Late on Monday afternoon saw me rooting around looking for something to do in connection with my gym project, that is lowering the floor where the Elliptical trainer will stand (see previous posts). I had done enough for the day but like everything I do it is seldom not enough and I end up seeing if there is anything minor I can do rather than let time slip by. I say minor because the harder work can only be done in stages. I was shaping a piece of timber and manufacturing two brackets which together will form a handrail near to the entrance of the room. Whilst working on one of the brackets I had a small accident which ended up with my little finger on my left hand being cut.I hasten to add the picture isn’t of my own fingers. Everything had to come to a halt so I could attend to the now bleeding finger. I made a temporary covering to stem the bleeding but it really needed a proper bandage to be fitted. I waited for E to return from her shopping spree with her mom as I knew she wouldn’t be long in returning home. In the meantime I was stopped in my tracks from all work and I sat with my computer for an hour drinking a coffee. E soon returned home and set about applying a proper finger bandage after I had cleaned up my finger. I suggested she fit a couple of thin wooden strips on my finger to act as a splint to prevent my finger from bending. That way the wound would heal faster. I went to bed with my finger bandaged thinking all would be alright but when I awoke at six o’clock the splint had fallen off and the bandage was soaked in blood, though it wasn’t at that time still bleeding. Strangely there was no blood on the bed linen though some had found its way onto one of my legs! I cleaned it up and applied a simple band-aid on my finger which stayed there throughout the day on Tuesday and my finger had pretty much healed by evening. I was therefore unable to do any more work  on my project in case the wound re-opened. I had the day off. Later in the afternoon I had to drive E to the hospital for a scheduled MRI scan appointment. She has been complaining of an ailment in one of her feet. That basically described my day and I looked forward to Wednesday when I could resume occupying myself on my project.

Shirley Anne