You’ve all heared this joke in one form or another I am sure but here goes….

Mother polar bear had spent winter in hibernation and had given birth to just the one cub. They had to leave the den so mother bear could find something to eat. It was the cub’s first outing and he tagged along behind mom keeping up as best he could. After the first stop he called out to momma ‘Am I a polar bear like you?’, ‘Yes dear you are’ came the reply.’Oh, okay said the cub’ then off they went again. At the second stop the cub piped up again, ‘Am I really a polar bear?’ His mom replied once more, ‘Yes my pet you are’. This happened several times along their journey when the mother bear turned to the cub and asked ‘Why do you keep asking if you are a polar bear?’ The cub replied, ‘Cos I’m bl**dy freezing!’

Okay it is an old joke but it came to mind this morning (Monday 6 May) as I was out on my early walk. It was as you might say ‘bl**dy’ freezing! Well perhaps a little of an exaggeration but it certainly wasn’t warm. The temperature was hovering around 7 deg C but it was the biting wind which cooled everything down. Fortunately I was wearing enough to stay warm so I was alright. It was the Bank Holiday Monday and I was going to take the day off from working on the project but as my eldest son had lifted the concrete lintel into place on Saturday evening I decided instead to at least bed it in. Part of the lintel lay beneath the stone slab which sits at the top of the stone stairway and the rest lay beneath the stone step leading into the kitchen on top of that slab. I mixed some fine cement rather than mortar for that would be stronger and I set in some bricks to seal the gap between the slab and the top of the lintel. I also cemented in the lintel itself. When the concrete had set I would be able to remove the ‘Acrow’ supports supporting the slab. Once the main part of that work was done I stopped work for the day. It was still only 11 o’clock and I had the rest of the day to myself……………………..Shirley Anne