Internet Explorer

Now it might seem daft but I have always used AOL for browsing the Internet. That was only because they are my current provider and their browser is very simple to use. I resisted using Internet Explorer for so long until yesterday. What has happened is that recently I applied to TalkTalk for them to be my provider and that should take effect from the beginning of next month (see previous post). I decided to start using Int. Ex. so I could get used to it. First thing I did was to transfer all my Favourites from AOL and delete all those useless ones that Int. Ex. has! That took some time but it’s all done now. The version I had was 7 but it was running with add-ons disabled which meant some web pages didn’t load properly, (mostly images). No matter what I did to try to correct that nothing worked. Today however I found an invitation to download Internet Explorer 8 which I duly did and hey presto! All my previous problems have been solved! Still don’t know why my add-ons wouldn’t work, maybe it was a JavaScript problem, I don’t know. Anyways I am happy now using the new Explorer. Silly me, just like a kid with a new toy! So you CAN teach an (not so very) old dog new tricks….tehe…I do get there in the end…….look at my blog…..never thought I’d do one of these. Well it stops me watching TV…hahaha….

Shirley Anne x


Hobbies and Interests

Do you have a hobby or a special interest in something? A previous post was about too much TV but what would keep you away from it? I play guitar, write poetry and songs (less so these days, I must correct that), I like reading about history, I love astronomy and going for walks. There are always domestic duties too and then there is my work of course. I like to get out and wine and dine a couple of times a week and also visit the pub and chat with friends there. Now there is this blog to occupy myself with and my subscriptions to other people’s blogs. I like listening to music too so often the radio is on. Although I have a record collection, they are all vinyl and at this moment I am without a player. I plan to record them all to CD/DVD and I can store them on my comuter. I do have many stored there already which are not also on vinyl or CD. So I have many things to keep me occupied and as busy as I wish. Anything but sit and watch TV all night. By the way there’s a great film on the box later….LOL………

Shirley Anne x

Looking out of the window.

Standing in my kitchen making myself a coffee, a liqueur coffee for a change (yeah sure), I was looking out of the window and dreaming. The birds are happy flying about in the cool afternoon sunshine going about their business. The buds have appeared on some of the trees whilst the evergreen shrubs and bushes are moving in the gentle breeze. The grass is lush and green and it won’t be long before it gets it’s first mowing of the season. Late Winter and early Spring flowers are out, crocus and snowdrops. Daffodil shoots are high and ready to fill in with yellow. The sky is a bright azure blue with white fluffy clouds dotted here and there. All is calm and peaceful. The kettle whistles to tell me the water is hot so I make my coffee and leave the room. Life is lovely.

Shirley Anne x

My Son’s Birthday

The younger of my two sons is 24 today. Now I am beginning to feel old! Doesn’t time fly by when you are enjoying yourself? Well I have enjoyed my life thus far but would have liked certain things to have happened a lot sooner than they did. My transition for one.
I remember bouncing my son and his elder brother on my knee when they were very young and it seems almost like yesterday. Happy days. Now they are both out in the world getting on with their own lives. I don’t much notice the passing of my own years but as each year passes it reminds me just how much my sons have grown. They are now facing all the same problems I had at their age. Bless them both. Now I am wiping away my tears……………….

Shirley Anne x

Too much TV?

Do you get the feeling that people watch too much television? I watch tv. who doesn’t? Am I a telly addict? I think not, I prefer doing other things although at times I find television quite entertaining. In days gone by people had to make their own entertainment but I sense many today would find that difficult. If it isn’t the television it’s the computer, if not the computer then a gaming machine. If I didn’t know better I would think we were all turning into couch potatoes. Find an interest, anything but don’t spend all your spare time watching tv.

Switching Providers

I have just made arrangements via the Internet to switch my broadband and landline phone services from AOL and BT to Talk Talk (who actually own the AOL franchise I believe). Anyhow, I have had such a bother with their website and it really annoys me. I reached that part of the form which asks for your email but it wasn’t enabled so I couldn’t place it there. After a lot of bother trying to do that I was told (online help) to telephone the customer services and give them my address. Everything else went through, home address, bank details etc. so I thought it would be simple to phone in my email address. No way Hosea! First number suggested another number, a premium number. So I thought ok it will only be a minute. Ha! The guy couldn’t find my details and complained his computer was playing up. Asked me to stay on hold….remember it was a premium number (God knows why that should be!) and I was paying for the call. I did, for a couple of minutes and then I hung up! Such professionalism! Great! So now I went back online and opened their website and contacted them there. I had to write them an email explaining my difficulties and sent it off. Now I am waiting for the reply. In the email I let it be known that I thought their initial service was appalling. It is a wonder they get custom when they cannot get things right. It is supposed to be a seamless switch over……….We’ll see…………..

Shirley Anne x

My Names

Out shopping a few weeks ago I came across a place selling key fobs with names on them. Curiosity got the better of me and I looked for ones bearing ‘Shirley’ and ‘Ann(e)’. I found them both. Now I am not a believer in the meanings of names but I do accept that some names are derived from names of places or other things. I read what was on the two fobs and to my amazement each description was an accurate one of me. I bought them both.
‘Shirley’……..From the Old English meaning ‘from the bright meadow’. So far just the origin but what follows really does describe me. It goes on…..’Usually easy going, she will dig her heels in when she feels she is right….she knows her own mind’.
‘Anne’…….From the Hebrew meaning ‘graceful’. Again simply the origin but then follows my description….’She is industrious and practical and can turn her hand to anything. A Lady of many talents’.
So you see, some things really can be true!

Shirley Anne x

Stockings or tights?

Nothing is nicer than wearing nylon next to my skin, the skin on my legs that is! Ah, but stockings or tights? For me there is no competition, it’s stockings all the way. Apart from the sexy feeling I get through wearing stockings and suspenders (garters to my American friends), tights I feel are unhealthy, allowing no ventilation. They look unattractive when seen and have as much appeal as a dry hole to a hippopotamus. Yes, I like my stockings and suspenders because they look sexy, feel sexy and make me feel good. Mind you, I don’t wear them all year round. It’s nice to go bare legged in the Summer.

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Shirley Anne x

Do I drink too much?

These days we are bombarded with advice through government, from organisations and individuals regarding all sorts of health issues. We are told we shouldn’t do this and we ought to to that. We could be very cynical and say what business is it of anybody else? To be fair most of the advice is good and sensible but occasionally it is just plain daft! See a recent post called ‘Nanny State’. Ok I’ll be the first to admit to having a drink or two, ok maybe three or four (I’d better stop here in case you all think I’m an alcoholic) and it is nice to do so. I know the dangers of going to excess so if I have had a good session as they say, I will usually go on the wagon for a couple of days. Do I drink too much?……………Well, I suppose I do on occasion but I don’t need anybody to tell me and least of all try to persuade me otherwise. I say life is for living but don’t overdo it……………at least most of the time…………..Here’s to you all……….

Shirley Anne x

Needs and wants

I was thinking about life and what my desires and needs are in it. In my early years my desires and needs were different. I had great ambitions in respect of my career and my thoughts were always on transition but in other areas I had little or no desire at all. I didn’t seek friendship or relationship with anybody. My whole world was centrered around me. I failed to understand the difference in desiring something and needing it. How many things in our lives do we have and not really need? In fact when it came to friendship or relationship I neither desired them nor needed them. Later my attitude changed and I found that I needed friendship, I needed relationship so my desire was to obtain them. In relationships I desired friendship, in romance a relationship but do I still need them? If I am honest the answer is yes. I think we all need the closeness of other human beings.

Shirley Anne x