Sorry but…..

‘I’m sorry Shirley Anne but it’s just got to go’, I told myself on Thursday morning. It was a very miserable day on Thursday just as it had been a couple of days earlier, wet and windy, very windy. I had gone to bed the evening before feeling rather down and tired and hoped the new day would be an improvement but it wasn’t. I was feeling a little down because I was tired and some of the events in the day had given me some irritation. It had been one of those days as we say. So Thursday promised better things but it didn’t fare that way for me. In the first place I woke up with a horrible bout of Cystitis and all that comes with it. I have an interim solution for Cystitis which helps until I can get some medication if I haven’t any to hand but it only helps soothe the burning sensation and kill the surface bacteria. It was enough to allow me relief until I went shopping later. However, back to the foul weather. No matter what I tried to hold down the tunnel structure over the patio the wind loosened it and I would have to try something else. There was no way I would get the upper hand and I knew it. When the weather is less windy all is fine but the wind destroys and shows no mercy. Did I mention I hate the wind? Well I do. So what’s got to go? The tunnel. As soon as the weather would allow I would be out there removing it and mark it down as a failure. What would take its place? Well I mentioned that I think in yesterday’s post. Two tee-pees or wigwams if you prefer would replace the one tunnel and should hopefully withstand the wind better. Oh the joys of gardening eh? I did no work on Thursday for not only did I have nether regions problems but I was feeling the effects of maybe a cold but definitely the bad weather.¬†

Shirley Anne 


Too windy

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Sun, cloud and rain, weather forecast symbol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was a lovely sunny day on Sunday, a day when its name lived up to it but sadly it was windy too and it took the edge off it. For a time I sat out on the patio but the frequent little bursts of wind made it too uncomfortable. It wasn’t particularly warm though that didn’t matter to me but the wind was cool. Had the wind been warm all would have been fine. It is the middle of May and the temperature for the time of year has returned to what is normal, somewhat different to the previous few days when it was hot and humid. According to the well-known saying we are not supposed to be casting off warmer clothing until May has ended (Never Cast A Clout Until May Is Out). Because it has been warm of late we might be thinking that Summer is here but it isn’t and even the early Summer can still be cool. There are many countries in the world where the weather can be predicted with almost certainty but here in the UK and totally because of our location the weather can be and is so unpredictable at times. I am not talking about the weather forecast but the fact that we cannot always say with some certainty that it will be warm, cold, wet or windy for any length of time. We cannot say that it will remain hot and dry for the next couple of months as it can be said in other parts of the world. People moan about the weather but the weather is something we can never have control over so moaning is pointless but it can be a pain when we expect some sunshine and it rains instead. I feel sorry for those who holiday here for a couple of weeks in Summer and the weather turns out wet and cold and when they return home the weather here changes dramatically for the better. If holidaying in the UK bring an umbrella and some warm clothing even if it is the height of Summer! I suppose we can say that the only guarantee we have regarding the weather is that we have no guarantee! It didn’t spoil my day, I wore suitable clothing.

Shirley Anne