The morning after

Do you know I used to suffer from ‘the morning after’ syndrome? Too much alcohol from the night before but thankfully those days are long gone now. I saw sense if you like and stopped drinking. Actually there is a little story there, I once gave up and kept it up for thirteen years until one day I said to myself ‘in moderation is fine why deny yourself?’ Ah but that (if you believe) is the devil talking. Anyway I started back on that slippery road until around six years ago when sitting alone on the sofa with no television, radio or any other distractions and simply resting I heard a voice. It was loud and clear as if someone was standing behind me speaking and the words were ‘Stop drinking’. I turned around slightly startled to see nobody there. Now I believe it was the word of God and from that day to this I have never touched another drop. It wasn’t that I had been drinking at the time either for I hadn’t had a drink for days. However, this post isn’t about alcohol or drinking it, it is about my project and the results of my labours on the previous day. Whenever I do any concreting, brick-laying or anything that requires a period of drying out I eagerly want to see the results the following day. There is a sense of excitement and anticipation in not knowing for certain if I have done a good job. This is especially so when laying concrete or screed as I am no expert but I feel I am improving with every project I embark upon. That should be true for each of us, it is called gaining experience. It was Saturday morning and the sun was shining. It looked like it was going to be a fine day. The weather over the previous week or so had not been very good at all considering we were six or seven weeks into Spring. I was up early and went into the garden before breakfast to remove the covering over the work…..A much better finish than what was there before and it slopes toward the front edge and away from the step on the left. You can also see the repairs to the hole in the brickwork on the left hand side bottom corner which had been caused during the installation of the concrete lintel below the slab. The work needs sealing once it has dried out. It would certainly get the sunshine for a couple of hours on the day. I would be spending an hour or two inside the room below working on boxing-in the pipes and wiring and maybe altering some of the plumbing in there too………..Shirley Anne


Just about

For one reason or another I found myself a little under the weather yesterday and took the opportunity to have a complete day of rest. I even retired to bed earlier too and my head hit the pillow at nine-fifteen. It didn’t take long to fall asleep. Friday morning saw me up at ten before six and ready to go. It wasn’t for a walk though as I had decided to take that later or on Saturday morning instead, no, I was going to get the floor in the new outside toilet project finished. When I say finished I mean as close to the door opening as possible for I wanted to leave that small area until later. So after a little breakfast I put on my overalls and boots and went outside to set things up. We had rain yesterday, quite a lot of it and according to the forecast we would get more today (26 April) but it would be later rather than sooner in the day. I only needed a couple of hours to do what I wanted and fortunately it was bright and sunny when I started at seven-thirty. However the sunshine didn’t last long and clouds began to appear but I plodded on. It took two full mixer loads to finish the work. I had to place some temporary shuttering, basically a couple of pieces of wood weighed down with heavy tiles to form a stop.

I had just about enough mix to do it. During the mixing of the second load rain began to fall but it was extremely fine and short-lived. The remaining small area by the door won’t require the use of the mixer I shouldn’t think but may use it anyway. I managed to pack everything away and clean out the mixer by nine-thirty to return indoors. The rain didn’t fall again until after ten-thirty at which time it was pouring down hard. I was so happy I managed to do what I had set my mind to complete for it would be Monday morning before I would do any more work. I was going to take another long weekend off from work for a change…………………..Shirley Anne