquired. ‘It wasn’t me, it must have been somebody else’, I continued. They then said that the guy who had done the job was really nice and they were very pleased with his work. I smiled and it was obvious to me that they now thought I was indeed not that person. What I couldn’t understand was that they saw my new advert in the newspaper and thought they would have a woman electrician for a change and yet when I arrived they had thought that I had been before. I think they must be mistaken about it being ten years ago. I think I actually did the job about six years ago when I’d gone through my transition. In either case I’m not really sure. I could have explained things but thought, ‘Why should I’? That has been my policy regarding my transition. I will only reveal on a ‘need to know’ basis.

Shirley Anne


Today I had only a small job to do and went along after I’d seen Lauren for some electrolysis. She’s asked me to switch from a scheduled appointment I had for Friday. As I had no further work for today I decided to dine out for lunch with my ex. On the way she asked if I could collect her prescription while she parked her car. This I did. While waiting in the pharmacy a young woman came in pushing a pram with a baby in it. The baby boy was crying and continued to do so while she was being served. That is until he saw me. I couldn’t help but smile at him and give him a little wave. He stopped crying immediately and began to close his eyes. He was obviously tired and he was fighting against it. His eyes began to close and for a few seconds remained so. Then they opened again and he saw my smiling face and close his eyes once more. This happened about five times until finally his mum disturbed him as she moved the pram toward the exit. I remarked how lovely her son was and that he was tired and fighting it. She smiled and acknowledged the fact. Meanwhile I glanced back at the boy who kept looking at me as he was being pushed along. He began to smile back in the cheeky little way that babies do. My mind flashed back to the time when both my sons where his size and did exactly the same thing. Happy days.
We drove out to our destination and had our meal. During the meal I received a phone call from my youngest son who was asking me to transfer some money into his account by way of a temporary loan. I agreed and transferred the money a couple of hours later when back home and let him know. I was wondering what that baby would be like when he is twentyfour. Would he be asking his mum for a loan? It only seems like yesterday when my sons were in a pram.

Shirley Anne

What makes them tick?

Today I went to a job some miles away and in a place I infrequently visit. It is a nice estate of houses less than ten years old and all privately owned. The couple in whose house I was working were telling me about the spate of vandalism they have been having. It appears that somebody has been throwing eggs at their house in the wee small hours when normal people are asleep. The guy is an ex-policeman who was forced to retire early because of a sustained injury. It appears that a certain family only a few yards away have recently been in trouble with the law and have taken revenge on their house. Very childish behaviour I must say and totally pointless. No doubt they will cease the anti-social behaviour when they realise this. In the meantime I suggested the couple rig a web-cam to their computer and catch them on record. Either that or wait up and catch them in the act. I wonder what makes some people tick. They seem to feel they have a right to misbehave with impunity. Perhaps an ‘asbo’ should be served upon them.

Shirley Anne