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Justice in Colossians (Colossians 1:15–23)

Justice in African cosmology is associated with truth telling, fairness, equity, doing what is right, giving right judgment, being impartial and being straightforward. Biblical justice has these elements too. Upholding what is true and fair is central to the idea of justice.
At the heart of Paul’s letter to the Colossians is this idea: that simple truth should be the basis of life. And so, justice underlies everything.
We treat people unjustly and unfairly when we deny them the rightful place and honor due to them. The heretics treat Jesus Christ unjustly by denying him his rightful position as the Creator, Saviour and Lord of the universe. By denying Jesus’ ability to save completely, the Christians in Colossae undermine his power and Colossians is relevant for our faith today, for it addresses the challenges we are facing with false teachings in the church. Many cults today claim to be Christian, yet they deny the deity of Jesus Christ. Their false claims have the appearance of wisdom, but they end up cutting people off from the source of life and the possibility of living the rich, full and just life God intends.
He gives us a portrait of Christ as God’s Son, the object of the Christian faith, the Redeemer, the image of God, Lord of creation, head of the church, and the reconciler of the universe. In addition, Christ embodies the fullness of the Godhead, and all authority in the universe is under him and subjected to him. God’s treasures of wisdom and knowledge are hidden in him. He is the standard by which all religious teachings are measured, and he conquered the mystic powers of evil by his cross. Paul, therefore, affirms the lordship of Jesus Christ over life and over the cosmic powers.
For Paul, Jesus Christ is simply the truth. The Colossians are dabbling in “hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the elemental spiritual forces of this world rather than on Christ.” To live lives of justice, as they were created to do, they must clear away all competing ideas and focus on Jesus. In him, “all the fullness of the Deity lives in bodily form, and in Christ you have been brought to fullness” (2:8–10).
— James Nkansah-Obrempong Ghana, Kenya (Excerpted from the book introduction to Colossians)
Taken from NIV God’s Justice Bible

Latter-day Saints believe in the resurrected J...

Many people today do not give Jesus Christ the recognition he deserves. They treat him unjustly as they do with some of those around them yet they do not realise his authority, his Lordship and the fact that it is only through him that any of them can be saved. They sneer, they mock the very person who gave them life and he is treated unjustly. The early Christians in Colossae were beginning to treat Christ the same way they treated each other and Paul had to show them their error. Then as now there was great opposition to the truth that Jesus Christ is part of the Godhead, God come down to earth reaching out to His creation in His love. If only the eyes of the blind would be opened and they could see the truth. I myself saw that truth early in 1989 and turned to my Maker. My life changed and for the better. When you see the truth that is Jesus Christ you will wonder why you waited as long as you did. The Salvation Army‘s founder William Booth is credited with saying he wished his ‘officers’ could spend but ten minutes in Hell when thereafter they would be totally committed to evangelism, reaching out to the unsaved with the message of salvation. That is why it is important to give Christ the honour he deserves, the Just and Righteous One who has the power to save you from Hell.

Shirley Anne


Going to war?

On the news here in the UK there are occasional reports on the inquiry about those involved in the process and decision to go to war with Iraq. All those involved including the former Prime Minister Mr Tony Blair will be questioned over the legality of the war itself. We seem to be fond of inquiries here of one sort or another. We are going to war with those who have led this country into a war not many people agreed with in the first place. The war which started in Iraq is ongoing in a way despite it officially ending some years ago. The struggle is now with insurgency. Without going into a debate about the rights and wrongs of this or any other war we are now having to face the consequences of our former actions. We are still at war in many ways, even among ourselves.

Shirley Anne

Free at last

In the summer of 2005 a Liverpool FC football supporter named Michael Shields was in Bulgaria celebrating Liverpool’s win. He was arrested and found guilty of attempted murder of a Bulgarian man. Although he was innocent and after somebody else had confessed to the crime in the presence of many people, he was still placed in gaol for fifteen years. That was commuted to ten years a little later. After serving two and a half years in Bulgaria he was allowed to complete his sentence back in an English gaol. Today he was given a Royal Pardon by the British Government and he is now free. However, a pardon does not mean that his name has been cleared from any wrongdoing but it is a step in the right direction. I wish him and his family the best during these happier days and hope true justice will be served in due course.
It is so sad that this sort of thing can so easily happen, especially in a foreign country where the laws are different. How many more incidences like this are played out unnoticed with the accused remaining in gaol when they are innocent?

Shirley Anne