Worrying times

Do you find yourself worrying about things, either in your life or outside of it? I cannot say that I have really worried about anything since I left school. I may have been concerned about things but they have never taken control of my feelings. Worrying gets you knowhere I feel and only serves to depress. Life isn’t easy sometimes but nobody said it was going to be and we have to get on with it. If you are worried about something that you feel is too much of a burden it is wise to seek help. When did worrying solve anything? One of the hardest lessons we learn is to realise that. The next thing is to overcome our worries.
When I was young I was bullied a lot and I grew up timid and worried about how it was all going to end. It did end although as an adult I have experienced more subtle bullying, especially since my transition. I didn’t worry about it though, I had grown out of that stage in my life. I realise here that not everybody can find that strength within themselves but for me my worrying days were over. There is a saying, ‘Things have a habit of working themselves out’, which on the face of it is true but it takes courage and determination to put an end to your worries and not let bad things take control of you.

Shirley Anne x


Too much Cider!

Today found me without work so at lunchtime I went into town, correction, walked into town to buy some toiletries and stuff. Afterwards I decided to drop into my pub for some refreshment. It has been a rather warm day today and I was in need of a drink. Arriving at the pub I ordered a cider shandy and it was very refreshing. I got talking to Sue, a regular customer there, just like me (LOL) and before I knew it I was on my second drink. Now these drinks were pints so visiting the toilet a few times was on the cards! After a while Sue left and I had yet another drink. By now other people I know came in and we chatted and had more drinks…hic. One guy I know came over and gave me a big hug and said, ‘Shirley Anne, I don’t know what to do, I haven’t had sex in ages’ (Mmm..so what?). Then he went on to say, ‘My wife is pregnant’, to which I replied, ‘Oh that’s nice for you both, are you happy’? ‘Yes’, came the reply and the next thing I knew his face was down my cleavage! LOL…..He moaned and said something but I couldn’t make it out. Guess with your face in that position it would be difficult to talk. I wasn’t offended as he is a friend and I quite frankly wasn’t bothered. That’s what happens when you have too much cider! Tehe…….
Later at about 5 O’clock another friend came in with his grandaughter who had just finished school for the day. She is eleven years old and is very intelligent and wise for her age. Her name is Erica. We got talking and it was like talking to somebody much older, say 30. What a delightful girl she is. She talked about her favourite lessons, history and biology. She told me her grandad, Peter, was a war baby. I asked her what she meant and she said he was 60 (I knew that) then realised that he was born after the war. Asking me when I was born she wouldn’t believe me when I said I was 63. ‘You don’t look anything like 63 she said. More like 42’. Well what could I say? She is right after all…LOL…………..

Shirley Anne x

Warm Again

At long last it’s warm again! I was wondering how much longer it will be before I need to stop wearing my stockings and go bare legged. Much as I love my stockings they can be quite uncomfortably warm as the weather improves, that is during my working day. I have an active occupation and during the warmer days of the year I need to keep as cool as I can when at work. Even out walking in the heat of the day becomes uncomfortable if I am wearing stockings. Now evenings, well that is a different story but only if I have a reason to wear them! I have noticed that there is a lot of interest in ‘Stockings HQ’, a link in my pages, so I know I am not alone in the enjoyment of wearing stockings or being with somebody who does! LOL. Now I wonder if I’ll get any offers? Tehe…..Well I can dream can’t I?
So now I am looking forward to the warm Spring and Summer’s days, with and without my stockings…….

Shirley Anne x

April Fool

I know it’s All Fools Day today
But I have nothing much to say.
I’d thought about a prank or two
But couldn’t think of what I’d do
Life’s not the same when you get old
As once it was, or so I’m told.
Such foolishness is for the young
But I will still stick out my tongue!

Copyright Shirley Anne 1 April 2009


Do you like books? Do you like to sit by the fireside and get engrossed in your favourite reading material? Do you like the feel of a good book on your lap and let your mind drift into it’s pages. Do you think computers will ever have the same effect on you? I have the Holy Bible in electronic form. The whole book is inside a small hand-held device which looks like a calculator at first glance but it holds all the pages of that book even so. I have the printed version too of course and I much prefer it. Somehow the electronic version is just not the same. Oh yes it is ideal for cross-referencing or finding a certian word or phrase in an instant but it needs to go a long way before it becomes as pleasant to hold as the printed version.

Shirley Anne x


I was looking at some pictures of Galaxies yesterday, beautiful things to see. Our planet and the sun around which it and all the other planets here orbit are all themselves in orbit around our own galaxy, The Milky Way. When I say orbit around, I really mean orbit within. One orbit would take us many billions of years. The whole galaxy, as with other galaxies is composed of stars and planets in orbit. There are thousands of millions of them! Looking at one particular galaxy it was stated that is was at a distance of 3,800 light years away, pretty close in the scheme of things. I couldn’t get my head around this distance. Light travels 186,000 miles in one second. Think how far light then travels in one year! Now multiply that by 3,800 and you begin to understand just how far away this object is! Now then, I realised I was looking at a picture of something as it looked 3,800 years ago. I was looking into the past. If it was to disappear from exsistence it would take another 3,800 years before I would notice! Now this galaxy is by no means far away relatively speaking. There are galaxies much, much further away from us. The strange thing is that the further away the galaxy is from us the faster it is receding from us too. There are even galaxies so far away we shall never be able to see them because they seem to be travelling at almost the speed of light in the opposite direction. Space is indeed a very, very large place and we are just a tiny speck in the whole set-up. Sobering thought!

Shirley Anne x

Ape Man

I was talking to the guy behind the counter at my electrical wholesaler’s today, a nice guy and always seems to have a smile on his face. I don’t know how the conversation switched to evolution (I don’t believe in evolution of the species but only evolution within a species) but he said, ‘If we descended from the apes, why are there still apes’? Why wouldn’t all apes evolve into something else? A good question indeed, ‘Why are there still apes’? I think each species does evolve within itself as I said. We do and have done in the past. Nevertheless I think we have always been human and apes have always been apes.

Shirley Anne x

Set in your ways

They say that as we get older we get more set in our ways. Now this may be true for most people but not everybody has that urge to be a ‘stick in the mud forever a routine’ type of person. Some people do not like change and are quite content with the status quo preferring everything to go on as normal, normal for them that is. I think it is a good thing to be ambitious in your outlook on life, to try out new things and be adventurous. I hear people say, ‘I don’t like this or I don’t like that’ without having tried it. We can let ourselves down and miss out on many things in life if we stay set in our ways. Have you had the opportunity to try something new in your life recently? Have you been excited at the thought of doing something different for a change? Don’t let the concrete set around your feet else you could be stuck there forever!

Shirley Anne x

Sunday Strolling

I was right. Today has been a lovely sunny day, a little cool when the clouds covered the sun and there was a slight breeze. Last night’s dinner was nice, I had been an invited guest to a local archery club social gathering. When I arose this morning I wasn’t hungry but simply got dressed and went out for a walk. I often do this at weekends, especially Sundays. I chose to take a stroll along the sea front, not far from where I live. There were not very many people out and about along the front, probably because it was a little cool in the sea breeze. I went as far as I needed and returned home along the promenade where there are planted sub-tropical palms and shrubs set in flower beds with plenty of colourful flowers in them. Yes, it is warm enough here for these trees. Native trees and shrubs are dotted around and many of them are in leaf, being evergreens. The surrounding grass was green and lush. The promenade is actually a quarter mile in from the sea front. At one end of the promenade was the usual gathering of bikers (motorcyclists) near the funhouse. There is an amazing amount of bikes to be seen there each week for the enthusiast. Leaving the prom. I walked toward home and passed through a local road called ‘Rotten Row’. This road runs alongside a public park where each year is held a major flower show for a few days in August and the road itself is full of floral displays in season, something which has been done for more than a hundred years. Half a mile more and I am back home and ready for something to eat. I like my weekend strolls and take them come rain or shine.
You can look up Southport in my ‘Information’ links section.

Shirley Anne x