Time’s up

Time's Runnin' Out (album)
Time’s Runnin’ Out (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It had to come. Failure to act would mean the end of an era. Failure would mean loss of income, loss of a lifetime interest and a loss of mobility. On 21 November this year I will have reached my seventieth year on this planet and the day before I will lose my drivers’ licence for good unless I renew it. Here in the UK all drivers must renew their licences every three years once they reach the ripe old age of seventy. Naturally the application must be submitted long before that date but no sooner than three months before. For me that date came on Monday so I set about renewing my licence online. The process was surprisingly easy though it would have been easier had I known what references were required beforehand. They ask for your drivers number which is on your licence. They also ask for my National Insurance number and Passport number as well as the usual personal information. I was fortunate to know where that information was to be found, the passport and NI numbers that is. A declaration has to be read and ticked as appropriate to declare an ability to continue to drive by indicating a bill of good health and eyesight. Failure to declare any ailments which might affect safe driving is met with a hefty fine or imprisonment or even both. I should receive the replacement licence within two weeks.but in the meantime I have to cut into two pieces my old licence and post them off to the DVLA. That’s it, no fees and no complications. At the very least I shall be able to continue to drive for the next three years or until my time really is up! By that time I shall have been driving for 51 years.

Shirley Anne

PS. I wrote this post a couple of days ago and on Thursday morning I received my new driver’s licence card. Now that is what I call service!