Too tired

English: Sleepy Head Usually the bats sleep in...
Sleepy Head Usually the bats sleep in the roof. This one was so tired, it fell asleep above a kitchen window for the day. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You might think that for someone who is very tired sleep comes easy but unfortunately that isn’t always the case for me. Although I had been very busy on Thursday and was tired when I went to bed getting to sleep eluded me. I tossed and turned throughout the night and felt awful when I got up in the morning. After having something for breakfast I felt so much better though I did remain a little sleepy. I spent some time on the project (see yesterday’ post) and by the afternoon I was ready to go to bed but of course I didn’t, not at that time. Later however when I did go to bed sleep came very easy and I was out for the count in minutes! I had a really good night’s sleep and should have been ready to do some more work but I decided to take a break from it and have the next two days off, Saturday and Sunday. I decided a walk was on the cards so before breakfast, which incidentally I missed altogether, I dressed to go for the walk. It wasn’t that warm on Saturday morning as I left the house but it wasn’t cold either. About half-way through the walk things changed, the clouds rolled away and it became warm in the bright sunshine. By the time I had returned home my coat was beginning to make me feel uncomfortable wearing it. I was ready to eat something so had a slightly early lunch, though it was by then approaching one o’clock. E had been busy at the top of the house and didn’t have lunch until two. I in the meantime went onto the patio to sit in the now warmer sunshine. E joined me not long after but neither of us sat there too long as we began digging out a few sycamore seedlings and weeds. We did return to the patio however to make the most of the fine weather while it lasted. Sunday looked gloomy as plenty of rain had been forecast but during the week ahead we had been promised high temperatures and bright sunshine. When we returned indoors we sat and watched the Grand National horse race, the only horse race we do watch throughout the year.

Shirley Anne


Following yesterday’s post

Monday was a very hot day. very humid at first but less so later in the afternoon. The carpet fitter arrived in the morning and finished before noon as I mentioned in a previous post. I had no electrical work as I had half-expected and probably won’t for another week because I withdrew my advert for some time off. Well the first thing I did whilst the carpet was being laid was to give the gardens a thorough watering knowing that it was going to be very hot. Starting in the front garden and then going into the rear garden later. Whilst watering the rear garden the fitter appeared and asked if the carpet he was about to lay was the one I had purchased. It was, but I wondered why he hadn’t asked that question when he first arrived and I was in the front garden where he had parked his van on the driveway. He told me that it would take him a further twenty minutes to lay it which just about allowed me to finish watering the garden. I packed the hose away and went to the top of the house to see he still had a few minutes of work to finish. Here is one of the pictures I posted two days ago..Top room carpet 2

Although it looks as though it is blue it is in fact grey overall, combining coloured spots of black, white and grey. E had Robbie (robot cleaner) clean the carpet whilst she had lunch. After lunch I decided to go for a walk but just before doing so I called the young builder called Ben who had been employed by E’s nephew to do the work on the roof a couple of months ago. He and a friend (who is now living in Australia) had done all of the brickwork when we had a lot of work being done on the outside of the house back in 2010. They had rebuilt our perimeter walls at the front and other walls within the front and rear gardens at the time. He is a good worker and really just a nice guy to have working for you. Anyhow I couldn’t speak to him directly and had to leave a message instead. I wanted some work doing on the garage brickwork where it has been leaking and alterations to the felt covering too.. I went for my walk and in doing so decided to go in another direction from the one I might usually take. I walked up to the top of the road and then turned left toward the village. I had walked only a short distance in that direction and I saw a pick-up truck parked at the kerb. I seemed to remember having seen the vehicle before and as I approached and to my left there was a guy on his knees and pointing away from my direction. He was doing some work on the paving slabs in the gardens of the apartment block there. I was about to continue past then realized he looked like Ben. I called out his name and he turned around. It was Ben! I couldn’t believe it, what a coincidence or was it fate? Sometimes I think we are led to do certain things rather than that they are chance happenings. He would call around on Tuesday evening to look at the job. I continued on my walk changing half-intended directions a few times. I ‘bumped’ into an acquaintance, a guy I had not seen for some time who strange as it was had been doing the same as myself, going for a walk. I mentioned a couple of days ago that this happens quite often when I go out walking. When out I walked along one of my favourite roads hereabouts, Rotten Row. It is laid with flowerbeds throughout it’s length but sadly these days only on one side of the road, a case of the local authority crying poverty. The diversity of plants are amazing, there is even a banana plant growing in the shelter of a hedge backdrop and surrounded by other plants. No bananas though! I didn’t think they could grow here unless under cover. Banana in Rotten Row

Shirley Anne

Took it’s time

When I awoke on Sunday morning it was still only a little after five o’clock so having done what I needed to I returned to bed for a while. Trouble was I remained awake until I finally got out of bed an hour later. It was going to be the day for changing the bed linen I decided so off came the sheets and duvet and pillow covers and on went the clean linen. As it was around six o’clock it was light outside and had been for a couple of hours but the sky was overcast. I remember seeing the weather forecast the day before which promised warmer and sunnier times. Would it change as the day wore on? I took a shower and returned to my room to dress before getting downstairs just before eight o’clock for breakfast. It was still overcast but the sun was making an attempt to push through the clouds. I ventured outside after I had placed the soiled bedclothes into the washing machine to see how warm it was. Well it wasn’t that warm and the breeze made it seem even cooler. I wanted to go for a walk but decided to wait a while hoping the weather would improve. HorizonsI have often found that if I go out for a walk in the summer early in the day by the time I get back home it is far warmer than when I left. I might therefore have to remove the cardigan or lightweight coat because it has gotten too uncomfortable in the heat! It was after two o’clock and after lunch before I finally went for the walk, needing only a lightweight top, much more pleasant that way. The weather had finally improved as promised, the sky was beginning to lose its clouds and it was getting warmer in the bright sunshine. A slight breeze still blew but it made the afternoon even more pleasant. I hadn’t expected to meet anyone on my travels but as is often the case I did. Now one of my next-door neighbours, a single middle-aged guy, I hardly ever see. My other next-door neighbour, an older lady than myself and her son, I see and speak with quite often. Well who should I see but the guy from next-door out walking with his dog. We were going in opposite directions but he said hello and asked how I was before continuing on his way. A little later I met a young guy I know from visiting the pub and that is where he was going but he did stop to chat with me for a few minutes. It is almost impossible for me to go anywhere local and expect not to bump into somebody I know. By the time I had returned home there were almost no clouds to be seen, just full sunshine. I spent an hour or so out on the patio to take advantage whilst I could.

Shirley Anne

I know I can

sea-wall-14Nothing much was going on. It was Saturday and we were supposed to be getting some rain but it didn’t materialise. I had gotten up very early again but that is to be expected when going to bed early too. I was actually in bed at nine o’clock, I had nothing to stay up for and I was a little tired anyway. I must have dropped off around nine-thirty, the last time I remember looking at the clock. The sun was already up and shining when I got out of bed. I stripped off the bedclothes and remade the bed with fresh linen, popped into the main bathroom for a towel then went downstairs to have a shower in the wet room, my preferred shower but before doing so I put the clothes in the washing machine. Once showered I returned to my bedroom to get dressed for the day and then went downstairs for breakfast. However, as the expected rain didn’t come I decided to again water the garden before breakfast. Apart from taking down the previous day’s washing from the lines in the cellar and hanging the now washed bedclothes nothing much happened until lunchtime except I went out on the patio for an hour with my guitar. E got up late, had a shower then disappeared whilst I was having lunch and I was left in the house alone but I also decided to go out after I had eaten. I went for a walk down to the beach and along the sea front returning along the promenade. I watched a couple of young families testing their abilities, or lack of, on the various pieces of gymnasium equipment dotted along the walkway. The promenade in Southport runs parallel to the sea front but a few hundred metres inland and is shown on the right. prom6 The afternoon was warm and ‘muggy’, that is the humidity was high, though a nice breeze was blowing from the south. My tired legs don’t like walking when it is warm and humid and guess what? Neither do I but I know I can walk much farther when it is cool. I had walked a mere three miles and was glad to get back home. I just felt drained and that is one of the reasons I don’t like warm weather when it is coupled with high humidity. Give me Autumn days anytime. E was back home when I returned and was having a late lunch but she went out again later for a while. I stayed at home.

Shirley Anne

I’ll be glad to get back to it

Saturday Morning
Saturday Morning (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Apart from working for a short time on Saturday morning the long weekend was pretty much a boring affair. The weather on Saturday was appalling, wet and windy for the most part and I don’t remember if I saw that Sun even once! Sunday was a little better, more so toward the end of the day and Monday morning I was awakened to bright blue skies. As I write this on Monday morning I have no plans for the day though I might go for a walk later. However, because it is a national holiday most places will be filled with people, especially in town. I therefore usually avoid town for that reason, preferring a walk along the seafront instead. I have stopped all work at home until further notice except for those jobs that are emergencies or maintenance, like mowing the lawn for instance. I doubt E could mow the lawn nowadays with her health problems. With the way I am getting treated by E lately though I have lost all interest and that really goes against the grain because I like working at home and getting things done. I feel I am not appreciated most of the time. It is such a shame as there are jobs I’d like to be doing in order to improve the interior of the house, refurbishing the central heating, a couple of bedrooms and other things. Everything I do at home is funded by myself, E makes no financial contribution simply because she cannot afford it. At the moment all my expendable income is getting saved except where I want to treat myself now and then, which isn’t often at all! My electrical work keeps me happy and helps fund all my projects. I will be glad to get back to it if and when I get requests. As I look out of my front room window I see the flag blowing in the wind and I am hoping the wind will drop a little so that being outside is more enjoyable, then I might take that walk.

Shirley Anne

All week off?

(Plain) Flour and (lite) milk.
(Plain) Flour and (lite) milk. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I write this on Thursday afternoon I have had no electrical job offers that I am willing to take on-board since last Thursday and no work therefore since last Friday. Swings and roundabouts of course and I may yet get requests before this week is out. One good thing to come out of this, or maybe two good things would be the nice long break and a chance to really rest from my labours and to know what it would be like to be fully retired. I am not interested in the latter as such and I know that whilst I am fit and healthy I shan’t be idle once I do decide to retire from my formal occupation. For someone who doesn’t much care for travel and going places just because they are there or spending my whole later life roaming about like a hedonistic modern-day gypsy, I need to be doing something else instead. As I like working with my hands I know there will always be something for me to do, as long as I am fit and able. Besides I am more or less done with roaming for the sake of it except for taking the occasional break should I feel the need. Thankfully now the weather is slowly improving, the sun has been shining a lot over the past week raising my mood as it does. Funny how sunshine promotes activity, of any kind. More opportunities for outdoor pursuits or work, whichever of those I choose to do will keep me occupied. I have been offered work though but they have either been not cost-effective to do or they have been too far afield or too large for someone of my age. I tire of life sometimes, not the living of it but the things we all are expected to do living in a modern society. Jumping off the merry-go-round, the treadmill or getting out of the rat race would suit me fine but alas I am stuck with it. Once in the system, always in the system. The less of that system’s effect on my life the better as far as I’m concerned. For the time being I am expecting to get through this week work free…………….maybe. So what else did I do on Thursday afternoon? I cleaned the windows at the front of the house from the outside. They can be cleaned from the inside as they open inwards but reaching the fixed windows above, at least downstairs, are best done from the outside. They needed a hose pipe and a squeegee for they were heavily soiled and the higher ones had to be reached from a ladder. The sun was drying them as fast as I could wet them! Soon I was back indoors and baking some more scones having to use baking powder in the mix having discovered we had no self-raising flour but only plain flour. Adding a little baking powder to a self-raising flour mix makes them rise even more. E had been out shopping with her mum and can always tell when I have been baking in her absence, the house is filled with a lovely aroma.

Shirley Anne