1. Shirley Anne

shirley-anne-594Hello to anyone looking at my pages. Let me introduce myself.
I am a woman of many talents as they say. I am happy with my life and try to enjoy it as much as possible. I have friends and family just like anyone else and live quite an ordinary life. From a very early age I knew there was something wrong in issues regarding my gender and it took many years of soul searching and denial before I came to the realisation that I had to correct the body I was born with. That I did in 2002.
I am a very sociable and loving person and I make friends very easily. I have many interests in life which include playing my guitar, writing poems and songs, astronomy, mathematics, history, cookery, wining and dining with friends and family and much more.
I am a Christian, believing in God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and The Holy Spirit, all three in one.  I became ‘born again’ in February 1989 after a whole lifetime of being an atheist. I accept other people’s faiths and think that is the right thing to do whilst still reserving the right to witness to them of course!
In all that I do I try to be fair with people and will not shy away from those I meet who are in need.
I hope my remaining time will be filled with happiness and people for I know that nobody is an island. We must strive for a loving and peaceful world.
Is it the journey through our lives or the final destination which is most important or is it both? We can only say that we have experienced the journey when we take our final breath, which I suppose then is the destination. Some of my friends both present and past are taking or have taken an unusual journey in their lives. A journey which will most certainly change and has changed their lives for ever. These friends are transsexual. Their journey will be much like my own journey (see my pages) but with differing personal issues. The journey isn’t an easy one to make and it isn’t one that is taken lightly or on a whim as some people might think. It is difficult for many people to understand what it means to be transsexual because they don’t have that experience themselves. Life is in itself a journey and we learn as we go along. Everything we learn makes us wiser, more informed and more well balanced as a human being. Enjoy your own personal journey but consider others who’s journeys are not so easy to make.

My names…
‘Shirley’……..From the Old English meaning ‘From the bright meadow. Usually easy going, she will dig her heels in when she feels she is right….she knows her own mind’.
‘Anne’…….From the Hebrew meaning ‘Graceful. She is industrious and practical and can turn her hand to anything. A Lady of many talents’.
So you see, some things really can be true!

My interests: I have many interests in life but I am not actively engaged in all of them:-

The Christian faith
Playing Guitar
Poetry, including writing of poetry and songs
Building and architecture
Natural scenery
People and socialising
Reading factual material, books, magazines
Food and cooking
Writing, including this blog
Lots more when I can think of them

I am trying to improve my blog site as much as possible to generate interest for those who visit. Enjoy my pages and posts as much as I enjoy putting them there for you.

Shirley Anne Jan 2009

You may contact me at minkyweasel@gmail.com

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