Stockings time

This morning I when I awoke I was greeted by high winds and showers. Autumn has started early methinks. So whilst getting dressed for work I decided to don my stockings and suspender belt and then my, shall we say, more warmer clothes, black skirt and cap-sleeved top. Still the plunging neckline though, I need to show my assets…LOL. Unfortunately all this means a different bag too so I had to transfer all my stuff to another bag. However my other bag, that is the one I use for work, is slightly smaller and not everything can fit in it. Oh the agony of being a woman and having to make decisions as to what to keep in my bag. Rest assured though, the essentials will be in there!

Shirley Anne x


27 and counting

Yesterday, 1st September, was my eldest son’s birthday. He was 27. It doesn’t seem that long ago since he was a toddler. Time flies. I took him, his wife and my ex. out to dinner, to an Italian restuarant and we all enjoyed a good but rather expensive meal. His younger brother was unable to join us as he was working. It is nice to see your children growing and making their own way in the world but times are more difficult at the moment with the recession and they are finding it hard. I hope the situation improves before too long.

Shirley Anne

Bank Holiday

Here in the UK we have two ‘Bank Holidays’. A peculiar throwback from our past. Traditionally the banks close to all business on two days of the year. One is in Spring, called the Spring Bank Holiday, on the last Monday in May and the other is in August, called the August Bank Holiday, held on the last Monday in August. Why the one in May isn’t called the May Bank Holiday I’ll never know. Anyway, today is the August Bank Holiday and many places are closed for business. Very few people work today but many make special trips on a day’s outing, some even extend the normal weekend to include these days and have a longer break. It is a time of year for traffic jams of course when more people take to the roads. This usually starts on Friday and ends on the Monday so these two days can be a nightmare on the roads if you hate traffic jams!. I have never pursued away days on a Bank Holiday weekend for that reason. That meant I have had the weekends to myself at home. Yes? No! Today I had a couple of jobs to do at my work. Maybe I’ll get my ‘Bank Holiday’ later.

Shirley Anne x

Apple and Blackberry Crumble.

Yesterday I talked about the approach of Autumn, the falling leaves, the wind and rain. Today, well this morning to be precise, we decided to cut the grass. It had been done a couple of days before my trip to Canada which would be the 3rd or 4th August, almost a month ago so it was about ready to be cut again. The problem we’ve had is that it has been raining a lot lately so cutting grass was out of the question. This morning the wind had died down and it was dry! Golden opportunity to mow the lawn, so that’s what we did! A couple of hours later and it is raining again. Make hay whilst the sun shines can almost be applied literally here. Before I could mow the lawn however I had to remove some fallen apples. We have quite a few different fruits growing in our garden, apples, plums, gooseberries, raspberries, blackberries, rhubarb and strawberries growing in pots. We have tomatoes too! So……..I mowed the lawn and went into the house. My ex. followed later after gathering blackberries and the apples I’d picked up plus a couple more and dumped them in the kitchen sink. Well I thought about making an apple pie but there were insufficient apples. I could have plucked some from the tree of course but there were blackberries too. I washed the blackberries and peeled and chopped the apples and pre-cooked them ready to go in a pie. Not an apple pie but an apple and blackberry pie. Trouble was I didn’t feel like making pastry so I opted to make a crumble topping instead. After a short while in the oven it was ready to eat. Delicious! With custard, delicious but I must watch my waistline…LOL

Shirley Anne x

Autumn leaves.

Over the last two days we have experienced some very windy weather mixed with rain and sunshine. The temperature fluctuates between 18 and 21C during the day and drops to around 14C at night. It is the tail end of Hurricane Bill as it sweeps back east from whence it came. We are generally blessed here on the west coast because we are in the Gulf Stream but when some of the hurricanes that hit the American seaboard do not continue overland and follow the coastline, the weakening winds find their way over here. It’s a sign of cooler times ahead and yet here in the UK we often get warm Septembers these days. Summer officially ends 23rd September at the Autumnal Equinox but that doesn’t have any real sudden bearing on weather changes. I have recently been to Quebec where they have experienced a very short warm summer and things there are beginning to get colder even as I write. I remember years ago when we had long summer days of heat but these days it seems that it doesn’t get as hot for as long as it used to but it is generally warmer and milder throughout the year. That is probably the reason we don’t get prolonged severely cold winters. Our winters, especially where I live, are generally quite mild.
Looking in the garden this morning there are a lot of leaves lying on the grass. That is most probably caused by the high winds we’ve had overnight but I had noticed a few there some days ago when the wind wasn’t as bad. It’s the early signs of Autumn’s approach, my favourite time of year. Come December and Autumn leaves…………….

Shirley Anne x

Quieter day.

Yesterday and the day before have been a bit hectic. I like it that way. I would rather be actively doing something but it is nice to have some respite and today has been a lot quieter. I took time out to go to the pub last night. They hold their quiz-night on a Thursday. I was accompanied by my ex, my son and his wife and we didn’t do too badly. However we came third…there were only three teams there last night! OK we weren’t the brightest penny in the purse but only six points separated the three teams. It’s all in good fun anyhow and it is nice to relax over a drink with friends. This morning I was at the beauty salon having hair removal. Gosh that hurts but if you want the hairs removing it has to be done. Spent an hour or two back home before going out on a small job then I had the rest of the day to myself. I’d washed a winter coat this morning, one I use for work and hung it indoors to dry. It has been a rather blustery and rainy day so I hung the washing in the cellar where it is quite warm (the boiler is down there). Houses with cellars are great and ours are big. It’s almost like another apartment down there! Later I played guitar, excercised on the treadmill and caught up on my book-keeping. I tend to be lazy when it comes to book-keeping but it has to be done. So here I am sitting here at five fifteen in the afternoon and my cellphone rings. Another job for tomorrow. Fortunately I have no plans for tomorrow, during the day that is…LOL.

Shirley Anne x


I can feel it in the air……..coolness……..that means my stockings (and suspender belt) will start to be worn on a daily basis soon. I find stockings too warm to wear during Summer unless for special ocassions, if you know what I mean…LOL. I love wearing stockings and even do so at work even though they are prone to laddering because of the nature of that work. In this case I wear cheaper stockings and wear the better ones outside of work. Nylon is a relatively new man made fibre but what a difference it has made in the lives of millions of women (and men too!). There is something very sexy about nylon on bare flesh, it feels good and feels even better when somebody else is stroking your nylon covered legs.

Shirley Anne x


After yesterday’s famine today there was a feast. I haven’t been so busy for quite a few weeks but hey, I’m not complaining.
Life is full of ups and downs. I have found in almost every area of my life this has been so. That’s what life is all about.
I have no immediate plans save that of doing my job and generally living it up when I can. Today I saw me in three separate houses with three different kinds of people. The first house was a family home and the people had only moved in a few months ago. Middle-aged couple with one or two children trying to improve their lot. Reminded me of my younger days, just married and trying to improve my own situation. The next house, quite a few miles away in a quiet little village, was occupied by two lovely old folk. Must have been in their late eighties and feeling the effects of old age. I could tell that they had had a nice life and their house was filled with memorabilia from their past. It was one of those places which had reached the seventies or maybe the eighties and stayed there. The third house was completely different and was occupied by an old lady and her daughter who hadn’t looked after themselves, let alone their house. The son, who didn’t live there, called me to do the simple repair job for them. The two rooms I could see were completely filled with packages, parcels, clothes, bric-a-brac, you name it, so much so that you couldn’t see the furniture and in one of the rooms you couldn’t even see the door to the next room. A complete mess as were the occupants.
It makes you wonder why some people live as they do. I get to see it all, the rich, the poor, the in-betweens, the scrupulously clean, the absolutely dirty, the tidy and the untidy. It is an eye-opener.
I like my job though, there is a certain freedom that many other jobs don’t allow and it very rewarding too.
Make the most of your life, your job and everything before the day comes when you’ll have no choice.

Shirley Anne x

Fit for what?

Well today found me again without work and me sitting around not doing much. I sat for two hours with my guitar, nearly wore my fingers to the bone. I was just sitting around later doing absolutely nothing. How boring! Well at this rate I would be fit for nothing. I have difficulty being a couch potato unless I am tired from working or exercising. That’s it! Exercise! Off I went to the back room and spent an hour on the treadmill. Boy was I tired after that workout! Now I feel as fit as a fiddle and ready for anything. Pity it’s bedtime….LOL

Shirley Anne x

Monday, Monday

Monday, Monday………so good to me……
As the song goes……..
Usually Monday is the start of another busy week for me but today I find I have little to do.
My son and I got his car going this morning by towing it using my van. It started ok and the problem lies with the starter motor, it needs replacing. So I followed him down to the service depot so he could ride back home. Hopefully his car will be ready lunch time tomorrow. In the meantime he is relying on a lift to work.
I have just been reading my ‘Prophetic Vision’ magazine which comes every quarter. Inside there are several interesting articles. One deals with history and talks about the political control of nations through organisations gaining strong footholds in governments. Freemasonry, Illuminati and other organisations are mentioned and how they influence global governmental affairs. It’s all to do with controlling the world. Mention is made of the financial control which brought about the present economic recession and how it is possible through the world’s banking systems. The article is headed ‘Fear is the weapon they are using! Faith is the shield God has given us!’ Now I know many of my readers may not be Christian or even believe in God, however all these things are written in Scripture and have come to pass but Scripture also prophesies things yet to happen. It would perhaps seem prudent to see what those prophesies are. Another article talks about ‘A religion whose god is the earth, whose mission is to save the planet and whose sin – is our carbon footprint’. End quote. Now we all know that global warming is not a new thing, it has happened many times in the past, thousands and even millions of years ago. In fact the last Ice Age was only around ten thousand years back! The question is asked, ‘Who was driving the cars and fuelling up the coal-fired power stations when we had the last ice age and the last global warming?’ The article goes on to talk about CO2 levels both in the atmosphere and inside our bodies. We need CO2 levels quite high inside our bodies to enable the release of oxygen from haemoglobin to supply our oxygen starved cells! One Russian scientist believes we have developed a method of storing high concentrations of CO2 inside our bodies because the levels in the atmosphere have dropped to a dangerous point. In real terms the present day level of CO2 is a mere 0.03%……..Not exactly a level to cause global warming! So why are we being penalised? Think about control.
There are links (to the left) here on my blog for more information on this subject for those who are interested.
Now I’m off to the pub!

Shirley Anne x