Just in time

It had been quite a few weeks since I last mowed the lawn, well it seemed that long anyway. I don’t keep tabs on such things. I had watered the garden soon after breakfast on Friday instead of doing it the other way around. I wanted to go for a walk but needed some space after eating. It was just after four o’clock when I’d finished the watering and still very much dark. It wouldn’t get light until after six o’clock at this time of year. No, I didn’t water the garden in darkness as we have switchable lighting at one end which pretty much illuminates the whole garden though the floodlights illuminate automatically because of their motion detectors. The lights over the patio can be switched on too but there is little point if all the others are switched on, suffice to say it was light enough without them. Anyway I digress. So I went for my walk just after four o’clock and it was dry and windy but a little cool, especially in the wind. Soon I would have to think about wearing warmer clothing on these outings though I had on this occasion been well wrapped up too. I took the walk through the back streets to town and beyond and was well-sheltered from the wind. When I reached the seafront however it was a different story, bracing but enjoyable nevertheless. It stayed dry until I reached home when I could see the odd spatter of rain by the front door entrance. When I went indoors I prepared what I would be having for lunch later, another chilli. It was around ten-thirty when I decided to mow the lawn as it had remained dry until then. The odd spattering earlier must have been just a passing cloud which had decided to hold on to its load. I mowed the lawn, which took about twenty minutes and just as I had put the mower back in storage it began to rain.

Even so that didn’t last long either but we had been promised more persistent rain later in the day and into the night. On Thursday, the day before, our next-door neighbour was having the scaffolding around his house dismantled, well almost all of it. Evidently the work of re-pointing the brickwork and carrying out roof repairs had ended. The guys had been fortunate for it not to have been raining whilst doing that job. How do they manage to work safely if it is pouring down with rain? Anyway on looking at the work that has been done the front aspect of the house looks really nice but when I looked at the side and rear all that has happened has been a little patching up here and there. I would have though it better to have the whole house done while the scaffolding was there. I know how much it costs to have scaffolding erected having had it around my house and it isn’t cheap! I even asked the guys why they were dismantling it as I didn’t think the work was finished. It didn’t look finished to me.

Shirley Anne


Something going on

I was sitting out on the patio on Thursday morning after I had returned from doing the shopping and just relaxing in the warm sunshine. All was peaceful, for a short while anyway, then the noise started. Nothing drastic or continuous but certainly annoying. Our next-door neighbour, the single guy who runs his business from home (he is a solicitor or lawyer) was having work done on his house. For a couple of weeks now there has been scaffolding erected around the property and the major part of the work concerns having the brickwork re-pointed. That in itself isn’t a noisy procedure aside from the noise the grinding tool excavating the old mortar makes. Even so it isn’t that bad. The main culprits are the guys throwing their tools down onto the wooden planks every minute. It doesn’t sound annoying from reading the written word but I can assure you it is. Why can’t they hang them on their belts or place them down quietly? Fat chance of that I suppose. The thing is it isn’t necessary to make such noise. Building workers are a law unto themselves I guess. There is always something going on around here though. For most of last year we had the builders renovating¬† his next-door neighbour’s house, that is the next but one to ours. The noise was relentless, if it wasn’t the work itself it was the comings and goings of the vehicles. The year before that (2016) we had the neighbour living opposite having their home renovated on the exterior and some other work inside too. Our other next-door neighbour had her house painted and some large trees cut down. Obviously the painting wasn’t noisy but the machinery involved with cutting down the trees and mincing the timber was! It was eight years ago we had scaffolding erected around the house when we too had exterior work done as well as new double-glazing installed. It was last year we had more scaffolding erected for roof repairs. This is only five houses, there were others in our street having work done during the same period too. It seems no matter where you go in my neighbourhood there is work of one sort or another being carried out! I could argue that some of the work wouldn’t be necessary had it been done to last in the first place!¬†

Imagine the noise involved renovating the house above!

Shirley Anne