You never know

In previous posts I noted that I meet many people in my line of work. I meet poor people, rich people and many in between. Financially speaking of course for real wealth has nothing to do with money. One’s station in life matters not one iota if one is struck down with some sort of ailment. Monetary wealth may buy all sorts of things but it cannot buy good health or love. Today, in one house I visited, the lady of the house was suffering with breathing difficulties caused by blood clots in her lungs. She was under medication but was still finding it hard to walk across the room, even with a frame to assist her. Previously of good health she had been struck an unkindly blow.
Later in the day, in another house, I was greeted by a well dressed older gentleman and his wife. She could hardly speak or get about easily. She had contracted Altzheimer’s Disease. Her husband had to do everything for her. They should be enjoying their retirement but have been dealt a blow that puts an end to any enjoyable time they may have left together.
I see people moaning about this or that, often stupid things. They moan about the weather, they moan about their work, their neighbours, their environment, their friends, their family and almost anything else you could think of. They do not know how fortunate they are. They do not know what is going to happen tomorrow yet they moan or sometimes boast about it. They never know what might happen the next day.
You never know what may happen tomorrow. Your world may suddenly fall down around you and all those things you now cherish and take for granted may be taken away. Think about these things and live wisely.

Shirley Anne x


Looking old

sexymodelOk so I am 63. To look at me you wouldn’t think so and very often and I do mean very often I am taken for a much younger person. When people try to guess my age I am told I look, 42, 46,48, 50 but never 63. When I tell them they look at me in disbelief. I had to show one lady my driver’s license to prove it! In the job I do, which is an electrician (Now you know David!), I am kept fairly active And people are amazed that somebody my age and doing what I do can actually do it. You are as old as you feel as the saying goes and I certainly don’t feel my age. Of course the hormones do help but I was always a ‘younger than my age’ looking person. I was just watching the television and there was a woman who must have only been in her late forties but she definitley looked older. Why? Well her forehead was full of frown lines, she had large ‘crows feet’ at the corner of her eyes and she looked so tired and weary. She was wearing some make-up but it wasn’t helping in any way. Her clothes were a little drab too. She needed help.
Many things can make us look and feel older than our years, smoking, bad diet, poor hygene, too much frowning which leaves permanent lines on the face, poor make-up, dowdy clothes, the list goes on.
It pays to look after yourself. If you don’t do it nobody else will.

Shirley Anne x

Afternoon off….

Time out for myself (reprise). Yes, I decided to take time out for myself today. Could have worked but went out for lunch instead, well it was more like dinner being as it was around three in the afternoon, with wine, a couple of courses and liqueur coffee afterward. I do this usually once and more usually twice a week these days depending on my schedule. Time is short and it needs to be filled. It doesn’t have to be dinners or pubs and such but as long as it is something you like doing it is well worth the effort. What good is there in living if you don’t actually live it?

Shirley Anne x

Back from the pub

homer_drink1x1Just got back home from the pub. Slightly inebriated I have to admit but still sober enough to write this. I had a great time! Not many people there I have to say but still a great time. I now have an invite to a 25th wedding anniversary dinner in August so that is something to look forward to. My friend Lotte and she is a real friend to me, sent me a text message that had some bad news. I was a bit upset about that but have ensured my support for her whatever happens. She will be ok if I have anything to do with it.
We never know what is going to happen in life so it is all the more important that we have people around us that will see us through our hard and difficult times. That is what I mean when I talk about friendship.

Shirley Anne x

What value friendship?

I cannot boast to having many friends, that is real friends. I can count the number of real friends I have on one hand. This has been the same all of my life. I am a very sociable person and make friends with people very easily. Notwithstanding however I get few people wanting a close friendship. Those I do make friends with usually disappear and I don’t see them again. Except for one or two. When I call somebody my friend I mean it. I am very sincere but my friendship is not always appreciated. See ‘Vicky’s torment’ in ‘My Poems 4’. I do love people though and I will always endeavour to be friends with all I meet. I value friendship and those who are my friends will always remain so. What value do you put on friendship?

Gettin’ Lazy

Gettin’ Lazy. See? I cannot even be bothered to add the ‘g’. I have noticed in myself a rather disconcerting trait lately and that is I just cannot be bothered sometimes. I get up late on the weekend instead of going for my usual walk. I sit at home drinking wine instead of going down to the pub (I will be going afterwards by the way) and drinking wine with friends. I have tasks to do at home sometimes and I procrastinate. I browse on my computer more and more instead of reading a book. The list goes on. What I am concerned about is the fact that this sort of behaviour might be an ongoing problem. I just simply get bored and cannot be bothered to snap out of it but usually do. I dread the day that I don’t snap out of it. Do others have similar traits?

Shirley Anne x

Month two

Well the second month of Winter is over (21st) with just one more to go and then it’s Spring! Here in the UK the temperature is on the rise and the first signs of new growth are appearing. February was always a month of cold and rain and with the sun not yet risen high enough to warm the ground it always remained damp. Lately, where I live at least, it has been quite dry with relatively only a little rain. Global warming? Perhaps but why not? This planet has undergone many variations in climate, both large and small in the past. Once it snowed on my birthday (21 Nov), now it seldom snows here in the UK until January and where I live it almost never does! Time marches on and Spring will be upon us soon……….

Shirley Anne x

Not at home

When it comes to the Internet or rather those we are in contact with through it, is always seems that everybody disappears come the weekend. Not even a quick message. Come Monday morning however the email box is full. I have noticed that I have lots of ‘friends’ between Monday and Friday but none of them are at home at the weekend. Is it just me or do others have the same experiences? Maybe they are writing to me whilst at work so that they don’t have to use their computers at home. I get this a lot from my male admirers. Hummm…I wonder why? Not that I am concerned in the least but it does make me think.

Shirley Anne x

Time for yourself

In the hustle and bustle of life, the seemingly endless merry-go-round we ride each day, do you take time out? What have you done for just yourself today? For many people work is their whole life, everything revolves around it. Others have a more hedonistic lifestyle but whatever kind of life you lead do you ever just take time for yourself or indulge in something you would not normally indulge in? Perhaps it is some quiet moments of meditation, maybe a favourite book or magazine. Perhaps it is listening to your favourite music or going for a walk . Whatever it might be do you do it alone and enjoy the lack of interference from others for a spell? I think many people, at least in the Western World, sometimes push themselves too hard. It is good to relax and get away from it all for a short time. It serves to recharge the batteries so to speak and makes you ready to take on the World again.
Be kind to yourself……………

Shirley Anne x