What a morning

As I now usually use the treadmill at least three times per week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays it became awkward that I had a dental appointment on Friday at nine-thirty. It meant I had to arise early in order to have my exercise before keeping the appointment. If I don’t exercise first thing in the morning I don’t do it at all. Exercising early allows me to have the rest of the day free for other activities. Exercising later in the day means I might already be too tired to do it! Anyway I arose around six-forty had my exercise and had eaten breakfast by eight o’clock. After taking a shower and dressing I drove to the surgery for my check-up. This time nothing was out of the ordinary. I paid the receptionist and drove back home. Things were going well and I was thinking about things I could do for the remainder of the day. Going out for a meal was a definite possibility but as it turned out I didn’t get the chance. A couple of months ago we had a new garage door installed (see previous posts). When I returned home I opened the garage door and reversed my vehicle into the garage. On leaving the garage I tried to close the door but it had become stuck in the open position. I switched off the power and attempted to wind it down manually using the supplied handle but it wouldn’t shift. The door had unwound itself and required manipulating by hand. That couldn’t be done whilst the steel cover was in place. It was a job for the fitter to do under the guarantee agreement. We paid a little extra to extend the guarantee to ten years from the one year basic cover. I had to leave the door open which meant leaving all the garage contents exposed to the possibility of theft. I wasn’t prepared to allow that. We called the company by phone and they told us they couldn’t help as the guarantee was the responsibility of the official sub-contractor. They couldn’t supply a telephone number but only an email address and a website. We tried the website first so that we could enter the details of our complaint but it wouldn’t work. Evidently the site didn’t have a secure status and was blocked! E tried the email approach and after a few attempts finally was able to send the message. However, before she could send the message we’d had problems with the email provider (AOL) for quite some time. Rather than waiting for a reply for an appointment date E decided to send another email requesting they contact us by phone. So there we were, no reply, no appointment date and a garage door stuck in the open position with the possibility of it remaining like that for days! What kind of company operates this way? I was disgusted and furious. I decided to take things into my own hands by removing the steel cover, which was rather awkward, then I was able to free the unrolled door before lowering it electrically. I switched off the power and left the door in the closed position. I left the steel cover off too so that the installer can follow-up on the repair/resetting when he finally gets here. It means I haven’t the use of the van until he does, though it is possible to re-open the door if  I really need to. I know what the problem is causing the fault, it is a strip of material located in the slot in which the door runs. It acts as a slide and prevents metal to metal contact as the door operates. It has become detached from the slot. The one on the opposite side is perfectly alright. The now loose material interferes with the door rolling up and down and it requires securing probably with adhesive. I wonder sometimes how things in this world manage to work and keep on working without these kinds of problems. They don’t make ’em like they used to!

Shirley Anne


The dentist

English: Dentist drilling a girls tooth
English: Dentist drilling a girls tooth (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had an appointment to see the dentist on Tuesday morning to undergo the first of two procedures, the next being on the 3rd December. I have never minded going to the dentist in the least and the only part of the treatment I dislike is no, not the drill but the suction tube they put in your mouth to take away the liquid the dentist uses in conjunction with the drill, which I believe is water. The vacuum tube takes away the water and debris but I find the assistant never always places the tube where it is most needed. A small gripe considering the work being done in my mouth. I can live with it. I have never had any complaints with any of the dentists I have had and with this new practice it looks as if  that isn’t going to change. The waiting room is far better than at my last dental surgery in Liverpool and also more comfortable. As the surgery is positioned at the cross-roads of a busy junction and is at ground level there is always something to look at whilst waiting for surgery. They have magazines just like every other professional’s waiting room but I don’t read them. They are almost always way out of date and I feel that if I were to lose myself in reading an article or a story I would be interrupted before I could finish reading it. I don’t like reading fiction and I am not really a fan of magazines. I would much prefer to chat with those sitting around me but most of them are usually reading magazines! My first appointment was exactly on time, which has never been my experience before and although I appreciate that appointment times are only approximate I hope that this will be the norm rather than the exception. I left the surgery very satisfied with my treatment and hope my next session will be just the same.

Shirley Anne

It never ends

An NHS dentist performing an examination
An NHS dentist performing an examination (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had a dental appointment with my new dentist on Wednesday. In former years my dental practitioners were in Liverpool, some 21 miles from my home. A couple of weeks ago I had a filling come out and it needed replacing so I set about finding a dental surgery nearer to home with whom I could register. I found one located about three miles from home and was able to register with them. My first appointment was on Wednesday but other than having an assessment I had no treatment. The dentist will carry out some remedial work on my next two appointments which will be 19 November and 3 December and I was advised the cost would be £214. My registry fee had been £18 but that amount will be deducted from the £214. I shudder to think what the cost would be if I were a private patient. As it is my dentistry is covered by the NHS (National Health Service). After my first brief check-up I returned to the reception to confirm my next appointments and the young woman at the desk remarked ‘He’s dishy isn’t he’? I had to agree, he was! The practice supports five dental surgeons, four male and one female. I guess I drew the longest straw! When I left I had to visit an old lady who wanted me to check out a small electrical problem and make an assessment of another. The first problem I sorted out in ten minutes but I had to inform the old lady that the second request would not be a simple nor inexpensive job to carry out and might not indeed be possible given the nature of the present installation. I don’t think she will pursue with her request. From there I went to look at another job to assess what was required. I did that work yesterday, Friday. I should have done more work in our new wet room but deferred that work until today, Saturday. Instead I decided to replace one of the floodlights at the front of our house which had become faulty. I replaced five of the same at the rear of the house earlier in the year but decided to only replace the three at the front as they became faulty. One of the two remaining floodlights has been working for about 24 years and the other is relatively new having been installed about eighteen months ago. I might buy replacement units and keep them to one side for installation when it becomes necessary. These floodlights cost £45 each because they are LED units but they are guaranteed for three years and are far cheaper in cost to run. They use a mere 15 watts of power but give the equivalent light output of a 300 watt halogen lamp! That’s what I call progress.

Shirley Anne

Nothing worse I feel.

An image from 1300s (A.D.) England depicting a...
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There are many ailments that we can suffer but none in my estimation compares to toothache. Two weeks ago, well to be precise a couple of days before I began to suffer from a toothache therefore two weeks ago today I had the offending tooth removed. It had been filled at one point many years ago but had now deteriorated and had also started to crumble thereby exposing the nerve. Ouch! At the same time my dentist prepared an adjacent tooth for capping and it was a week ago today she capped that tooth and did some other minor work elsewhere in my mouth. The following evening, Tuesday, I began to suffer ‘toothache’ pains but they ceased after a short while. However the following evening the pain returned and kept me awake throughout the whole night. In the morning the pain disappeared and although I had gotten no sleep I managed to do some shopping but by late morning the pain had returned with a vengeance. I telephoned the dental surgery who slotted me in an hour or so later. My dentist tested my teeth for sensitivity but got no response from any of them. She and I agreed that it might be an infection so she prescribed an anti-biotic to be taken over the next three days or so. I took my last pill this morning. I still get pains every so often though and now I am thinking that somehow there is a break in the gum allowing the exposure of a nerve ending because liquids are sometimes triggering the reaction. I have suffered many kinds of pain during my lifetime but nothing compares to toothache. I may have to make another appointment with the surgery if things do not improve.

Shirley Anne