Quiet and relaxed?

It was Saturday, the first of two warm and sunny days we were promised in the forecast and the first of two days to relax in. I woke up early and was soon having a shower and getting dressed to go downstairs for breakfast. I finished breakfast before nine o’clock and sat at my computer for half and hour as well as collating some information for my tax-return. A little bit at a time is the method I adopt when preparing my tax-return, it is easier that way for me because I don’t like sitting down for long periods as I probably would do if I did it all at once. In any case it only takes a few hours to get it prepared. I made myself a cup of coffee and went outside to sit on the bench in front of the patio…this one…

It faces east so gets full sunshine for a few hours each day. I could have sat on the patio but the artificial turf was wet with dew, as was the lawn too. Both dry pretty quickly once the sun gets high in the sky. Once I’d finished the coffee I became restless and couldn’t remain seated for long after. I took a stroll around the Mound (over on the right in the picture above). A single shoot caught my eye, it was another bluebell. Thinking it was near to the surface I tried to pull it out but no, it went deeper. Off I went for the kneeling stool and hand fork and I began to dig it out. Did I say single shoot? Never true most of the time with bluebells, there were several of them. I must have covered every cubic centimetre of the Mound by now but still they appear. Anyway that took a half-hour and I looked for something else to do. During my gardening renovations I have removed lots of small stones and some not so small, some natural stone and some man-made, bricks and the like. I had three large containers filled with them. This picture taken a few weeks earlier shows two of them nearly full.

I decided I would empty them out and separate the natural stone from the rubble. Some of the natural stone I placed around the base of the yucca plant shown in this picture at centre against the wall. It is immediately to the left of the buttress in case you can’t see it.

Now it was lunch time so I returned indoors. After lunch I returned to the patio and laid down on the now dry turf for an hour. I couldn’t stay there any longer but arose and went for a long walk in the sunshine. On my return home I spoke with my next door neighbour’s son for a time. They have a collie dog, a well-behaved animal that seldom barks, not like the two small dogs in a house nearby that sometimes bark incessantly for ages before someone finally stops them as happened when I went for a lie down on the patio earlier. My other next door neighbour also has a dog, a young setter that also seldom barks, or so I thought. I went into the house and made myself another coffee and sat out again on the patio. The setter started barking and did so for at least twenty minutes. I gave up and went indoors, actually to watch The Grand National annual steeplechase (horse race) on television. I have watched that race every year for as long as I can remember, well over sixty years. I returned outdoors to water the garden plants before finally going back inside for my evening meal. Peaceful, quiet and relaxing day? Well for most of the time.

Shirley Anne


Quiet afternoon?

Medieval dentist removing tooth
Medieval dentist removing tooth (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had a dental appointment mid-morning on Wednesday which pretty much prevented me from doing any work, if I had any that is. The appointment seemed a little pointless to me because all the dentist did was to assess what he needed to do at my next visit. My teeth needed a little cosmetic treatment which according to my dentist wouldn’t take long to do but it just meant I would have to return at another time. The receptionist gave me an appointment near lunch time on 2 November! That’s almost a month away! The dentist, that is the surgery, must be in great demand for me to end up with another appointment so far off. I needed to pay a visit to my banks in order to deposit some cash but I had to drive home first to change my shoes. The reason for that is because I had been wearing  shoes with a small heel. Let me explain. I never park my vehicle in the town centre because of the parking fees and the problems I would have in finding a parking space anyway so I park outside the zone and walk in. Although I could have walked in my heels walking any distance in them can be painful especially as I have problems with my left knee-joint. Apart from anything else high heels wear out faster than flat-heeled shoes. When I go walking I don’t wear heels. So a quick visit home and then I walked to the banks and made the deposits. While I was in town I decided to buy some cosmetics and on my way back to my vehicle I stopped off at a florist’s shop and bought a potted orchid as a surprise for E. It arrived late in the afternoon. After lunch I was just catching up on my emails when the house phone rang. It was the lady from the lawnmower shop telling me that the plaque I had ordered was now ready for collection. I drove off to collect it and on my return home I made a template to use when drilling the wall which is far easier and safer than using the plaque itself. I hoped to fit it the following day, Thursday. I will post a picture when it is fitted. Finally I made a cup of coffee and went outside to sit on the patio in the glorious sunshine. Considering it is early October we are experiencing some fine, warm and sunny weather of late. There was one snag. One of our neighbours had a gardener mowing his lawn, which is larger than ours so it takes longer to do. Well he had to cut the grass sometime just as I do. However just as he had finished someone else further along the road decided to start cutting theirs too. Oh well, so much for a quiet time on the patio. The noise abated after a while so could I relax? No I couldn’t. Another neighbour living close-by and in fact whose garden adjoins ours has two small dogs who like to bark, and from the moment I went out until way after the lawnmowers had ceased cutting, they barked continuously! After what must have been an hour they finally stopped barking. They are a pest but to be fair to the dogs it is their owners who allow them free rein. The dogs seem not to have been trained. The man of the house is a veterinary surgeon and you would think he would have trained them. It appears though that his wife puts them out into the garden sometimes when she goes shopping. She doesn’t have to sit and listen to them and it doesn’t occur to her that the dogs are causing a nuisance, though E and I have spoken with her about this in the past. I am surprised some of our other neighbours haven’t complained. Maybe they are all deaf!

Shirley Anne