I have nothing to say

In the words of the great Oliver Hardy, ‘I have nothing to say’……………….except that it is a wonderfully, gloriously sunshiny day! Now I am waiting for somebody to louse it up!
Every day should be a special day whether it rains, snows (what’s snow?…LOL), blows a gale or whatever. We tend to major on the minor instead of the other way round. Enjoy this life, you don’t get do do it again.

Shirley Anne x


Thin end of the wedge?

Toady I am sitting on my butt again, not because I want to but I am forced to. I have noticed a sharp drop in job requests recently so it appears the ‘crunch’ is finally filtering down to me. Why should I get away with it? Anyhow it gives me a chance to see what full retirement would be like. I don’t like it! I don’t think I am the type who likes to do nothing all day so if I did retire voluntarily or not I am sure I would try to find some sort of interesting things to do. Maybe visit far off friends and spend some time with them. Maybe get involved in community issues, trans issues(? Perhaps), something at any rate. I think most people do not give consideration to what they might do if they had to retire and when it actually happens they are taken by surprise. I am hoping however that my short journey into doing nothing will indeed be a short one.

Shirley Anne x

Lazy Days

Why do I do it? I go to bed late or should I say early? It was 03.15 when I went upstairs! That meant a sleep-in for longer than I’d wished. Consequently I got up late and missed breakfast. Starving hungry (I shouldn’t say that – I don’t really know what it means to be starving), I proceeded to cook dinner. Now it it mid-afternoon and I’m sitting on my butt writing this. I must get my act together and go for a drink…LOL.

Shirley Anne xxx

Home alone 4892…….

Well it seems that way many times!
Here I am again home all alone on a very bright and sunny Saturday morning with no plans and not a lot to do. Oh yes, I’ll be having an hour or so with my guitar (I need the practice…LOL) and watching some tv. Then there is the Internet, I’m on it now! I’ll probably go for a walk later and have a few drinks, alone, maybe not, who knows? I get days like this and suppose that we all do too. Actually I like my own company but not all the time….I drive myself nuts! Tehe. So it could be 4893 soon. As long as ‘time alone’ doesn’t outweigh ‘time with’, I’ll be happy.

Shirley Anne xxx

New Page etc

Well I am getting a bit more adventurous with my new found Web Blog. Somewhat more so than when I started. I am surprised at what I have been able to do on WordPress and I would certainly recommend them to anybody.
Recently I added more to my existing pages and today I have included another new page called My Journey which describes my time through transition. I hope you will find my pages interesting.

Shirley Anne x

Funny old day

Got up this morning to go to work. The job turned out to be very simple to complete. Back home and mulling about, decided I was going to dine out and have the afternoon off. Ok I was at work again tomorrow so I thought I’d make the most of it. My ex. and I drove out of town to a nice restaurant twenty miles away. We just got seated and my cellphone rang. Dang! Somebody wanted me to do an emergency call out as they had lost all electrical power. I explained that I wasn’t in a position to help and gave the reason, I was out of town at lunch. No matter they said, when can you come? Sigh! I said four o’clock and resigned myself to just a little alcohol with my meal. The meal was fantastic and we enjoyed ourselves until it was time to return home. I drove to the house and investigated the fault………..Sheesh,,,,,,,,,it turned out to be a simple ‘trip switch’ that only needed switching back on! Why me? LOL….To top it up, the job I am supposed to do tomorrow has been deferred until next week…..That’s life isn’t it?

Shirley Anne x

Snow way!

Today, Monday I arose to find snow on the ground. Well it was forecast but even so I didn’t expect it to be much. Here on the west coast in sunny (haha) Southport, we seldom get snow and if we do it is usually very light. Often when the rest of the country is deep in it we get just a dusting. I think we had about a half inch of it overnight and we’ll possibly get more later. I hope not. Well it’s all very nice on picture postcards but it is a nuisance to travellers and people trying to go about their business. I heard that London has practically come to a stop. It never ceases to amaze me that such a small amount of snow, that is by other countries experiences, causes such chaos here. They seem to manage so why can’t we? Oh well, rant over, back to the land of the living!

Shirley Anne xxx


Today (Sunday) I went for a walk, something I do often. I had not been out much lately due to my not being too well so I welcomed the chance to get out and get the exercise. It is all too easy to sit down in a cosy room when the weather is bad so it is important to be disciplined. Today however it has turned rather colder than of late with a biting easterly wind making it feel even colder. By the time I returned home I looked the picture of health with nice rosy cheeks and all but slightly dishevelled because of the wind! I think it is important to have some exercise each day and I try to do that. Once upon a time not so long ago I frequently went for a run but don’t feel the need to do that any longer, a good brisk walk for a few miles does the trick. Whatever exercise you take, enjoy it!

Shirley Anne x

New things

I am trying to improve my blogsite as much as possible to generate interest for those who visit. I have added more pages, more poems, more links and blogroll items. If you wish to be included on my Blogroll or have any interesting links I will be pleased to look at them and add them if I think they are suitable. Enjoy my pages and posts as much as I enjoy putting them there for you.

Shirley Anne