For your eyes only

Just a friendly reminder that there are some interesting links for you on the right hand side of my page ranging from Astronomy to Web design. Do indulge whilst I’m away. Thanks for looking in today. See you on the 25th……..

Shirley Anne x


Ready to go

In the words of John Denver…..’All my bags are packed
I’m ready to go……….’

Yes, come Wednesday morning I’m flying off to New York. It will be the first holiday I’ve had for some time and I’m looking forward to seeing friends there. My bags are packed and ready but I’ve still some things yet to do. Isn’t that always the case? I will not be posting here again until I return home in late June. I hope you will still find lots of interest here. Remember there are many links to diverse places………check them out. See you soon….Love

Shirley Anne x

Very Quiet on the Western Front.

Well it’s been a funny old week has this one. Hardly any work to do at all. I like the leisure time of course but would prefer at least more work than I am getting at present. I have one little job to do tomorrow to end the week. Next week I won’t mind having no work as I start my vacation on Wednesday. No doubt I’ll get lots of calls come Monday…LOL. So it’s kinda quiet here just now. I went down to see Lauren today to have some electrolysis but she didn’t turn up or if she did it was after I returned home. I hope she’s ok. I won’t get to see her now for a few weeks. I went home and mowed the lawn before the forecasted rain appeared. It stayed dry! Typical, although it is getting overcast just as I write. Went to a pub for lunch but needed to return home early. That’s about if for the day. Now I’ll play guitar, watch tv, read and maybe go for a walk. Indoors! LOL. Well it looks like rain! Handy machine that treadmill.

Shirley Anne x

Computer nightmare

I have just spent, wasted (?) three and a half hours trying to get my new usb turntable to record my vinyls to my computer. I bought the usb turntable about eight weeks ago but have only just now decided to set it all up. First off I needed to change the power plug as the one that was fitted wouldn’t even go in the adaptor that was made for the job. Ten minutes and it was done. Next I set up an amplifier for monitoring purposes only to find that I needed adaptors for the audio connections (my son can provide them, he has a stock somewhere that he used when he was a DJ). So no amplifier but ok I could monitor via the computer’s speakers. Next I loaded the software using the disk provided and almost immediately had to upgrade it online. Another hour wasted. There were problems even there! So much for ‘plug and play’! Eventually I tried the set-up. The software seemed to be working but I couldn’t hear anything. Then I noticed the audio monitor wasn’t monitoring. It didn’t have anything to monitor! OK, time to check the usb cable which I did and I changed it three times. Still no signal to the computer. Looks like the turntable hardware is at fault. I have contacted the supplier via email and wrote an amusing article about my experiences. Hopefully they will make useful suggestions but maybe I’ll need to return the equipment. Makes you want to go and have a stiff drink. Me? Never!……………LOL………That’s life

Shirley Anne x

Very Naughty Girl

Went out to lunch again today and polished off a bottle of rose wine by myself. Naughty I have to say. Problem was I got dropped off at my local to have another glass. Fatal! Everybody wants to buy me a drink and I should know better than to accept, at least an alcoholic one. I really must endeavour to limit my alcohol intake, it is bad for my health and I ought to know better.

Shirley Anne x


My new treadmill arrived today and it took me a half hour to assemble and store the carton in the trash. Naturally I tried it out and ‘ran’ a swift quarter mile…LOL. By this time it was time for lunch and as I had no work scheduled my ex and I dined out. We drove to a place about eight miles away and had a really nice meal. Tomorrow I’ll have to exercise it all away! I am looking forward to getting back to at least the fitness level I was at eighteen months ago.

Shirley Anne x

Hot, Hot, Hot…….

This weekend is proving to be the best we’ve had thus far this year with local temperatures reaching 23-24C. and not a cloud in the sky. I went for my usual weekend walk this morning but I started out fairly early at 8.15. It was warm even then! I’d rather do the walking while it is cooler, same for running although I still see people out and about and running in the heat of the day. They must be nuts! It can be dangerous too, to run if it is too hot. Plenty of water must be taken if doing so. Apart from anything else it can put unecessary strain on your heart.
Today I walked along the seafront but half-way I decided to turn inland and walk part of the way along the promenade. (Southport has it’s promenade alongside a lake which is between the promenade and the seafront). There were a few people about enjoying the morning, walking, cycling, running or just strolling along. I passed a guy throwing some bread scraps to the ducks, geese and swans. He smiled. I smiled back and said,’ Do you like feeding birds’? ‘Yes’ came the reply so I said, ‘Well would you take me to lunch’? Tehe…Well you can’t blame a girl for trying can you? By the way I had lunch at home…..Oh well. I had to get back home before lunch so that I could get on with some house cleaning. We are having a house viewing at six. Not expecting an offer but who knows? I am sitting now after lunch drinking a ‘Highland’ coffee…..that is coffee with whisky in it. A change from the Jamaican rum I usually have.
Time to strum the guitar. In the garden? Maybe but it’s too hot, hot, hot….

Shirley Anne x

Not Ashamed

Many people believe in things they know nothing about. They have their ‘faiths’. They will put their trust in something they know little about or they will ‘romanticise’ their belief in the belief that something good will benefit them in some way. Usually it is a belief that will make them ‘feel’ better about themselves and be the reason they exsist.
How many of you have stood at a bus stop or on a railway platform expecting a bus or a train will come by for you? A timetable doesn’t necessarily mean that one is coming but
we place our faith in it happening. Usually it does. How many of you will place their faith in somebody they know little of? That would be foolish would it not? No, we chack them out first, then we place our faith in them with some confidence.
I receive a magazine, free of charge, every three months. This magazine is replete with things that most people would not believe. Why? Probably because they feel they would need to see for themselves before they believed. Fair enough but why will they still place their faith in other things they cannot see? That is probably due to experience in their lives, if they’ve stood waiting for a bus or train and have never been let down then that is good enough to have faith in the system. Systems break down though don’t they? What about placing your faith in something that will never let you down? Where? I hear you say.
The magazine I receive is an evangelical, prophetical publication of which most people have never heard or most probably don’t even want to. Nevertheless it exsists and inside it describes many incidents of people being instantly cured of ailments, disabilities and even terminal illnesses! Miracles. Miracles do happen even today but they are not front page news. Now why is that? Maybe because people won’t believe in them. No man can perform a miracle because by definition miracles are events that cannot be explained by the normal laws of physics. They happen because God performs them through Jesus Christ. Even Jesus said, ‘If you don’t believe in me then at least believe in the miracles’. He was showing the people that God exsists because miracles can’t happen any other way.
The miracles reported in this magazine called ‘Prophetic Vision’ are happening as a result of the preaching of the Gospel (good news) by a man called David Hathaway in diverse places such as many of the former USSR countries and eastern Europe. He is currently preaching in Armenia. Hundreds of people get healed at his meetings and thousands become Christians. Strange things happen when David is involved. Why? Because David is in tune with God, his faith is placed where it really matters. His prayers are answered and his faith results in things happening. Many examples have been reported in how authories naturally hostile to the Gospel have bent backwards to allow it to be preached. Only God can do that. In Armenia David wanted to hold a meeting in a town’s central square, totally against the law but it happened. It had been snowing prior to the meeting but for the day of the meeting there was no snow and thousands filled the square and gave their lives to Christ. The following day the snow returned. There have been instances where torrential rain was falling when David was preaching in a large stadium but nowhere inside the stadium did it rain even though outside it was raining everywhere. That’s a miracle. God performs miracles when you put your faith in Him.
No, I am not ashamed to be a Christian. I am not ashamed of Jesus. My faith is in something I know to be true. Where is yours?

1 Corinthians 1v18,19 (NIV)
For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.
For it is written: I will destroy the wisdom of the wise; the intelligence of the intelligent I will frustrate.

Shirley Anne x

For more information read ‘Looking for God’ in my ‘Religion’ links section on the right. It won’t harm you to have a peek now will it?

Set for holiday

Two weeks today I shall be setting off on a vacation. It will be the first holiday I have had since 2004. These days I am not one for taking vacations as a rule although I have been to many countries since 1974. The novelty has worn off somewhat as they say. I go this time specifically to meet friends and I know I will enjoy myself because of that. Going to different places just for the sake of it has no appeal to me unless I am seeing people. Having said that, there are some places I think I would like to go nevertheless. I will enjoy the break from work though. During my vacation I will be taking a break from blogging too. In the meantime it is work, work and more work…..LOL…..not quite.

Shirley Anne x

Life under pressure

I don’t know about you but I usually thrive on pressure or rather I should say, under pressure. Some days I can lounge about with seemingly nothing to do but knowing there are things to do and not doing them. Then there will be days when I do everything and thrive on it. It seems that the more I have to do the more gets done. I do jobs that I have been putting off and find even more to do. I suppose it’s all about motivation. It’s also about self discipline. I prefer to work under some pressure because it motivates me. Take today for instance, I had much to do but I wasted no time in getting started. I systematically nibbled away at the tasks, which took most of the day and before I knew it the job was finished. The main pressure was time but other obstacles presented themselves as the work progressed and threatened to extend the time I needed to complete. I actually finished the whole job with an hour to spare! A little pressure makes all the difference.

Shirley Anne x