Just like a kid

Just the way I feel sometimes but only after a busy day. I had been lamenting the fact that although I had taken a three-week break over the Christmas and New Year holiday I was getting bored with nothing much to do. Now that I have resumed work I find I am running about like a headless chicken! Gosh I have been busy lately but you won’t find me complaining, I thrive on it though sometimes I am glad for the rest in the evening when I am at home. Even then the phones are ringing up to and around nine o’clock on many occasions! I sometimes don’t know where I get the energy but it appears that the more I do the more I am capable of doing it. Just like a kid, full of energy but equally ready to slump on the sofa when I’m done. Today, Thursday, was one such day, busy throughout though not all at work. So I was so tired…………

Shirley Anne