Too popular

"My Two Sweethearts". Harry Houdini ...
“My Two Sweethearts”. Harry Houdini (1874-1926) with his wife Beatrice (1876-1943) and mother Cecilia Steiner Weiss, half-length portrait (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is always nice to be popular, to feel wanted and appreciated I’m sure you’ll agree. It is even nicer to know that people will actually pay you to have you around, ah but only to work for them. I can honestly say that the older I get the more offers of work I get too! Sounds ridiculous and it is but it is also true. My phone has been ringing a lot lately which means I have the opportunity to earn some money if I am inclined. I actually reject many offers but what I accept is just fine thank you very much. Earlier in the week I was doing a balancing act between my home project work and that of my electrical work. It rained on Friday as expected which put paid to working on my project but I was fortunate to have a couple of electrical jobs to do by way of compensation. I would be doing electrical work on Saturday and on Monday too which meant the home project would remain on hold for a few more days. I am keen to carry on with the work however so I will be keeping an eye on the weather outlook and if it is going to be fine I will put off doing any electrical work. Much of my work is received by word of mouth, happy and satisfied customers forwarding my details on to friends and family. The first job on Friday entailed various lighting repairs and the replacement of fittings for an older couple on behalf of their daughter who it seems has had a rather difficult time these past few years with health problems, divorce from a cheating husband, a special needs child and other children to look after as well as trying to hold down a job. Her parents were paying to have the work done as a surprise for her. Well the work took almost the whole morning though I did have to travel to and from the electrical supplier for materials as well. My second job was to be much simpler. A faulty twin power outlet needed replacing. there was just the one drawback, it was sited beneath the kitchen sink and over to the right high up inside the cupboard with the only access through the opening beneath the sink. There was a waste-disposal unit suspended beneath the sink which added to the difficulty in just reaching the outlet. I often think to myself who on earth would install a power outlet or any other electrical device in such an awkward position? I’ll wager even Harry Houdini would have found it difficult to reach let alone replace but replace it had to be, mind you he is remembered best for escaping from awkward situations rather than getting into them. Now I know I can squeeze myself into unusual spaces if the need arises but I had my doubts about this one. I managed the replacement after much groaning and wiggling about and told the gentleman in jest not to let it happen again. I was well-paid for my efforts though so I suppose it was worthwhile. You may remember in a recent post I wrote about the impossible access to an electrical panel beneath the stairs in a cupboard that could not be accessed because the door was too narrow and the space was filled with wine racks and other things which couldn’t be removed through the narrow doorway. The doorway must have been fitted after the space had been filled! It defies logic. Basically it is stupid.

Shirley Anne