Dining room 3 and things

After months of neglecting my exercise regime and letting things slip a little too much I got myself back on track following a recent visit to see my doctor. The results of that visit had no bearing on my reasons to resume regular exercising but it did serve to remind me of my shortcomings in letting it lapse. Now I am back to disciplining myself as I know I ought. My regime follows along these lines, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays I take at least thirty minutes, more often longer on the treadmill running and building up or maintaining stamina. On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays I take long walks. On Sundays I take a walk too but it is not usually a long one. On the days I use the treadmill I will often take a short walk too. At other times I keep busy working on projects at home or doing some gardening. Naturally if I am socialising I have to fit my exercising in where I can. Over the last few days I have been busy decorating in the dining room, that is painting the ceiling and by Wednesday lunchtime I had it almost completed. What little there was to touch up I left off doing until Thursday morning at which time I would dismantle the scaffolding tower and store it away in the garage until the next time it was needed. Purchasing that tower was one of the best things I did for it has proven to be very useful both inside and outside of the house. Anyway here are a couple more pictures of the dining room ceiling….



Click on pictures to magnify. Just wondering what I shall do next….

Shirley Anne


Dining room 2

The title doesn’t infer we have two dining rooms I have to say before I go any further, no, it is just the second post about my current (well as I write this on Tuesday 21) project. It follows yesterday’s post. Now on Saturday as I mentioned then I began the work of changing the colour of the ceiling in the dining room. As you saw in the picture I started off painting it white but on Monday when resuming the work I discovered the paint wasn’t covering the existing crimson colour so I changed tack and switched to using a beige colour. Not only did it cover the crimson more effectively (though I had to re-touch here and there) it looked the better option too by matching and bringing out the oak-stained ceiling timbers. Naturally I had to over-paint the white I had used earlier. On Tuesday I managed to complete more than three-quarters of the work. and here are the pictures…




In the top picture you can see the street lamp-post in the garden which switched on at three forty-five as it was getting dark by then and that’s why and when I stopped work for the day. I needed daylight whilst painting the ceiling though I had to use the room’s lighting too at times. The second picture shows what remained to be done on Wednesday, apart from any touching-up that is. Also in the first two pictures I removed the small timbers which are fixed at an angle in order to make painting of the wall easier. You can see them replaced at the other end of the room after the wall there was painted. I had arisen very early on Tuesday morning as I wanted to take a five-mile walk before breakfast. I left the house fifteen minutes before six o’clock. On my return and after breakfast I began painting. Tuesday marked the anniversary of my birth too…..I am now 72!

Shirley Anne

Dining room

In our house there are three reception rooms or lounges, though one of those is not in use at the moment because of the furniture stored in it. The furniture belongs to my eldest son and his wife who as yet haven’t found a place of their own and live with her parents. The room we call the dining room was once the kitchen but when we moved into the house almost thirty years ago we decided to move the kitchen to the much smaller annex to the room. The vacant room became a breakfast/dining room. The smaller kitchen works fine as the washing machine and chest freezers are down in the cellar leaving enough space for a range cooker, fridge.freezer, sink and cupboards. The dishwasher is hidden in the dining area though a more recent additional fridge.freezer stands in the same room. When we refurbished the dining room after removing all the kitchen units that were in there we decided to make it look medieval in appearance. That meant lining the walls in wood and fitting ceiling timbers for effect. Added to those we constructed a canopy over the windows and installed a solid stone sink and an old hand pump.

In the two pictures above which were taken many years ago before we had double-glazing you can see the top of the windows, the stone sink and pump and the cupboard next to them inside of which is the dishwasher. The top picture shows part of the ceiling timbers we installed. At the time we opted to have the ceiling painted either in red or royal blue and as you can see we chose red. E was talking with me a few days ago and she mentioned she would like the ceiling painted in white and I too felt it needed changing after so many years. On Saturday last week she went out for the afternoon to her meeting and while she was out I erected some of the tower scaffolding in the room and began the transformation of the ceiling. It would be several days before the whole ceiling was done as it needed at least two coats to block out the red colour. This is how far I got in the little time I had after collecting the materials and erecting the tower. 

The tower had to remain in the room until the work was finished so it was a case of moving it around so we still use the room for our meals. (Click on pictures to magnify)

Shirley Anne

Ticking over

Now that I have completed the redecoration and refurbishment of the small lounge at home I am beginning to consider redecorating the main hallway, the first floor hallway, the top floor hallway and the staircases in between them. I am considering hanging new, embossed wall paper and painting over it with white emulsion. I may decide to over-paint the stained wood work with white gloss but if I do it will take much time. Following that I would like to replace the carpets up to and including the first floor in a different colour from what it is now. 

The carpet looks its age and is well-worn and a little discoloured. If it isn’t possible to obtain the exact replacement I am thinking to replace it with one of a different colour, possibly a crimson or dark green colour. If I do replace with a new colour I would only replace the ground and first floors together with the intervening staircase as the carpet above the second floor is very much unworn and in good condition. It is at the moment just at the thinking stage as far as the carpet replacement goes though as far as the decoration goes it may happen far sooner. I have other things to consider in the meantime. Today, that is Tuesday 16th as I write this I actually filled-in my tax return form, took a walk into the village and posted it. I had all the collation work done weeks ago but as usual I wanted the time to recheck figures. The small lounge project prevented me from doing that but on Tuesday morning I finally had the time. This time next year I may be returning an empty form, that is one devoid of any profitable declarations as I may have fully retired by then, who knows? In the afternoon I went on the hunt for a small cabinet and to purchase some scatter cushions for the new suite in the small lounge. 

As you can see I found the cushions (£5 each) but no luck with the small cabinet as yet. I will keep looking though. Following that I went to the pub for an hour, just for drinks and to chat with people for I had eaten earlier.

Shirley Anne

Never fails

On the face of it I would have little to do on Wednesday but I was eager to do something to support the progress in the small lounge. All the decorating was done so it was down to getting the other things out-of-the-way. One of those was to refit the radiator and I did that first. All seemed to be fine with that once I had bled out the air to prevent it circulating and finding its way to the upper rooms. I raised the room thermostat to test it under operating conditions for a while before throttling back on the thermostat. The day, even that early in the morning, was warm and the heating didn’t need to be on. I moved to the coffee table and placed it back on its legs after I had painted the underside the previous day and sanded down the top surface. I then painted it again and touched-up the paint on the radiator where I had missed when painting it the day before. It was then that I noticed some water on the floor at the base of one of the supply pipes, the lower connection was leaking! It never fails does it? I try my best but sometimes it isn’t good enough. The radiator was now full of water so slackening off the connection would result in more water escaping, much more. Why couldn’t it be the top connection which wouldn’t leak out much water once the valves were closed?  It had to be the lower connection didn’t it? Anyway the problem as I saw it was not the fitting (valve) itself but grit trapped between the surfaces preventing a water-tight seal. With that in mind I slackened off the connection, the one on the right of the valve body with no paint on it and actually part of the radiator and re-tightened it a few times to allow the water to flush out anything that might be there. It worked but I checked it out a few times during the morning just to be certain. I had nothing further left to do but wait for the delivery of the piece of furniture I had bought the day before. It wouldn’t arrive until the afternoon so a visit to the pub was out of the question. You will know now that soon after the cabinet was delivered yesterday I had it coated with the primer. It was a gloriously sunny and warm day on Wednesday, ideal to sit out on the patio, if I could be tempted!

Shirley Anne

Odds and ends

Having completed the bulk of the work in redecorating the small lounge I could begin to do the smaller jobs. The first thing I set about doing on Tuesday was to fill in a few small gaps with caulk and then store away the things I had finished using and cleaning some of the brushes. The next thing was to offer the radiator up to the wall on the brackets in order to mark the position for drilling the wall for the left-hand top bracket Having marked the position I replaced the radiator on the floor for painting later. I then drilled the wall and fixed the bracket. One of the things I had to do at some point was to clear the hearth and score the hard granite surfaces to enable the tile fixing compound to adhere when the tiles would be laid later in the week so I began doing that. I had to use the end of a metal-working file to score the surface and hoped it would be enough. That was hard work and it took me quite some time to do it. I finished that and then applied a second coat of gloss paint to the underside of the coffee table. It would be the last coat to the underside. Whilst I had the brush and paint to hand I gave the radiator a coat of white gloss paint. That may be all it needs as it was already white in colour. Once the radiator is dry I would re-fix it to the wall and connect it up but that would be a couple of days away. I had finished what I had intended to do so I made myself a coffee and sat with it out on the patio in the warm sunshine. It was eleven o’clock. Just before noon I drove to the pub and had my lunch. I got to speaking with a guy I know who is a decorator and I asked him if he was working. He told me he just got fed-up with working and had taken the afternoon off. I know exactly how he felt. I was telling him that I was looking to purchase a small sideboard but that I wanted it in white. I had been searching for one using the Internet but could find what I wanted. He suggested I visit one of the local charity stores and see if they had something so after lunch I started out to look for one. I drove to a local street in the town where I thought I might find one but on the way I recalled the Salvation Army had an outlet next to their citadel in that same street. I have often visited the citadel but never the adjacent store. I was in there for only two or three minutes when I saw something that was almost exactly what I was looking for. All it needed was to be painted white. Here it is with the drawers to the left and the shelf in front just after I had applied the same priming paint I had used for the room wood work. That wasn’t today as you read this it would be the following day an hour after it was delivered. See tomorrow’a post.  The price was £35 and they would deliver it the next day for another £5. I bought it knowing it would be unlikely that I would find a better piece of furniture and especially for that price. I think I was meant to go there. The reason I wanted a small sideboard is it will be the only piece of furniture in the room besides the seating, coffee table and television because I want to keep a minimalist theme for the room. The tall bookshelf I had in there had become so cluttered and many of the things, including the books, were hardly used. By keeping little or no storage space in the room it will stay uncluttered.

Shirley Anne

Suddenly it was done

Monday in the UK was a national holiday with many people taking advantage and getting away from home for at least the one day. Not myself however, E and I have never spent these one-day holidays away from home mostly because travelling on the roads is and was always a nightmare. Who wants to spend hours in traffic trying to get somewhere only to go through the same process on the return? Congestion is a problem we have in the UK on major trunk roads at the best of times. I have always spent the time at home either relaxing outside if it is nice weather or working either for myself or for others if the opportunity arose. At the moment as my readers will know, I have been redecorating a room at home so I wanted to take the opportunity to press on with it with the hope of possibly finishing the main part of it. I spent seven hours stopping only for a quick-lunch and finishing the work at four o’clock……..

Continuing where I left-off in the top picture I finally reached the left-hand side of the window frame having started hanging the paper a few days ago on the right-hand side.

As you might guess the most difficult section was that shown in the last picture. It was there that I found the walls misaligned the most, not a great amount but enough to cause me problems. I wasn’t defeated however and managed to get around them. That means I have finished the major part of the decorations and only have to touch-up things here and there. My next job will be to offer the radiator up to the wall so I can measure where to place the left-hand wall bracket I had removed because it was too high. The other bracket was at the correct height and I replaced it when the wall paper there had been hung. I will have to drill the wall to fix the left bracket. I need to paint the front of the radiator also before I replace it permanently. It is easier to do that while it is supported on the floor and of course that will prevent the paint ‘running’ too. When that is done my part in the work will be complete.
The end of the day was warm and sunny and because the garden has had little rain lately I wanted to water the plants again so I began doing that. I wasn’t going to get away with just watering however, I found a few Montbretia and Bluebells which I immediately dug out.

Shirley Anne

Cube and pear shapes

In yesterday’s post I wrote about rooms never always being perfectly shaped, walls never always perfectly aligned with adjacent walls and the problems they cause when hanging wall paper. Far be it from me that I should place any blame on the construction problems I face when doing such work and how it affects the result. No, I always work around such problems and compensate so that I end up with a good job done. I suppose even professional decorators are presented with similar problems and have to work around them. It proves that we don’t live in a perfect world after all. Back to my decorating and I faced another minor problem on Saturday as I returned to do a little more work in the lounge. On Friday evening my next-door neighbour asked if I could cut-back a large shrub she has in her front garden, I had cut a much larger one for her a few months ago and didn’t mind doing it for her but I thought to myself why doesn’t her son do the work as he lives with her! According to her he just isn’t capable, more likely he is too lazy. He is a police sergeant and works some odd hours but never all day long. When his father was alive I never saw him lend a hand when his dad was working around the house. I told my neighbour that I would do the work the following morning as I was far too tired to make the attempt when she called. It meant I would have to put off my own work for an hour or so but I didn’t mind. I had plans to do far more than I actually did on the day however because I was still tired. On Friday I had gotten this far..

but on Saturday I only managed to get this more done even though my neighbour phoned whilst I was eating breakfast and apologised for asking me to do the work. She told me not to do the work because she had now asked her son to do it.

I was relieved for that meant I could concentrate on the wall paper. I managed however to only hang three drops. The first one partly above the door and including the lighting switches and motion detector (house alarm) on the right hand side proved very awkward and difficult and in all took me an hour to do. I had of course disconnected the power supply to the switches and removed the switch plate until the paper was in place and reconnecting it then. I managed to hang it all in one piece. Very difficult considering its shape and the fact that it was in a corner where the two walls are a little out of alignment in one place. I had to leave the sensor in place and work around it. Amazingly all went well but the second drop was difficult to match-up because the walls were slightly askew. Again I managed to do it and I thought I might be able to get as far as the fireplace but I had to stop after the next drop. I was making too many silly mistakes, I was tired and I didn’t want everything to start going pear shaped. It didn’t matter as I had plenty of time left to complete the decoration before other work would commence by others, the installation of a new fire and tiling of the hearth and the installation of the new curtains. I decided I needed the rest so I planned and take a break and leave the work until Monday.

Shirley Anne

Perfect cube

I have done much decorating over the years and none of it has been without one problem or another. Practice makes perfect so the saying goes and that has a ring of truth about it, the more experience we have the better the work we do as time goes by, or should do. That will be true for anyone who doesn’t give up at the first hurdle or fails to give things another try. It is true that not everyone has the ability in some things but are probably good at others. As far as decorating goes I would say that I am reasonably competent but that competence has taken years to accomplish. I learnt as I went along and hopefully I have become better now than when I made my first attempt. However, it doesn’t matter how good I feel I am and how competent, sometimes the work is more difficult than it should be. How many rooms in a house are perfect cubes (or cuboid)? If all the walls were perfectly straight, perfectly upright and perfectly aligned with adjacent walls hanging wall paper would be extremely easy! I finally got to make a start in hanging some wall paper on Friday though I started late in the morning due to my having to do a small electrical job beforehand.

I began here at the side of the window frame. The second of the two pieces in the picture above was very awkward to do, not because it followed through the corner but because the two walls at that point were not perfectly aligned. I live in an old house built in 1877 but I wonder if new houses are any better. Anyway I managed to almost complete the wall before I stopped for the day.

There is quite a lot of waste paper left from each roll because of the pattern drop but that is to be expected. I mentioned I had bought a different paste than that which I have previously purchased, it is designed to be applied directly to the wall rather than to the paper as is the case with the other adhesive. It is also much thicker as it is designed for use with heavy papers and with that being the case I had to thin it out with water for use with the paper I am using which though is quite a thick paper it doesn’t require the paste to be thick to hang it. If all goes well I will have the work done in a day or two.

Shirley Anne

Old scars

I sometimes wonder why I make plans because when I do they frequently change, usually because of circumstance. So my plan for Thursday morning was to ensure the bare plaster of the walls in the small lounge were sealed and that’s what I did. I had purchased a ready-mixed paper adhesive thinking it was ‘size’ or the conventional powder you mix with cold water to form a paste. However, it was a very thick paste based on PVA adhesive. I had to take some and mix it with water so that I could brush it onto the walls as I would have done had it been an ordinary paste. I mentioned in a previous post that the walls were already smooth and therefore unlikely to absorb the paste from the paper but I applied a coat anyway. Whilst doing that I began to think back to the last time the walls were bare in 1989, how we had to patch it up in places and repair the plaster work when we installed the fire surround. I remembered how much that unit had cost me, £400 because it is made of oak.

I noticed that the door required another coat of gloss as did the skirting boards in some places and also the fire surround. I decided not to do anything then but attend to it later after lunch. I had to drive to the carpet store to select and purchase a new carpet in grey together with some new underlay. I went to the store I always use when buying new carpets and asked if I could have the same fitter I normally have to lay it. I paid the full amount  (£800) and set a date for it to be done which will be 12th May. It was now lunchtime so I gave myself a treat and dined out at the pub for the third time in the week. I knew that once I returned home it would be to do some painting and I was feeling a little reluctant but returned home soon after I had eaten. I got to work immediately and had the painting done in an hour. Again I was hoping it would be the last time I would need the gloss paint. Before I put the brush and paint away I right-turned the coffee table I had upturned the previous day to paint the underside and I gave the top a coat of paint. The whole table will need another coat before it is finished. Now I was ready to hang the paper but it would have to wait until Friday. However, I had a small electrical job to do on Friday morning and there might be more to come later. The paper hanging would have to wait but if I couldn’t do any of it on Friday I would be able to do so on Saturday.

Shirley Anne

No dining out

Gosh I was tired on Tuesday (25th) evening, so much so I was in bed at nine o’clock. I didn’t think it was all due to what I did during the day but probably more to do with the amount of work I have been doing in general over the past few weeks. Anyway it was honest well-earned rest which took me to bed so early. It must have made all the difference because I was up and refreshed before seven o’clock on Wednesday and soon after breakfast I had the brush in my hand and the can of paint by my side ready to give the wood work in the lounge what I hoped would be its second and final coat of paint. By noon it was all done though I have to admit there were still one or two places I had missed that needed filling with caulk. Admittedly they were few and small and I would attend to them later. My next task would be to give the walls a coat of sealant though they are quite smooth already and unlikely to be very if at all absorbent. Walls need to be sealed properly before any attempt is made to hang wall paper. If it isn’t sealed the paper may peel away because the adhesive will have been drawn into the plaster. After that I can start hanging the paper.

Wall paper
Wall paper (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anyway at this point in the day I might have considered dining out at the pub but I had been doing that rather a lot lately so I resisted the temptation and cooked a meal at home instead. Wednesday was a bright and sunny day so I took advantage and spent some time on the patio relaxing for a change. There was little else I could do in the room as far as the decoration was concerned but I did take the time to clean the removed door handle with metal polish before fixing it back on the door. I had given the door its final coat of paint the previous day so it was dry, everywhere else I had painted before lunch. I also upturned the coffee table and painted the underside and while I had the brush in my hand I painted the rear of the radiator I had standing against the wall. I went downstairs into the cellar, located the pasting table and brought it up to the room ready for use when I begin hanging the paper. The redecoration is all coming together at last but there is still plenty to do yet.

Shirley Anne

It started well

Man putting caulk on baseboard
Man putting caulk on baseboard (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Like most days Tuesday started well enough but the plans I had didn’t fully materialise as I thought they might. The plan was to fill in the gaps in the wood work using the caulk I had bought on Monday. I had been using decorators caulk to fill-in where necessary but I didn’t have enough. So after breakfast I made a start doing that and in fact had it all done in thirty minutes. At this point I was about to begin applying the second coat of gloss paint first of all to the door and door frame and then following on with the window frames, If I had enough time I would paint the picture rail too but I didn’t plan working in the afternoon so the rail might not get done. I made myself a coffee before beginning the painting but I felt a little queasy and sat down for a few minutes.with the coffee. I had a restless night and had found it difficult to get to sleep. It would be around two o’clock before I finally closed my eyes and went to sleep. Too much going on in my mind had made me restless. Though I did sleep it was for only three and a half hours so I suppose I was just too tired. Anyway things improved as I began painting the door frame. After doing the door and door frame  I moved on to the window and managed to get the top section completed before I had a visit from my eldest son, his wife and his daughter who had come to sort out some of their stored items. I made the effort and finished off the top section of the frames but decided to leave the bottom section until Wednesday morning. Just then I received a call from a couple I had worked for quite recently who were having difficulty in replacing two fluorescent light tubes in their under-unit kitchen lighting system. I talked them through the process but they found it impossible to do and asked if I would call there. Their home is eight miles from mine. I agreed to go and when I inspected the fittings they were indeed awkward and stiff making the lamp replacement difficult so it wasn’t a wasted journey. Whilst there I was asked to replace their central heating/hot water control unit and to check out a lighting switch. I removed the old control unit and the guy took it with him and went to purchase an identical replacement while I got on with the other tasks. He wasn’t gone long as they live quite near a supplier and I fitted the new unit he had purchased. By now it was after three o’clock and I had missed lunch so when I drove back to my own town I decided again to eat at the pub. No more work that day and my main hope was for a good night’s sleep so that I could perhaps finish the painting the next day.

Shirley Anne

All gone

I was up early on Friday and soon after breakfast I began working in the small lounge once more. It was 8.30 and I was ready to go. First job was to apply the priming coat to the skirting board, door frame and door. The window and the fireplace were already done earlier. It took some time to get around the room but the finish didn’t need to be perfect as the paint was only a primer and in this case was being used to blot-out the mahogany stain too. All the stain has now gone. Next job was to strip off the wall paper which I had not been able to remove while it was dry. Now some people might use a steam pad to wet the wall paper but I use cold water applied with a brush and while the water is sinking through the surface in one place I use the scraper or even fingers to remove the paper elsewhere. Most of the time it comes off, well falls off in sheets! The only difficult part is where the top vinyl layer has not been stripped off first which then means the process has to be done twice. As I had already stripped much of the paper from the wall when it was dry there was little of the top layer left. 

That work took me into the afternoon, with a break for lunch and then I decided to apply the first coat of white gloss paint to the window frame. It was surprisingly easy and could almost pass with just the one coat but it will get two.

You may notice that the carpet has gone but not the underlay. When I purchase a new carpet the underlay will be replaced too though the existing one is quite serviceable apart from a small area near the door which I think was water damaged when a liquid had been spilled and then washed off with water. It wasn’t replaced when we had the last carpet change over fifteen years ago so having a new one is probably a better idea. It was four o’clock and I was finished for the day. I am happy with the progress and am enjoying doing the work.

Shirley Anne

Subtle changes

Having been informed that the guys who were to collect the old three-piece suite might arrive as early as 6.30 in the morning I had a very early trip to bed so that I could be up well before their arrival. The reason I had to do that was because I had to shift the suite from the garage and on to the front driveway before their arrival. I couldn’t have done that the evening before as rain had been forecast overnight and the council had stipulated that the furniture had to be dry when collected! I have no idea why that should be the case unless they planned to use the furniture or sell it off for the material value. I set the alarm for 4.30 and moved the furniture outside before 5.45. I then moved the tower components back into the garage where it is kept. I had dismantled it the day before after I had cleaned the chandelier. The remainder of the work I had to do in the lounge could be done using the tall step-ladder. Once that was done I ate breakfast and waited for the guys to arrive though they needed no contact from me to do their job. I had left the gates open so they could gain access. After breakfast I was wondering what I could be getting on with because after 9.00 I was expecting the representative who would be measuring for the curtains to call. His appointment was for any time between nine o’clock and noon so if I was to do anything it would have to be in the time before he came. I located the tube of decorators caulk and the applicator gun and proceeded to fill-in the gaps around the window frame. It took the whole tube to complete the work. It is surprising just how many gaps there can be seen once the old decorations are removed. That took me thirty minutes and by now it was 8.30 and the guys collecting the suite arrived! That’s just typical isn’t it? The work I had done, small as it turned out to be was one of those subtle changes which happen when doing work of this nature, it is not noticed but makes subsequent work a lot easier and professional-looking. Once the representative had been and gone I planned to lift the old carpet, dispose of it and roll-up the underlay for re-use beneath the new carpet later. In fact I ended up lifting the carpet before he arrived. The carpet had to go at that point to enable decoration of the skirting board anyway. Well the guy arrived at 11.45 and stayed for just over an hour. When he’d gone I drove to the pub for lunch. The car park was full yet the pub was relatively empty! Service and food was great as per usual but I didn’t stop long once I had eaten as I wanted to walk into town and do some shopping. The main reason for shopping was to purchase toiletries but I was also tempted to purchase a couple of clothing items, a lightweight summer top and an equally lightweight hooded summer coat. Well I need to be treated too, it’s not just the small lounge that has that privilege.

Shirley Anne

At last!

At last I finished work on the ceiling in the small lounge. I started Tuesday tidying up the paint work on the two stripes which encircle the cornice or coving (see yesterday’s post for pictures). It is difficult trying to obtain  perfectly straight lines when doing this kind of work simply because of the abnormalities in the plaster work and consequently touching-up the paint afterward is often necessary. I spent an hour and a half before lunch and an hour after lunch to get it to a reasonably good finish. Whilst doing that work I took the opportunity to give the frieze another coat of paint, making three in all. Just after lunch I was looking out of one of the rear windows and took these two pictures

The time was one-thirty BST or half-past twelve GMT. The first picture is pointing directly northward. I only took them to indicate how much sunshine actually reaches the garden in the middle of the day in the month of April. The shadow will be closer to the house at Midsummer. The garden was in full sunshine during the morning as the sun was in the east and to the right in these pictures. When it swings around to the west most of the garden is again in full sunshine even at this time of year. The garden at the front points roughly south-west so gets the full sun most of the day.
Anyway back to work…I resumed painting the ceiling before moving on to apply paint primer to as much of the wood work as I could before deciding I’d had enough for one day.

Applying the primer has exposed numerous holes and gaps in the window frame though I knew there were some beforehand. Now I have to fill them all in before applying a second coat. At this point in time I guess I have covered about half of the wood work. It is taking much longer to do the work as I am doing it alone but I reckon I am doing well after only five days.

Shirley Anne