Feeling better

After a day or so of suffering with cold symptoms I began to feel much better by late Monday afternoon. Even so I remained at home and indoors though outside it was calm and reasonably warm. I didn’t expect the weather to stay that way, just typical I thought especially as there remained a leak on the garage roof. E’s nephew was supposed to return and check it out on Monday but as seems to be the norm these days he didn’t turn up. I mentioned to E that I supposed he thought it would be a simple case of applying a little more fibreglass infused paint to patch it up. It would take far more than that especially as the chipboard beneath the paint was by then wet. More on that when it gets the repair it shouldn’t have needed had the work been done as I’d asked. Did it really matter in the great scheme of things? Not really I suppose. Our next-door neighbour on our right (depending from which standpoint you take) has had some tradesmen working in his garden removing the existing concrete posts and wood panels to replace them with the same posts and new panels. He has had many problems with this panelling over the years. In the first place the original installers of the ‘fence’ didn’t align the posts correctly. They were either listing or unevenly spaced or both! Whenever there was a high wind the panels would get blown out or be damaged in the wind. As I write this on Monday evening the workmen have completed most of the work and will presumably return in the morning to finish it. So far it is all looking good. The new panels have a latticed portion at the top which will dampen the effects of the wind besides looking much better than the old ones.

Picture taken from inside through a window. The problem we have around here is that the wind is predominantly from the west, the right in the picture, so the fence takes the full brunt of any high winds we have. There are things I want to be doing outdoors too at the time of writing but until I am feeling much better they are shelved. I haven’t been able to go for a walk for a few days either so I am keen for things to get back to normal. We often fail to appreciate our good health until we fall ill don’t we?

Shirley Anne



What a subject

Subject to Change (Switched album)
Subject to Change (Switched album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some things we humans do are never spoken about to others unless they are our doctor, surgeon or nurse in which case we open up and tell them like it is. ‘Too much information’ is often the response if we make the attempt to describe ‘a personal problem’ and yet these ‘personal problems’ happen to us all. A mark of civilization it must be that we hide away our bodily functions and intimate functions when paying visits to ‘the little girls/boys room’. We cannot even say out loud, ‘toilet’ or ‘lavatory’ and use synonyms instead which is rather pointless as everyone knows exactly what you mean. How does the name change alter the way we respond? Strange beings we are. So now then I might wish to relate an unfortunate experience I had on Wednesday morning but how do I go about revealing the details without offending? If I use synonyms you will understand because you will be re-arranging the information in your thoughts to visualise what is revealed. If I tell it like it was you may just think the worst of me. For some it doesn’t matter one hoot. I arose early on Wednesday and was showered, dressed and make-up on before eight-thirty. I thought I might go for a walk before breakfast, just taking a little drink beforehand, though I always take water with me. It was a very wet morning and that didn’t change until mid-afternoon but I was covered up with my new waterproof jacket. I returned home before eleven o’clock and prepared a coffee and a cup of tea, the coffee for E and the tea for me. I just wanted a change for a change! I sat in the rear lounge with E who was doing some craft work on her lap. Suddenly I felt the urge to go visit the lavatory and for more than just a wee. I sat there for ages thinking ‘here I am broken-hearted, paid a penny and only **rted’. Nothing happened except that I began to feel abdominal pain as if constipated but I also felt nauseous and light-headed. I sat down for a minute but had to go upstairs to fetch something. As I got upstairs I dashed into the toilet there and gave it another go. Again nothing so I went to my bedroom to fetch what I had gone up there for but as I walked into the room my legs became like jelly (jello) and I collapsed to the floor. I had fainted. E came upstairs to see if I was alright but by then I had risen and was on my way to the toilet once more feeling very sick indeed. Have you ever felt that no matter which position you try you still remain uncomfortable? Eventually I asked E if she could bring me some honey and a spoon. After taking a spoonful I began to lose the nausea but was still in pain having not passed any solids (okay poo) yet. After what seemed an age it finally happened and everything went back to normal, or so I thought. I needed some sustenance but found I couldn’t eat anything except a spoon-full of jelly or jello. I hadn’t been constipated by the way, it was just the first part…..if you know what I mean! Hopefully I will have described my bad experience without causing offence though I know that even those remotely offended know full-well what I meant.

Shirley Anne

The day after

I was a little tired after my day at work but not overly so. Late in the afternoon E paid a visit to see her mom and to post some mail. She didn’t return for her evening meal so I ate alone. She hadn’t contacted me to let me know what she was doing though she maintained that she’d tried to. She had called the house phone but it hadn’t rung and I knew that because I had it with me. Eventually she contacted me on my mobile phone and explained that her mom had taken ill and was suffering with shortness of breath. E and her brother had called the doctor and an ambulance was called to take her to hospital. I remained anxiously waiting for further news but none came. I had tried contacting E later but couldn’t connect. I went to bed and fell asleep around midnight not knowing when E would return home.

'I've had to book my appointment two weeks in advance, so we'll both sit here until I feel unwell.'
‘I’ve had to book my appointment two weeks in advance, so we’ll both sit here until I feel unwell.’

I had arranged to do electrical work the following day, Tuesday for the old couple whom I’d seen on Monday. When I went downstairs for breakfast I saw that the gates were closed and knew then that E had returned sometime during the night. She had left a message on the table explaining that she had returned home at four in the morning and hoped I wasn’t working that day. This was because we had workmen rebuilding the garden wall and they may have wanted one of us to be there. When they arrived at eight I explained that I would be out for a few hours and that E would be in bed for a few hours and not be able to cater to any needs they might have but they said it wasn’t necessary for her to be available. I drove off to the job and returned at noon having completed the work. E had arisen at ten o’clock she said and was able to make the guys a drink. I asked about her mom and it appears she had been able to return to her home in the early hours of the morning after extensive blood sampling and tests. I was happy to hear that as she is 88 years of age and I have to admit I had feared the worst. It seems she is hardier that I had thought! Still at that ripe old age any illness is a worry.

Shirley Anne

Day three

Boiled eggs
Boiled eggs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is now Tuesday afternoon and things at Hassle Castle are slowly improving. I am beginning to feel human once more though E has had a problem with her back whilst taking a shower. I have asked her not to lock the bathroom door in future so that in the event she needs help whilst I am at home I will be available to render her assistance. We can hang a sign on the door showing the room is occupied to prevent casual entry. I worry about her using the upstairs shower for there is a step to get into it and no handrail to assist. The wet room shower has no such problem and there is even a shower seat that can be used if required. Using the bathroom shower though is a far more enjoyable experience so it is understandable we both prefer using it. Sunday I was a complete wreck, in constant pain and unable to do anything, Monday was a better day but I was still very much in pain. Today, Tuesday as I write, most of the pain has subsided though my headaches persist. My skull is still numb at the rear after my surgery two weeks ago but I am told that will subside slowly over time. It has still been somewhat of a concern to me despite all the reassurances. My current illness brought with it headaches too and at first I wasn’t sure which was the more responsible. I am probably only about 60% or 70% of being fully healthy at the moment and am resting as much as I can. I took no food for 39 hours when the illness struck and was only able to eat some dry toast and boiled eggs yesterday. Today I have had a good bowl of soup and some bread though this morning I couldn’t face any food and had some hot milk laced with honey which seemed to settle my stomach. Hopefully in the next day or two I shall be feeling near to my best, God willing. I am supposed to be in Liverpool early Friday afternoon to have the sutures removed and I fancy I will be asking E to drive me there and back. It is her birthday on Saturday (today as you read this) so I might treat her to a late lunch by way of a celebration. I can’t wait to have the sutures removed because combing my hair has been very difficult since they were put in. It will be nice to be able to run the comb through my hair properly once more. I received a call from a guy called Colin who opened the conversation with a plea for help and could I go there and sort out the problem. Evidently he had chopped through a couple of cables in his hose whilst working there. Well I was taken aback for I couldn’t remember anyone by that name whom I knew though he told me I had worked for him before. Hey, I have difficulty in remembering what happened yesterday never mind things that happened months ago. I have a good long-term memory but that is reckoned in years. Once he allowed me to speak I informed him that unfortunately I wasn’t available due to ill-health and I don’t think he believed me at first. Having realised that I wasn’t well he asked if I knew someone else who could do the work. Well I know plenty of people but they are all easily reachable by phone. He bade me good health and hung up. Even when I am not available it seems I am supposed to be according to some people.

Shirley Anne