Making the most of it

Mobility scooter

Wednesday February 6 th was another reasonably fine day as far as the weather went. I took the opportunity to take another walk. As the wind had dropped it turned out better than it had been on Monday for the wind on that day had been rather cold. It is still winter of course so any fine days are always welcome. This afternoon I will have to lower the flag because of gale force winds are predicted overnight. Anything over the advised wind speed of 35 miles per hour can damage both the flag and the pole carrying it. I have to do this more than once a year but it isn’t a problem, more an inconvenience. So after I have finished here I will take down the flag and perhaps get into the garden to do some tidying up. Whilst the weather remains calm I must make the most of it. I am looking at the sunshine on the wall opposite the front room window and with each day, when it is sunny obviously, it gets lower down the wall. As the seasons progress it creeps slowly toward the window itself until there is almost no shadow at all. Something to look forward to, warm sunny days when I probably won’t want to do anything but rest. It won’t happen though, I can’t remain inactive too long. Walking is a great activity at any time and even more so when the weather is fine. I asked E if she would like to be able to go for walks again. Although it is something she can no longer do because of her spinal problems she indicated she might like to accompany me using a mobility scooter. I think that is a great idea worth pursuing for her benefit. I am sure she would like that but knowing E it could only happen if the sun was shining and it was warm and dry.

Shirley Anne



Windows 1.0, the first version, released in 1985
Windows 1.0, the first version, released in 1985 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I write about windows it has usually been about the Microsoft platform, either Windows 7 on this machine or Windows 10 on my other machine. As it happens I hardly ever use the Windows 10 machine because I do not like that platform. It is beset with problems not least of all the way it handles files and stores them making it practically impossible to locate them afterward. Another reason I don’t like it is because of the immovable applications that come with it. I want to delete many (nearly all) of them but they won’t allow it. It is the same attitude that the manufacturers and suppliers of mobile phones seem to have too. Some applications can be useful but it is surely up to the user if they want them or not. That is another story. I have no such issues with Windows 7. Anyway enough about those windows, I wanted to write about another. We have been experiencing changeable weather this week which means lots of rain and little sunshine. This has prevented me doing any work in the garden unless I want to get wet. I hadn’t any electrical work to do on Wednesday and was pretty much confined to staying indoors though I did walk to the village in the rain to do some shopping in the morning. In the afternoon the weather suddenly changed to bright sunshine but I knew it wouldn’t last very long. Would the window allow me enough time to do a couple of gardening tasks I thought? One of the two flowerbeds we have redesigned, the first of the two, needed some weeding after only a couple of weeks since it was done. Weeds grow fast I have noticed. It is virtually impossible never to get weeds unless wood chippings cover the exposed soil but it is something I am seriously considering. Before I could do that I noticed that some of the branches on the taller trees in the flowerbed (?) to the side on the approach to one of the garages needed cutting back else E’s car would suffer damage as she used the driveway. That took me about fifteen minutes and I noticed the clouds were beginning to appear on the horizon again. The window of opportunity would soon pass if I didn’t put a move on. I had just finished the weeding when it again became overcast though it didn’t actually rain. I suppose I could have stayed outside longer to look for anything else to do but I didn’t bother. Not long after I had returned inside I received two requests for my electrical services. They would keep me occupied the following morning. I don’t need open windows to do my electrical work unless the weather is unbearably warm of course!

Shirley Anne

A window of opportunity

English: A Window of Opportunity, Birmingham I...
English: A Window of Opportunity, Birmingham If you like 1960’s monster architecture, you’ll love Birmingham!This is the upper part of the House of Fraser building. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was expecting to do some work at home on Wednesday morning but was told that we were going to be visited by our son and his two-year-old daughter around ten o’clock. His wife had been dropped off in the neighbourhood for a meeting she had so rather than make the trip back home our son and his daughter came to stay for an hour or so. It was nice to see them both of course for most of their visits I have to say have been infrequent and short-lived to date. There are good reasons for that of course as our son is the only one with a car and he is often at work as a policeman. We chatted and he explained that his wife’s mum had been taken ill last Friday with a suspected mini heart attack, in fact several of them, and she was rushed to our local hospital. She was later transferred to a specialist unit in a hospital in Liverpool where she received a stent implant in one of her arteries. She is a healthy and fit lady, eats sensibly and exercises but it is believed that her condition is hereditary. My son was concerned that the ‘defective’ gene might have been passed down to his wife and subsequently their daughter. We hope of course it hasn’t and it is not conclusive that it might. Sadly their visit was curtailed when his wife phoned to be picked up from her meeting and they left around midday. It was too early for lunch so I was looking for something to get started on in the bathroom. My first intention was to cut and lay the plywood that had arrived the previous day but when the weather changed for the better I thought about fitting that part of the new drain pipe system we have installed beneath the floor which exits the building and is connected to the main clean water downspout. We had left that short piece of old pipework still connected as it meant leaving a hole in the wall until we could fit the replacement. In order to do that a ladder was required and it had to be dry weather with little or no wind as the work was all at high level. A window of opportunity was needed both for the weather and for the right moment in my work schedule as I have been concentrating on other things. With a little help from E I set about making that change and we had it done in a little over an hour with the brickwork sealed around the pipe with mortar. I will complete the connection to the drain pipes I have already installed when that mortar is set hard and I have decided on where the drain for the wash basin is to be located. That may well be done by the time you read this. The only remaining high level work outside in connection with the bathroom project is that of installing the soil pipe to the new position for the toilet waste but that can be left until most of the other work is done and indeed even after the floor has been laid. That also requires a window of opportunity as far as the weather is concerned. It was too late to do much more in the afternoon once we’d had lunch and as I am working away from home on Thursday it may be a few days before much else gets done. Yet another window of opportunity eh?

Shirley Anne

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