Minkyweasel International (well partly)

Nanjing Foreign Language School
Nanjing Foreign Language School (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yeah I wish but in fact I get so many people from around the world looking in. Welcome to you all and I hope you have found something of interest for you whilst browsing around my humble site. My visitors come from Europe, AsiaOceania or AustralasiaAfrica and North and South America. Individual countries are too numerous to mention. I am grateful to everyone who visits. I would of course like them to make comments if they have the time even if it is only to say hello. Our cultures around the world differ immensely and it would be nice if some of those cultures rubbed off in the comments too. We all see things differently I’m sure so reading someone else’s views can prove to be very interesting. Most of my visitors hail from the UK for some reason or another. I don’t know why that is so because my url isn’t country-specific just as most blog aren’t, so why aren’t more of my visitors from other nations? Possibly it is the language barrier in many cases and although these days it is very easy to translate languages using one of the translating services like Google have, probably not many use them. It stands to reason that anything written in a specific language is going to receive more response from those who speak the same tongue. For instance I don’t speak Japanese or Chinese so I am unlikely to come across blogs written in those languages. Blog sites are linked by the tags that are placed in posts and not by the main content of the post but even so searching sites through tags is just as difficult if they are in a foreign language I suppose. Of course searches can be made through subject matter, that is categories too, but I don’t think it can be done across languages. I can only assume that some of my visitors are all able to speak English even when it isn’t their native tongue. Minkyweasel may be international but not totally so I would assume.

Shirley Anne