First for a while

Formby Station ...
Formby Station … (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It had been some time since I last remembered a dream I’d had but a few days ago I awoke during the night after dreaming this, another of my weird dreams. I used to live in Freshfield which is the northern part of a small township called Formby eight miles south from my present residence. Freshfield actually occupies almost half of the total combined township. There are two train stations, one in Freshfield and the other in Formby and they are around one mile apart on the same rail network line from Liverpool to Southport. I lived around a mile away from each of them. The one at Freshfield has a level crossing whilst the one at Formby has a road bridge over the tracks. Both stations are surrounded by housing estates. However, in this dream I was walking across a park toward the Formby station and I could see various people walking up and down the sidewalk that was on the road bridge. I was on my way to catch a train into Liverpool but I had spoken to my then boss who told me I would be able to join with him on the next train if I could get there in time. I had twenty minutes spare as I approached the road bridge. On the bridge I could see an ex-colleague who having seen me suddenly decided to increase his step hoping I wouldn’t see him. Why he did that I wasn’t sure for I hadn’t wronged him. I reached the bridge and walked over to the other side to take the train going south to Liverpool but instead of turning into the station I carried on walking as if unable to stop until reaching the bottom of the bridge. I had to turn and walk back but on the way I stopped at an open bar which sold fast food, something fried on a griddle like pancakes for instance. There isn’t such a place in Formby and never was. Anyway I was second in the queue for service but the woman behind the counter deliberately chose to ignore me and served the next customer instead. She knew I was trying to board the next train which happened to have turned up at that moment. It wasn’t a passenger train but one of those service trains used to carry out repair work on the lines. My boss was standing atop of the engine and called me to join him. I hasten to add he was never a train line worker in life and neither was I. He gave me a minute or two to collect my fried snack and I turned to the woman who refused to serve me. She was crying because she knew she was being nasty toward me but didn’t apologise. I turned away and boarded the train with the snack that someone else had served me. I woke up at that point.

Shirley Anne


They get more weird

There’s a lot going on in my mind lately. Most of what I think about is trivia, mundane stuff of everyday life but even so they play on my mind. The thing is I get ideas and if I don’t take action they remain floating around inside my brain until I do something about them. I think this is the main reason I get weird dreams. Much of the content in my dreams has nothing to do with what has been going on in my waking hours. I was talking with E about this a few days ago. I have a theory about dreams, their content that is. Throughout our lives we gain knowledge and experience of all sorts of things. During our waking hours or our conscious periods we rely upon that accumulated knowledge and experience to aid us in our day-to-day living. However, when we are asleep in our subconscious state there is little need to use most of that knowledge and experience. The information is still there of course and I think that when we sleep the subconscious state of our minds makes use of the information in dreams. When awake we can make sense of all the information we have but when asleep the information is used randomly and is often disjointed. In our conversation I likened it to the workings of a computer that was faulty. The ‘C’ drive in a computer is actually a very rapidly spinning disk on which is stored all the information we put into the computer. Reading heads collect the various stored data collating the information so that it can be used sensibly. As the data is often randomly stored the machine has to collect the information from wherever it is on the disk. The reading heads are controlled indirectly by the input from the user. When we are asleep we are unable to control anything. (Certain things our bodies do automatically happen whether we are awake or asleep). If the reading heads have no direction they cannot collect information. Our subconscious thoughts have no direction yet we can dream. Dreams are like random bits of information which join together in an attempt to make sense. They happen because there is nothing controlling them. I feel this is the reason so many of my dreams are weird.

Weird Dreams
Weird Dreams (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have this dream or parts of it on a fairly regular basis. It is centred around a very large house which has fallen into disrepair and has become quite dilapidated. It is several storeys high and has problems with its roof, there are large holes in it. The floors throughout the house are wooden and the stairways rickety and worn. On the upper floor on one side of the house is attached a veranda, a covered walkway open on one side to the elements. Reaching it is difficult. A narrow twisting stair leads to the end of the corridor of the veranda. There are holes in the wall and cobwebs everywhere. On the other side of the wall is a large hall where the holes in the roof can be seen. On the next floor below are several small rooms which can be reached using either of two staircases from the lower floors. Part of those stairways remind me of the old staircase in my primary school and in the dream if I walk them I think I am back in school. The lowest floor has numerous open spaces all covered in spiders webs and there are holes everywhere in the wooden floorboards. There doesn’t seem to be any windows or rather glass in the window frames and neither are there any doors on the ground floor. Initially in the dream the house stands on the side of a grassy hill and is surrounded with hedgerows. The house apparently has around forty rooms. Later in the dream when I am walking inside the house it now is located in the centre of a busy street in a town. People are walking along the sidewalk only a metre from the path surrounding the house yet they don’t notice the house or those in it, myself and unknown companions. In a recent dream I saw some small animals which at first I thought were mice eating something on the ground floor. As I drew near I saw that they were very small squirrels, mice-sized in fact! They scurried away and disappeared down one of the holes in the floor. Myself and some others went into the cellar rooms to see where they had gone and we discovered around thirty or so of them covering a corner in the room. They all ran outside through a hole in the wall and when I followed after them I saw myself at ground level facing the busy high street. No-one saw that I was there. That was the end of the dream.

Each time the house is in my dream I find it is different inside in some places. Its location is different and I find myself in different situations too.

Shirley Anne

Odd dreams

I have to say that most of my dreams are odd. Read some of them in ‘My Dreams’ above. For quite a while I haven’t experienced or remember having a dream. Perhaps that is a good thing for I think it reveals I am not under stress or have any undue pressures upon me when awake. For me, dreams are a sign of a troubled mind or one that has too much on it! I had the dream on the night of Oct 30. Make of it what you will…

In this dream I was without gender, meaning I wasn’t sure if in the dream I was male or female. I had a small son, probably about six years old but for some reason I was expecting another child. There was an easel in front of me similar to some music stands that can be found but it had a flat metal plate which wasn’t turned up at the bottom as you would expect for a music stand. That meant anything placed on it would slide off except that there was some sort of lever at the bottom for releasing the plate from its stand. Why I had placed the new baby on the easel I couldn’t imagine but he was wrapped as tiny babies are when first-born. Now this was odd, he seemed to be about eighteen months old! Not only that but his brother whom also I was expecting at the same time as he was born arrived on the scene as if he had just left the womb! I had twins separated by eighteen months and a six-year old who appeared to be eighteen months old too! I remembered tilting back the easel so that the baby wouldn’t slide off yet the lever was big enough to have prevented that anyway. Though there were now three children I was acting as if there were only two.

Shirley Anne

Before I forget

Tired and Emotional
Tired and Emotional (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I arose very early on Tuesday morning and was soon up and about though still remaining a little tired. I have had these feelings for quite some time, tired, listless, drained and not wanting to do anything but sit or lie down. I don’t give in to such thoughts of course, I keep active instead. One of the reasons I awoke was to do something about that tree stump in the front garden which stubbornly refuses any attempt to remove it. After breakfast I donned my overalls and gave it another go but was soon defeated, the saw made only a small amount of progress so I put it away. Attempt number two was a better idea. I took my cordless drill and a wood bit to the stump and drilled several deep holes in it. Next I poured into the holes some herbicide until they were full. Now all I have to do is wait and see if that gets results. Hopefully it will otherwise I will have to think of something else, a chainsaw perhaps? Anyway I returned indoors to chat with E who had just come downstairs for her breakfast. She’d asked what I had been doing so early in the morning and then we chatted about other things. I mentioned a dream I had dreamt but at first I couldn’t remember it’s content. Immediately upon waking I kept the dream in my thoughts in the hope I could write it down later as I usually do. In the dream I was visiting a building site, the house someone was building. On my arrival there I saw a tower of scaffolding standing about seven or eight metres high and I started to climb it in order to reach the person whose house it would become when finished. I thought it was extremely odd that this person, a guy, a colleague from my past was involved with such a project as that sort of work was foreign to him, he just wasn’t capable. His wife was with him and it seemed that she had more knowledge of what to do than he had. Just then the scaffolding fell away from the house, though it no longer appeared to be a house but an open-sided factory of some sort. I fell to the ground surrounded by the scaffold and severely injured. Somehow I managed to dig myself out and was furious with my ex-colleague. I somehow pushed the scaffolding back to its original position and upright as I argued with him. I have no idea where the strength to do that had come from! I then found myself carrying out some work before I woke up rather abruptly. Now what I am about to write you may find as strange as I did, I had blood on my night-clothes. It was fresh blood and was easily washed off (I washed the whole garment later) in the hand basin. I checked my body for evidence of any wounds and could not find anything! What can I say?

Shirley Anne

In dreams

I wandered through the streets of dreams,
Of changing scenery,
And I could see in every place
A vision that was me.

It was as if my whole life through
Was there before my eyes,
Yet every part of that long dream
Did take me by surprise.

I wondered if my journey’s end
Would hasten unto me,
For I was being chased around
And wanted to be free.

My legs felt heavy, just like lead
My arms hung by my side,
The monsters now pursuing me
Left me no place to hide.

Yet as I looked into their eyes
I saw a glint of hope,
Until they took a hold of me……….
‘Twas then that I awoke!

Copyright Shirley Anne 9 Feb 04

Joseph Recounting His Dreams
Joseph Recounting His Dreams (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Maybe you had a dream like that, maybe you have lots of them. Our dreams are trying to tell us something. I had a dream like this at some point before I wrote the poem and at a time when I was experiencing much turmoil in my life. I believe there are two types of dream. The first type is those which arise from our daily experiences, when in our subconscious dreams we attempt to make sense of what happens to us when we are awake. We may have troubles in our lives we find difficult to deal with and they end up giving us restless nights, bad dreams. Sometimes our lives are filled with happy times and we continue living them out in our dreams. The second type of dreams I believe are those in which we receive supernatural messages, messages from God. God says in His Word (Scripture, The Holy Bible) that men (mankind) will have visions and dream dreams. There are many instances of this throughout Scripture. It is one of the ways that God communicates with us. Not everyone will experience the second type of dream or if they do they may not recognise its source but everyone has dreams of the first type whether good or bad. In each case I believe dreams should be taken seriously because we can learn from them. Many of my own dreams or parts of them which I remembered are listed in my pages above. Some are old recurring dreams that change a little each time I experience them but I am never quite sure why I dream them over and over though years apart. Unresolved issues? Reminders? Sometimes we cannot know. Most of my dreams are simply strange and I cannot make head nor tail of them but I don’t worry about it. If I feel however that a message is being communicated I would like to think I will respond. How about you?

Shirley Anne

Fresh in my mind

English: A pair of high heeled shoe with 12cm ...
A pair of high heeled shoe with 12cm stiletto heels. Category:Shoes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I cannot remember if I have been dreaming much these past few months for when I awake I cannot recollect any. That might be due to the fact that my sleep has been so deep it has been leaving me fully refreshed in the mornings. That it appears isn’t always the case for I woke up on Sunday morning after a very good night’s sleep and remembering vividly a dream I’d had.
I remember that in this dream I was on a plane heading for New York and travelling alone. On reaching customs I was thankful that they requested, as they normally do, the removal of my shoes for my feet needed a rest from wearing such high heels. However I soon had them on again and on my way into town. Somewhere along the way I decided I needed a coffee so I ended up in what I thought was a cafeteria but it seemed more like a hall you might find in a school or college with a counter at one end. Waves of people were coming and going to the counter. Cup of coffeeIt was my turn to be served and I ordered a latté whilst fumbling for my purse. Having found my purse I realised I had only English bank notes and no dollars. The woman serving me was patient as I explained my predicament. Then I thought I would use a debit card instead and buy something to eat to justify its use. Alas I couldn’t find the card or any card apart from a few business cards I had in the bag. I seemed to be struggling throughout the rest of the dream and getting pushed and jostled by other customers who cared not that I had a problem. In the end I thought the woman might have given me the coffee as a kind gesture seeing I was struggling to find a way to pay her but she didn’t. I cannot remember if I was still in the establishment when I realised where my card was, in fact where all of my cards had been, in the metal enclosure in the rear zipped compartment of my bag safe from pick-pockets and scanning devices. Did I get my drink? I will never know for at that point I woke up.

Have I got shoes like the pair shown? Well, yes, five pairs actually. LOL

Shirley Anne

Attic room

Weird Dreams
Weird Dreams (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I get myself into all sorts of places and situations……… my dreams! A few nights ago I had another of my weird dreams in which many unusual things happen. The first thing I remembered about the dream was being inside an attic room, no ordinary attic room, in fact it didn’t look like one at all. The room had a high ceiling and that made it difficult to see for the lighting was poor too. It seemed like the room was a lounge of some sort though it was dusty and dirty as you might expect up in an old attic. The furnishings, if you could call them by that name were many years old and appeared to date from the 1930 to 1940 era. It seemed they had never been cleaned since either. An old carpet lay on the floor and there appeared to be dark curtains hanging at one end of the room to obscure what lay behind them. There was a small kitchen dining table with chairs and an armchair in front of them. Beyond on the far wall behind was a door. The area in front of the door was well-lit. The door was slightly ajar and I could hear people talking. A man walked into the room which took me by surprise. It turned out he was the owner of a nightclub which for some unknown reason was attached to my house. I asked what he was doing in my attic and he apologised and left but other people had followed him into the attic and were making themselves at home. I ushered them out too. It was then that I noticed someone asleep under a blanket. I couldn’t make out if he was on a bed or a couch or even if he was on the floor but I nudged him several times to wake him up. As I was doing that E had popped her head into the room through the trap door in the floor beneath which was a stairway to the house below. The trap door was very small and it seemed the attic room had not been visited much from anyone in the house in the past for that reason. It explained why people using the nightclub felt they could meander about up there without interference. The person under the blanket was an old homeless man who had somehow found refuge up there but I told him to leave. As he revealed himself I saw that he had long pointed ears of the type you might imagine a goblin to have. His nose was long too and his face was covered in large pimples and bumps. He certainly looked like a goblin out of a fairytale. A mouse scurried from beneath the blanket toward E who to my complete surprise took hold of it and began to stroke it as you would a pet. I doubt she would do that in life. I scared it off and then disposed of it. The attic was now empty and I bolted the door which led to the nightclub so that no-one could use it again. That was the last thing I remembered from the dream as I awoke for the day.

Shirley Anne

Dreams and premonitions

...Nothing but a Dream
…Nothing but a Dream (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have not written much lately about my dream experiences and I have not written about premonitions before today. I probably have had a few dreams since I last wrote about them but as I couldn’t remember any of them I couldn’t write about them. Even now as I recall a dream I had on Thursday night there isn’t much to report about it. The main point and most vivid recollection of that dream follows. In our house we have what is called ’tilt and turn’ double-glazed windows which enable us to partially open them for ventilation by tilting them inwards at the top. If we want to open the windows wide we have to place the window back in the frame and then by turning the handle the window then hinges at the side and can be opened fully inwards. This makes cleaning them far easier whilst at the same time freeing us from the necessity of hiring a window cleaner. The point is that the windows open inwards from the inside. Now in this very brief account of my dream I was standing on the landing at the top of the first flight of stairs from the ground floor (there are cellars below), the landing directly outside the main bathroom. There is a large window there which looks out toward the west and our immediate neighbour’s house. I cannot remember why I was standing there but I was wearing my nightie as if I had just arisen to visit the toilet. I was still in bed of course as this was part of the dream. As I lifted the net curtain (drapes) to look out into the darkness I saw something which frightened me a little but I couldn’t see its form. Although the window was closed with the handle in the locked position the window suddenly opened and slowly I was pushed back into the corner and trapped. I tried to resist but the unseen force was too strong and I stood there feeling helpless. I cried out to E who for some reason had come part-way up the stairs as evidently she had been downstairs and was still dressed. At first she tried to poke the unseen force with her wooden walking stick but as she got closer she reached out her hand and tried to feel what was there. She could feel nothing and her hand reached the glass. I on the other hand had to put some effort into pushing the window closed but I was then free. That is all I remember about the dream.

It Dreams
It Dreams (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Over the last few years I have noticed that sometimes I get a thought in my head about a forthcoming event as if I was being informed before it happened. The events themselves have been nothing significant and probably unworthy of mention, mundane things of little importance but unusual to say the least. If you were to ask me to recall them I probably couldn’t as I wrote nothing down and they have drifted from my memory because of their insignificance. However, on Friday I was walking to the chemist (pharmacy) to collect some medications and a thought popped into my mind that when I arrived there I would receive a phone call. I received that call as I had thought I would. I wrote about it in yesterday’s post. Because it seemed so significant and because it wasn’t the first time I have experienced such things I am going to try to write down any further premonitions if and when I receive them.

Shirley Anne

Of frozen foods and shopping

Frozen foods at the Real Canadian Superstore i...
Frozen foods at the Real Canadian Superstore in Winkler, Manitoba (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ll wager you will be thinking when reading this post that it is all about shopping but although the subject is a part of the post the post is actually about a dream I had in the small hours of Monday morning. For the first time in quite a long time I found myself out shopping with E and we were loading up a shopping trolley with frozen foods of all types but mainly confectionery and bread. As we tried to leave the store we discovered more ‘special offers’ on sale and added these to the trolley. E wanted to stand around and chat but I was impatient and just wanted to get the goods safely in our vehicle and drive home to store it before it began to thaw. Finally we were both outside but it was dark as though it was in the middle of the night. I know some stores are open for twenty-four hours so it wasn’t surprising to find ourselves out shopping at that hour, even so it was unusual. It was a warm night too and therefore all the more important we didn’t hang about. For some reason the car park wasn’t outside the store, it was a car park surrounding an establishment where I once worked! I couldn’t figure out why that was. I couldn’t figure out why our vehicle wasn’t actually ours but that belonging to our eldest son who handed us the keys as we came to load the food in the boot (trunk). Although it was a large vehicle, one you might expect to have a large rear compartment, it didn’t, in fact the opening to the small boot was small too and we found it difficult to get the trays into it. I couldn’t understand why the food was on trays, especially the confectionery but that didn’t matter to E who just squeezed everything in, squashing everything in the process. However, we couldn’t close the lid and I was getting more and more irritated by E’s lack of concern or interest. I am not sure what the outcome was in all of this for at that time I woke up.

Shirley Anne

Really mixed-up

English: The Lanes, Brighton
 The Lanes, Brighton (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My oh my was I tired on Monday evening but I waited as long as i could before going off to bed. If you remember, I had gotten up very early the previous day. I had two jobs on that day and later went for a meal at the pub. I didn’t stay long after the meal as I might have done had there been any of my acquaintances there. I went home and did a spot of relaxing. As the afternoon wore on I was beginning to get tired, the effects of the meal, my work and the lack of sleep the previous day all taking their toll. I almost slept through the whole night but as usual these days I end up needing the toilet and wake up in the middle of the night. Monday night was no exception. I don’t remember if I dreamed during the first half of the night but I know I did in the second half, which I now describe. I was at a seaside resort which was remarkably like Brighton (on the south coast of England for those not living here). Brighton has an area in the town called ‘The Lanes‘, a close community of shops, restaurants, bars and cáfes linked by small streets and passageways, presumably the origin of the name ‘The Lanes’. In my dream I was attending a course of some description though I don’t remember what the course was for. I had to be in attendance at 9 o’clock in the morning or be locked-out and I found myself late and desperately trying to get to the venue on time. However many things in the dream thwarted all my efforts to do that. It was as if obstacles had been placed there deliberately to prevent my being there on time or even at all. I knew the location of the venue but despite my efforts to get there I couldn’t find it. I would enter the street that I knew was right but found that people in my dream kept redirecting me as if they knew I was wrong in my assumptions. I knew I wasn’t wrong but was obliged to follow their directions but when I did follow the instructions I had the same problems in the next location. I ended up rushing here and there trying my best to reach the venue on time and the clock was against me. In the end I got to the venue and was faced with a strict telling off. I woke up and it was still two hours before the time I had set on my alarm. I managed to get to sleep again and woke up fifteen minutes before the alarm but switched it off  before it sounded. I only use the alarm as a back-up for I am usually awake before it goes off. My dreams are seriously mixed-up.

Shirley Anne

Haircuts and things

The Dream of X
The Dream of X (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

No, I am not about to tell you that I have had my hair cut, trimmed, shaped or anything like that except in a dream I had a few nights ago. That wasn’t the only strange thing in my dream. As much of it I can remember follows but there was probably more that I don’t remember. The whole dream involved myself and a friend whom I rarely see these days as she moved out of the area to live on the south coast a couple of years ago. I actually cannot imagine why she figured in my dream but that’s dreams for you. It all started as she and I were driving off somewhere but in separate cars and to some unknown destination, though later it all seemed to make sense. We were in communication throughout the journey though I have no idea how for we didn’t have mobile phones. It seemed we simply spoke and were able to hear one another. At the end of the journey we approached a concrete ramp, the kind you see in multilevel car parks but larger. We drove down the first ramp and at the bottom there was a right-hand turn followed by another ramp that seemed to go nowhere. At the bottom of the ramp was a small concrete wall on its right-hand side on the other side of which were some cars and a guy standing by the wall. In a moment I was standing opposite him but on my side of the wall and I called to my friend who was having difficulty in finding a space. I found myself in my car, though it didn’t seem to be the one I had just driven, it was much smaller, like one of those ‘town vehicles’ that seem so popular. I showed my friend how easy it was to park but she decided against it and drove down the ramp to where the guy was standing but carried onwards across a main road as if purposefully. I followed in my car to her destination. I found her negotiating the purchase of what I thought was a car. Then I found us both standing next to the guy by the wall but I have no idea how we had gotten there. She turned to me and invited me to climb an open step-ladder and she demonstrated how it should be done. I was to climb up and sit down on the next-to-top step and I did so but then the guy told me that I had done it wrong. Finally I was seated and he proceeded to cut my hair though I didn’t feel anything. I knew he was doing it but even so I was surprised that he had. My hair was now short and black but it seemed as though he hadn’t done anything, it seemed that my hair had always been that way. The dream ended there and I awoke.

Dream added to ‘My Dreams’ page above

Shirley Anne

Short dreams

I love Hebrew
I love Hebrew (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Another weird dream. I have some really strange dreams at times some of which seem quite long whilst others somewhat brief. This one seemed brief yet the story behind it seemed long. I was with a group of children and found myself caught up in a war of some sort. I was battling with an unknown adversary and somewhere along the line I discovered an article partly written in Hebrew. I supposed the article was telling me how to overcome the enemy and I read the words out loud until I came across the first word in Hebrew. I attempted its pronunciation seemingly to prove I could and understood what it meant. The little girl standing at my side, who it seemed was my three-year-old grand-daughter and English, piped up that I was saying the word all wrong. She told me how it should be pronounced and even what the word meant. I was amazed at her knowledge. I am not sure what the meaning of the word was telling me or how it was to help me in my situation for at that point I woke up. Now I can understand why it was that my grand-daughter was in the dream for she had visited me only a couple of days before but I cannot explain why she could read and understand the Hebrew language or how it was that I had been surrounded by many children. As for the war? I can offer no explanation of that either.

Shirley Anne

A really horrible dream

The Dream
The Dream (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I woke up around 5 am on Wednesday morning shocked by the dream I had just experienced. The whole experience was abhorrent to me and I was relieved that I had awoken and that it had only been a dream. The content hadn’t been triggered by anything I had seen on television or heard on radio the previous evening or for any time previous to my recollection and neither had I read anything nor seen anything on the Internet to bring about the dream. Never in my life have I experienced anything to do with the subject of the dream either so it came as a shock that I had dreamed it. I immediately thought it might be a message given for some special reason for often messages come this way, through dreams or visions. The part of the dream I remember most vividly was in fact quite short. I remember myself being a younger electrician working in a huge hall of some description and working high up on scaffolding near the ceiling. I was involved in fitting some conduit to supply an air-conditioning unit and found myself struggling whilst trying to hold one end of the air-conditioning unit and fit the conduit at the same time. My colleague, an older electrician was supposed to be helping me but he’d disappeared off somewhere. There was a middle-aged woman with me but I am not sure why she was there, though she may have been an electrician too, however she was acting as someone in charge and seemed qualified to do so. We climbed down the scaffolding to go and look for the man. We found ourselves immediately inside a toilet, as we do in dreams. There appeared to be no-one in there but then a closet door opened and there stood a young boy, probably about 8 or 9 years old tucking his shirt inside his knee-length school uniform shorts. His face was blushing as if we had caught him doing something he shouldn’t and we thought he must have simply been embarrassed of our presence. Just then the man came out of the same closet and made some excuse as to why he was there. It was blatantly obvious that he had been interfering with the boy sexually. He knew that we knew what they had been doing and we told him to his face that we knew he was a paedophile and we were going to report him to the authorities. He said nothing but hung his head in shame. The boy however had thought it was all a joke and was smiling. His innocence had been taken from him and we knew one day he would suffer because of the selfish attitude of his much older predator. Like I said, the dream came out of nowhere and I felt awful to have dreamed it.

Shirley Anne

Not been there for a while


For many an hour I lay there
Alone in my bed at night,
And sleep did it’s best to avoid me
In spite of how hard that I tried.

My thoughts did their best to prevent me
From entering the Land of Nod,
And I lay there a tossing and turning
Like some poor demented old sod!

Then just as I slowly found slumber
As dawn was beginning to break,
My trusty alarm clock went ringing
And reluctantly I was awake.

I went through the day like a zombie
With bags packed and under my eyes,
By nightfall I felt really tired
Well, isn’t that just a surprise?

So I lay on my bed looking upward
To cracks in the ceiling and all,
And began now to contemplate whether
The plaster might break off and fall.

Again I find my mind is active
As I lay here alone on my bed,
I’ve returned to that old merry-go-round
When all that I want is some rest!

Copyright Shirley Anne 8 July 03

I am sure many of you will have experienced nights like that, tossing and turning and finding it difficult to sleep. Thankfully those nights don’t come my way so often. I was of the opinion that I could only sleep if I was tired enough and that nothing could prevent that but I have found it isn’t always the case. Sometimes I have been very tired yet I was still unable to drop off to sleep easily. Sometimes I am sure it was my thoughts that were keeping me awake, the more I tried to reason the less I was able to nod off. We may think we haven’t actually gotten off to sleep but often we have, though probably too late to have been enough, then we wake up still feeling tired. The problem I am faced with lately however is trying to stay awake! This is probably due to my work ethic and the fact that I am older. I like my sleep time and especially so if I am dreaming. I know I have been dreaming a lot lately too but I haven’t been able to remember any of them. When I do remember I add the dream to my ‘Dreams and visions’ page above. The dreams are brief in my recollections of them and I imagine them to have been longer when dreaming them. This is probably not true but it seems that way. No matter how tired I am when I get to sleep I find I am unable to stay asleep for much longer than four hours. I will usually attempt to get back to sleep but it is usually very shallow and by the time five and a half hours have passed I am wanting to get out of bed. Everybody is different of course but I wonder how many have sleep patterns like my own?

Shirley Anne

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All mixed up again

Words That Sing Well
Words That Sing Well (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I found myself wandering about in the halls and corridors of the group of buildings where I used to work. I had the words of a song in my thoughts but I knew my companion wasn’t comfortable with them. She was a girl I know who works in a bar. For the purposes of this story I will call her K. Now K took my hand as we took to the various levels that made up this sprawling establishment and it was as though she was trying to shield me from my youngest sister J who appeared to be someone in authority working on the second floor of the main building. It seemed we had to avoid contact with her at all costs. All I wanted to do was to be able to sing the song without anyone making a fuss but I knew I would be breaking the rules if I sung what I knew to be the correct words. Everyone else it seemed insisted that the words should be shorter. K was desperate that we should keep on moving in case we were caught. Unfortunately on our travels we came across J who began to wield her authority but somehow we managed to escape her onslaught. We found ourselves rapidly descending the stairs of the tallest building in the block and as we went I let go from my nether regions! ‘You stink’, screamed K. ‘No I don’t’, I replied, ‘I can’t help it’. We ran down the stairs and out of the building, partly to escape but also to get some fresh air! I couldn’t understand all the fuss that was being made over the words of a song and for an organisation whose sole existence and purpose was to thwart my attempts sing what I knew was right. I woke up realising it was all a dream!

Shirley Anne