Just as all was not going well

Before you read this might I suggest you read my post ‘Just as all was going well’ Dec 10, a few weeks ago. Whilst I was using Mozilla Firefox for the reasons I wrote about then, I had an encryption extension tool called Trusteer Rapport to which I could add sites that I wanted to give that extra protection. However, as I wrote previously, I updated the Firefox browser only to discover that my Norton 360 toolbar then ceased to be compatible and was automatically disabled. After trying to solve the problem I decided it couldn’t be done so I switched back to the Chrome browser I had been using beforehand. I haven’t used Internet Explorer for quite a number of years and though I can still use it I prefer Chrome or Firefox.
As I was connected to one of my bank accounts when using Chrome I discovered that the site had been automatically protected by Chrome’s encryption program (a 128-bit encryption tool) but Trusteer Rapport (also a 128-bit tool) wasn’t on the Chrome address/toolbar and couldn’t be seen to be operating if indeed it was operating. When I clicked on the Rapport shortcut it showed that it was operating but in fact it seemed it wasn’t in use when Chrome was being used. I switched back to Firefox to see if it was on that address/toolbar and it wasn’t, though it had been when I stopped using Firefox. I decided to open the bank account which promotes Trusteer Rapport and hey presto, there was the invitation to download it. Although it was already installed I re-installed it. I found out that this installation was in fact an updated version of the one already installed and as soon as I opened and ran it there was the icon in the address bar where it should be. I also noticed that the Norton 360 toolbar had been re-instated for it seemed the incompatibility issues with it had also been resolved. What a mess but I am happy it all got sorted and now I am able to once again use the browser of choice. All I had to do then was transfer a couple of new links I had acquired whilst using Chrome. Finished, that is until Firefox/Trusteer/Norton decide to upgrade without sorting any possible incompatibilities beforehand.

Shirley Anne.


Just as all was going well

Most used web browser in country or dependency...
Most used web browser in country or dependency as of July 2011, according to Statcounter: Blue: Microsoft Internet Explorer Orange: Mozilla Firefox Green: Google Chrome Red: Opera (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Computers! I remember well the time I never had one but the novelty of owning one was so attractive I succumbed to the idea and bought my first. In those days the realisation that computers could be used in the way they are now was not seen but all that soon changed. I learned how to write programs on my first computers but a couple of years later it became unnecessary unless I was going to be employed in IT (Information Technology) or writing control programs and games. All I needed then was to know how to use the computer. Slowly but surely the computer in one form or another has become part of our lives and in such a way as to be indispensable in many ways. My personal views regarding computers and ‘technology’ have been well recorded and although I’d prefer not to be a part of it all I do find some of it is useful. Writing this for instance and having it broadcast around the world wouldn’t be possible without the computer. To be able to use the computer to connect with the world we need browsers and my introduction  to them was through Internet Explorer. I stayed with ‘IE’ for many years but then discovered  I was having problems with it, compatibility issues and other things.

The usage share of web browsers. Source: Media...
The usage share of web browsers. Source: Median values from summary table. Internet Explorer (38.9%) Firefox (25.5%) Google Chrome (20.2%) Safari (7.7%) Opera (2.9%) Mobile browsers (7.1%) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was introduced to Google Chrome and for a couple of years found no problems with it but then one or two issues developed and I thought I would try yet another browser. This time it was Mozilla Firefox. I soon found that all my issues with browsers had melted away using Firefox and that has been my experience up and until a few days ago. Browsers need to be upgraded from time to time as different problems and issues arise in their use and Firefox is no exception. So it was that I upgraded to their latest version, version 34 but after a few minutes discovered the new version had created a problem on my machine. I use Norton 360 for my computer security and it has proven to be an excellent extension. One of  the things I find useful with it is the Norton tool-bar on which I have access to my vault, a safe place to store my passwords and urls to the sites I use. It isn’t the only vault I use as I use ‘Last Pass’ too. However I tend to use the Norton vault in which to store my banking access details. I might also add here that I have an encryption program installed on my computer which I use when on-line. It scrambles data before it is sent out. The latest version of  Firefox isn’t compatible with the Norton tool-bar and therefore the tool-bar won’t display. In fact it has been disabled when Firefox is used. Confronted with this new issue I decided to revert to Chrome again and now everything is as it was before. No doubt the incompatibility issue between Firefox and the Norton tool-bar will eventually be resolved and I will be able to use Firefox once more with the tool-bar in view. I wonder why these problems are not sorted out before new versions of programs are released. At the moment all is well and I have no issues. I hope it stays that way…………

Shirley Anne

Computer problems

Lynnfield (microprocessor)
Lynnfield (microprocessor) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I get so frustrated at times with my computer. It isn’t the computer itself, no, the computer is a top of the range model with an Intel i7 dual core processor. The problems are all to do with software. Lately I have not been able to preview my posts on my blog. I similarly am not able to click on my logged-in front page but only the sign-in version of it. Fortunately I have full access to the dashboard. This happens whether I am using Google Chrome as my browser or Internet Explorer. Yesterday and today (Thursday) I wanted to view a video or two on YouTube and each time I did my computer froze. I was unable to use the touch pad or a mouse if I was using one as the cursor couldn’t be moved. Everything else works as it should and I have no problems reading or writing emails or browsing the Internet in general. None of these problems are there if I use my tablet computer, in fact I am writing this post using it. Of course the operating system is different as it uses the Android Jellybean program and not Windows. It therefore seems logical to me that there are incompatibility issues that have developed recently or there is a bug in the system. I have security and anti-mal-ware programs running and as far as they are concerned the machine is clean. At the moment I haven’t resolved the problem on the laptop so am having to live with it. Computers can be a pain at times!

Since writing this post all the problems have disappeared but watch this space!

Shirley Anne

Don’t you just love computers?

Image representing Google Chrome as depicted i...
Image via CrunchBase

Well after a few problems with my computer on Wednesday something else cropped up whilst I was browsing my own blog. Those who use WordPress will know about the notification bar at the top of the screen and it was there that I discovered another potential problem. This time it was to do with the browser I have been using which is Internet Explorer 9, the 64-bit version. WordPress was telling me that I had to upgrade my browser else the site may not work in the near future. I didn’t respond immediately but came back to the problem again on Saturday. I downloaded IE 9 again even though there seemed nothing wrong with my version. The message disappeared but re-appeared again later. WordPress say that the preferred browsers for their platform are Firefox and Google Chrome. As I had Google Chrome on my computer anyhow I started arranging things on the computer to try it out. There were some niggling problems such for instance not all of my ‘favourites’ had been imported to the new browser and I had to transfer them manually. Also Zemanta, which I use to furnish my blog with pictures had to be downloaded to the Google browser. Admittedly that last process took a mere three seconds or so but still it was something that needed doing! I am not used to Google Chrome and I had difficulty finding out how to include or exclude toolbars and other operations but after a while I got the hang of it. One problem still exists with using Google Chrome is that when I am on my blog’s dashboard I can no longer see the notification bar that was instrumental in my switching browsers! Now that to me seems a little silly, especially as WordPress insist it is one of the two best browsers to use with their platform. If I switch back to Internet Explorer I can see the notification bar. Maybe the problem lies within my computer settings but I haven’t a clue where that may be. It’s as though the visual screen needs dropping down a touch but I don’t know if that is the problem nor how to fix it, yet anyway. I can get round the problem by switching to a another tab and using that to display the site whilst I am signed in (the notification bar is only there whilst you are logged in) but that is rather tiresome.Oh the joys of working with computers!
I have three browsers on my computer, the third one being Safari, which I downloaded some time ago as it might have been of benefit when using Apple applications and programs as suggested by Apple themselves. It seems different companies have preferences when it comes to browsers. I have used Safari, not extensively, and I found it reasonably good but I have no idea of its true capabilities. I will stick with Google Chrome because it is excellent and fast too! I will keep Internet Explorer in the taskbar at the bottom of the screen for emergency use or for speedy switching of items from one to the other.

Update………….the problem I had with not being able to see the notification bar has resolved itself! I give up! So hopefully that will be an end to my problems……………………………….maybe…LOL

Shirley Anne

I hate my computer

Windows 1.0, the first version, released in 1985
Windows 1.0, the first version, released in 1985 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My computer has a mind of its own. I’m sure I’m not the only one in the world who gets frustrated with her machine. Over the last couple of days I have been wrestling with my computer’s strange behaviour. Windows did an automatic update which took over an hour to complete. If Windows was a better system we wouldn’t need updates so often would we? I do realise there are issues regarding Internet security that need to be addressed and also the occasional improvements to the program but when I look at the update history it is very long indeed! I am currently using Windows 7 Home Premium which, knowing Microsoft will be superceded by a new version of Windows in the not too distant future. I believe Windows 8 is already being trialed in fact. I wonder how much better it will be? I have to admit that over the years there have been many improvements in the Windows programs with each one generally better than it’s predecessor, except for a couple of versions that didn’t seem to make the grade, like Vista for instance. Anyhow, back to my computer. I found that after the last update my computer began having some problems, specifically with my blog site. At first I thought the problem was with Windows because when I placed my site as the home page it wouldn’t work. For a few years now I have been using this blog as my home page, mostly for convenience, although I have many web sites stored in my favourites bar folders which are displayed at the top of the screen and are just as easy to access. With that in mind I place my blog url in there with them but it made no difference when I used it. The problem I realised wasn’t with Windows but with WordPress. I could get the page by writing it in the browser bar but when I tried to sign in I kept getting ‘Internet Explorer cannot display this site’ messages. Eventually I could get to my site’s dashboard but then found I couldn’t navigate elsewhere on the site or if I did I had to do it after many attempts. All other web sites were readily accessible. I verified that the problem wasn’t with my computer at all after I attempted to access it from E’s computer. The problem had to lie with WordPress. As I write this everything is back to normal but I am waiting for something else to go wrong. Computers are great when they work and programs are great if they work! On occasion I get disconnected from the Internet because either my router is playing up or the traffic is too heavy. Generally I don’t have a problem but it is annoying when I get disconnected whilst in the middle of doing something. We have yet to get fibre-optic cables at local level but I know BT is working on it gradually improving the system for everyone. In the meantime we have to suffer the limitations of copper wire. My connection speed is quite high actually but nowhere near as it would be if the system were fully upgraded. I don’t really hate my computer, which is actually very good. It is an Aspire 8943G with an i7 Intel processor and many other great features.

Shirley Anne