A comedy of errors or a conspiracy?

Longcase repaired
Image by practicalowl via Flickr

I don’t know if I should call it a comedy of errors or a conspiracy but rather weird things happened last Thursday. I had nothing planned for the day so I decided to get up a little early and go for a run on my treadmill. After that I bathed and then spent most of the morning in my room doing things a girl should do to keep herself looking her best. Eventually I got downstairs at around 11 o’clock and spent a short time on my computer. I received a call to do an electrical job so off I went to do that.  I had to replace a faulty pir floodlight on an outbuilding at the rear of a house. It wasn’t an easy job to reach because of the shrubbery and trees beneath it but I managed. When it came to switch on the new light it wouldn’t work, the lamp was faulty. I had to drive to a local store to buy another one and returned to fit it. This time I thought it must work but it didn’t so I checked the circuit and discovered the fuse had blown. A minute later all was well. A minor irritation. I returned home and in the late afternoon it began to get dark. The light in the porch wasn’t lit and I wondered why. A little background information is required here. Outside the front of my house is a small device located high up the wall. When it becomes dark it puts a supply on to the porch light. The following morning as it becomes light again it switches off that supply. However the supply is not left on throughout the entire night. The device calculates the time between dusk and dawn and switches off for the majority of that time. So it might switch on at 4 o’clock in the afternoon as it does get dark that early this time of the year but it will automatically switch off at around 1 o’clock in the morning and stay off until an hour or so before dawn when it switches back on. As it get lighter the device then switches off. Quite a clever little device and it looks like one of those things you see atop street lights although the control is different for them. Now then, getting back to my porch light which wasn’t working. I was hoping that it was merely the lamp that was faulty and not the device outside so I tried one of the wall switches which can be used to manually switch on the light if necessary and found that the lamp still did not work. Now the light itself hangs high from the ceiling and requires a nine foot ladder to reach it. There is an aluminium ladder on top of my van but that is always kept locked but the van was in the garage and would have to be driven out if I was to get at that ladder. I chose to bring the steel ladder up from the cellar instead. That is a task all by itself! Either way I had to spend much time just getting the ladder out! I changed the lamp and all was well, then I returned the ladder to the cellar. Now I couldn’t remember if I had returned the wall switch to its normally off position because the light was now being supplied from the outside device. There is no way around that problem if I want to keep the manual switches for emergency use. Fast forward now to bedtime. I had to get up quite early on Friday in order to get to a job some distance away by 8.30 so I set the alarm to 06.15 and went to sleep around midnight. Usually I awake long before the alarm goes off but I use it in case one morning I don’t wake up in time. For some reason I got up after a short sleep and thought it was time to rise whilst all the time thinking to myself that I was still a bit tired. I went off to use the toilet along the landing from my room. At the end of the landing are the toilet and stairway down to the hall and as I walked along in the dark I noticed that the light was on downstairs so naturally I thought it must be morning because the device would have switched the light on a couple of hours before dawn, which at the moment is around 8 o’clock. I looked at the grandfather clock at the bottom of the stairs and it appeared to be reading 06.30. I went to the toilet and whilst sitting there, still tired, I thought about the manual switches and whether they were in fact holding the light on. I went downstairs and tried the switch that I had previously used the afternoon before. Low and behold the light switched off which meant that the outside device was switched off too and it wasn’t yet time for it to come back on. I looked again at the grandfather clock in the hall and saw that it was only 02.15! I really was tired and was glad to get back to bed for another four hours! Strange things happen when you are tired and it is so easy for the events of the day to throw you off course sometimes but I think it is all a conspiracy.

Shirley Anne