I’m worn out!

Remember a week or so ago? No work, pottering about at home? Well this past week has seen me working my butt off and today has been much the same. Tomorrow I am at it all day by the looks of it so roll on Wednesday! I will be taking Wednesday off work completely. I’ll need it. I have to prepare for my trip in any case.
Well it looks as though the weather might improve over the next few days and wouldn’t you know it? I won’t be here!
I feel like something new in my life but I’m not sure what it could be or when it might happen. For the time being I am plodding along.

Shirley Anne x


Going round in circles

Well actually going round in squares! That is what I’ve just been doing. Let me explain….I was mowing the lawn. It is a fairly large lawn but I was using an electric mower. We need the petrol driven one looking at, evidently it needs setting up for lead-free fuel. Anyhow I resorted to the electric one. However it has only a small grass collection box which needs to be repeatedly emptied so I took the box off and left the rear open so that the grass cuttings would be ejected back on to the lawn. That in itself isn’t a problem as I can collect it later with a rolling lawn rake which piles it all in a huge hopper for easy removal. The only thing I have to ensure is that I circle the lawn in a clockwise direction so that the cuttings are not re-cut. They get deposited on my left as my ever diminishing ‘square’ is on my right. The only other thing I have to watch is the electric lead. That is taken care of by my ex. who guides it away from the mower. We make a great team when cutting the grass! You wouldn’t think there was all that involvement just cutting grass but when you have a plan it really speeds things up. The last time we cut the grass it poured down with heavy rain during the last minute and we got absolutely drenched but it was fun! So I walked around in ever diminishing squares and the job got done. I came inside and found I was sweating a bit so I got some exercise too. The weather forecast for the next few days is indicating rain and as we are off on vacation on Thursday we had to seize the opportunity while the sun was shining.
I packed my suitcase this morning because I am in work for the next two days and wont get much opportunity except for some small items I will need to pack too. I am in holiday mode now though and have my little drink to hand while I take a well earned rest.

Shirley Anne x

Getting close

Well it’s getting close to my vacation again. Now it is five years since I went anywhere on vacation so this year I decided to have two….LOL. I was in New York about six weeks ago and was asked if I could visit Montreal. I had to decline the invitation due to other commitments but I did want to visit folk there so I decided to book the trip there and then over the Internet. Now I shall be, we shall be (my ex is coming with me), on our way to Montreal on Thursday. We are both looking forward to the trip.
Another thing that is getting close is the end of Summer! We are half way through it now although you’d never guess when looking at the weather, it looks and feels more like Autumn! Before you know it we’ll be talking Christmas. Gosh no, not yet, please.

Shirley Anne x

One extreme to the other

Doesn’t it always seem to go like that sometimes? Either a famine or a feast. I refer to my work of course but equally it could be anything in my life. You’ve heard the old story about the guy waiting for hours for a bus then suddenly three or four pull up all at once! I don’t mind these things in life, it’s what makes life interesting I think.
Today I visited my favourite salon to have facial hair removal. I have been going there for some time now and it’s kinda fun………yeah sure! It actually hurts like hell but the pain doesn’t last. Usually there is some swelling where the ‘needle’ has been, a bit like having pimples. Normally it all goes down within a couple of hours but today for some reason the ‘pimples’ have remained and my face looks a sight for sore eyes! LOL. Like it’s one extreme to the other. Either I have little trouble or the opposite is true. Hopefully the ‘pimples’ will have died down by the morning. I wonder what the guy in whose house I was in this afternoon thought about my ‘rash’. I didn’t realise it was so bad until I returned home later.
I had been to an old guy’s apartment in the morning to sort out a power outlet failure. Turns out the old cabling had deteriorated so I had to remove the power outlet and make the cable safe but it is not usable. I am to return in a few days to instal a new circuit. The guy was stone deaf and it was hard communicating with him to the point of having to shout to make myself heard. So I was shouting for about a half hour when he suddenly said to me, ‘What are you shouting for?’ Takes all sorts I suppose. Later, when at another job, I received a phone call from him asking if I could come next Tuesday to fit his new power point. All I could hear over the phone was a high pitched whistle and background noise. He had his hearing aid switched on and set too high and it was causing all sorts of problems. I had to shout again to get myself understood! Why does it happen to me?
I get calls when I am in awkward situations and it’s as though people are waiting for me to be half way up a ladder or stuck inside some cupboard wiring a switch. When I am busy, the phone rings and at other times not. I am either in great demand or not at all.
Yes, in my job, in my life, things go from one extreme to the other. Is your life like that?

Shirley Anne x

Crazy Thoughts

This morning whilst contemplating whether to get out of bed or not there were all sorts of crazy things going through my mind. I get lost sometimes in my thoughts but this morning I was thinking about life. It was as though I was being given an insight to life itself and how we become born. It all sounds so fundamental but I began reasoning what actually is involved.
Now this may seem crazy too but for some reason I was thinking about sperm. Unusual you might think and you are correct but I was thinking about how active sperm is. We talk about sperm as if it were just a seed or microscopic tadpole or some other ill-conceived idea. If you really think about it, sperm are living creatures each carrying DNA information about their host but nevertheless living creatures that have been formed inside a man. Now think about that for a moment.
Man has given birth to these little creatures! They don’t live very long but why? Like any creature they need sustenance to survive. When they reach the egg released by the woman what do they do? They try their utmost to penetrate it where they then can develop and produce a baby. What is actually going on here? The egg is a living creature too but maybe not in the same sense as the sperm is because it is relatively inactive. If it isn’t germinated nothing happens but it dies away. The eggs carry DNA information about their host too but are the cells living? Well yes, in a way they are and equally they need sustenance to grow but it is more than that. The information each has, the sperm and the egg, can only develop when the two are joined. All simple and fundamental you will agree.
The whole point in what I am saying is that the male human is giving birth but passes the responsibility to the female for it’s developement where she provides the other half of the equation and the sustenance for growth.
It was the realisation that the man was giving birth that so struck me. Don’t ask me why I pondered these things because I’ve no idea. I just thought I’d put it in a post today. Life certainly is strange.

Shirley Anne x

Stuck at home

Once upon a time….LOL. Where did that saying come from? Well anyway, once upon a time people stayed at home. There was no such thing as travelling except maybe to go to market. Here in the UK that was the normal way of life centuries ago. People would live, work and die in the place they were born. Communties were close knit and it was only considered necessary to visit another place for the sake of bartering. Each community would be almost self sufficient so trading came about when people wanted things that they didn’t or couldn’t produce themselves. People were basically stuck at home most of their lives and ventured almost nowhere too far from home. Over the years this kind of lifestyle became eroded by individuals wanting to go that extra mile, literally! Some people began to go on journeys of discovery which ultimately started the colonisation of far off lands but they were more the exception than the rule. In more modern times it became the norm for those who were wealthy to travel especially to the countries in Europe and it wasn’t until the middle of the last century that people of lower income began to venture abroad. We all know where that has lead us. Even though opportunties for travel are easier, simpler and more accessible some people still refuse to explore some of their world. Years ago, when I used to go abroad for a holiday every year and somewhere different each time, there was a guy I knew who refused to be tempted to go just the once. He was very content to stay at home and do some DIY. I sort of felt sad for his wife who may have desired a trip abroad but was being denied the opportunity. I don’t know of course whether that was true because I’d never met her. The fact that this guy only lived, worked and socialised in his immediate locality intrigued me. It turned out that none of his family had holidays away from home. Their choice of course but I still thought it quite odd.
I think we need to venture out a bit. We need to see other places even if it only means travelling within our own country. Anything is better than being stuck at home.

Shirley Anne x

Summertime blues?

The hot Summer we were promised, not really the right word, forecast, has not yet materialised. We did have a couple of weeks of fairly hot and dry weather in the beginning of June as I recall but traditionally July and August are usually the warmest. Well July has been a bit cool and wet for most of the time and the forecast, if we can believe it, is for further ‘unsettled weather’ for at least the week ahead. They call it ‘unsettled’ because it can’t make it’s mind up whether to be dry, wet, cool or warm, windy or calm. Usually ‘unsettled’ means we’ll get a bit of all those things! Personally I am not too bothered like some people are. It’s as though they can’t do anything just because it happens to be raining or it is too windy or cool. Everyone seems to want it warm, dry and calm and yet when it is like that they start to moan that it is too warm or dry. Funnily enough people don’t seem to moan if it is calm per se. So they get ‘the blues’. There are aspects of the weather I really dislike and they are when it is too hot, too humid, which I think is even worse, too windy and if it rains continuously for weeks on end. However life has to go on so I don’t moan about it. Here in the UK moaning about the weather is becoming, if it isn’t already, a national pastime. Sometimes the first words you hear when you meet someone is, ‘Isn’t the weather awful’, or ‘Isn’t the weather hot’ and so on. As a nation it seems we are obsessed with remarking about the weather. Whatever the season, the weather will do it’s thing. That’s the way it is and the way it will always be. Never mind the Summertime Blues.

Shirley Anne


After reading a comment on my last post (Back to normal) it got me thinking about the things we hold dearly in life. I talked about what we might do if we lost our jobs and one person responding to the post pointed out that this very thing had happened to her recently. (See Emily’s resonse). It’s all about our survival in life. Our basic instincts are to survive. Because we live in the societies that we do, we need an income of some sort. We build our lives around this income, it dictates what we do and it becomes very important to us. I am tempted here to quote Scripture so I will: In Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount (Matt 6 vv 25-27 NIV) we read ‘Therefore I tell you , do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more important than food and the body more important than clothes?
Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?
Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?’

But read on a few more verses to the end of the Chapter.

However these words are hard to follow and we do worry don’t we? It all depends on where your values lie. We surround ourselves with material things and collect things we really do not need. I often go into people’s houses and have to occasionally go into the loft or attic to carry out my job. In these places I find all sorts of things that the householder has stored up there. Usually everything is covered in dust or dust sheets and left there for years on end. They are obviously not needed in the daily lives of their owners so why do they keep them? Why are some of the things bought in the first place? I see cabinets filled with glassware, porcelain and other ‘valuable’ items. They seldom get looked at, seldom are they removed and handled so why are they there? It’s about having possessions but better to have treasures in the heart than physical things that serve no purpose. We can take nothing with us into the grave so what’s the point?
In all things it is wise to follow your needs and how to obtain them but worrying about anything is futile and solves nothing. Enough food for the stomach should be a goal in everything we do.
I value friendship more than anything else in my life. With true friendship there is love and where there is love there is happiness and contentment in this world.
To put it another way as Scripture says, ‘Store up for yourselves treasures in Heaven’ (Matt 6 v 19 NIV)………Lots of love

Shirley Anne x

Back to normal

Things seem to have returned to normal this week. Work is coming in and I now have some scheduled for next week. I know all this might seem a bit boring and I suppose it doesn’t make for exciting reading but to me it means a lot. Apart from the fact I can EARN money it gives me something to do, a reason to get up in the mornings. Yes, I do like the rests, even the enforced ones but having something to do is important. If we are honest with ourselves I am sure most people would have that attitude. We all moan about our jobs sometimes but in reality work is a very important part of our lives. Not many people who come into a fortune are truly happy that they don’t have to work. They become bored once the novelty of a fortune wears off. Now I can hear some readers saying ‘I’ll give it a go’ and I’m sure they would, who wouldn’t? Now the other extreme is having too much work and this happens with me at times. It’s either a famine or a feast and people say ‘Well it’s better than not having any work’. They know the value of being occupied. Think about your own work and what you would do if suddenly you were redundant……….. now then……

Shirley Anne x


Today my blog was visited by an elderly person, one who is transsexual. It isn’t often that those who visit here and make comment really touch me. My heart goes out to her. I have to use that pronoun out of respect.
I am happy that my own writings and thoughts touch other people in some nice way and I can tell that from their responses. Many of my visitors are transsexual and I can relate to them all, being transsexual myself but there are others too who are not. I’m glad that we are all different. What a boring world it would be if we were all the same!
Here’s to people……..bless every one of you who are reading this.
With love

Shirley Anne x