Painful evening

Tuesday had started off dull but soon brightened up and I had been able to do more work on the ramp. This morning (6 th March) I removed the temporary plywood covering soon after I had returned from my early morning walk.

It now only needs the final screed to smooth it all out and that will get done when the weather permits as usual. Once that had been done it was breakfast time and I was especially hungry as I hadn’t eaten since lunch time the previous day. I missed out on my evening meal because I had been to see the dentist late in the afternoon. He had to extract a tooth which couldn’t be repaired as it had deteriorated too much. Fortunately it was located at the side of my mouth and doesn’t spoil my smile! Had it been on view I would have had it replaced and that could still be a possibility if I feel it necessary. Anyway I was encouraged not to eat for three hours and to follow the aftercare instructions. It would have been eight o’clock before I could eat anything but I chose not to so that the healing would not be impeded. However by that time the injection had worn off and the pain began to increase. By late evening it was at it’s worse but I didn’t take any drugs to alleviate it. I won’t take drugs unless it is absolutely necessary. It made getting off to sleep harder but after a while I nodded off. When I awoke all the pain had gone. My next routine appointment will be in September. Friday I see the doctor also for a routine appointment.

Shirley Anne


Took a fall

…..but I got up again! I was on the third step from the bottom of the stairs and I lost my foothold, slipped and ended up on the hallway floor having mastered the art of not colliding with the hall clock.

It was three am. I blame my slippers which actually do live up to their name because the soles have worn shiny! It wasn’t that I was sleepy either as I had been up since two. It wasn’t immediate but the pain soon let me know the result. How I ended up only hurting the upper part of my right leg I’ll never know, there was nothing to fall on but the floor! The pain stayed with me all day long and caused me some discomfort when walking. I rested up after breakfast and watched some catch-up tv once more. I hadn’t planned a walk but I did want to carry on with the utility room and managed to lay the plinth on some packing to make it level and then slide the freezer onto it.

That part is finished but I have to fill in the edge at bottom left as the floor dips away just there. Next job was to paint the top of the old freezer which had been looking its age….

It was then time for a bite to eat with E. I couldn’t do much more work afterward as I had no more screws of a suitable length so I drove off to the electrical supplier and purchased cable, power outlets, plastic trunking and two boxes of screws. I still needed timber with which to box-in the overhead pipes and such but that could wait for another day.

What I did manage to do was block in the corner (above and below pics)

However, I had to drive E to her moms house because her mom had a problem with an online order and E couldn’t drive after taking some medication. Her brother brought her back home whilst I returned to finish what I had been doing. I had to return in any case as I was waiting for a delivery of my own to arrive. By bedtime my pain had eased and I was ready for some sleep.

Shirley Anne

A step too far

Ever regretted having done something and paying the price for it later? I was browsing my dashboard here at Minkyweasel World and noticed a couple of readers had browsed and presumably read a post I had written two years ago in late December. You can read it here…( At the time I was referring to the financial cost of Christmas and why people impose upon themselves the burden. Later in the post I talked about the real reason for Christmas. As often I re-read a previous article when someone else has taken an interest in it just to remind me of its content. Having re-read that article it reminded me of something that has happened to me a few times in my life, the penalty one pays after overdoing something. I wouldn’t call myself an alcoholic but have over-indulged many a time in my past. I hasten to add here that I haven’t touched a drop of alcohol in over five, or is it six years? There was a reason for my abstinence this last and final time though. I had never considered giving up the habit, I saw no reason to give it up completely. Whereas before I would ‘go on the wagon’ for a few years for one reason or another this last time was different. I was sitting at home seated quietly on the sofa and half-watching the television as I recall when I heard a loud voice speaking to me as if someone was standing close behind. Two words were spoken, ‘Stop drinking’, and then all went quiet again. I really thought that someone was standing behind me but I was alone in the room. My personal belief is that God was telling me to stop drinking. It wasn’t the first time God had spoken to me, there were two other occasions but they are another story. Many times I suffered from the after effects of drinking alcohol but repeatedly continued again once sober. I wasn’t addicted insomuch as I could take it or leave it, I wasn’t dependent upon it but perhaps had I not ceased I might well now be an alcoholic. Like many things in life there is often a price to be paid for our overindulgence. It is Tuesday 12 as  write this and I can hardly walk a step without feeling pain. In fact I have been finding it difficult to stand up from a seated or lying down position since yesterday morning, my upper leg muscles won’t lift my body. My condition is slowly improving but in the meantime I have to remain patient. The cause of the problem is my overindulging activity on the new Elliptical Trainer followed by a stint on the Treadmill! Put simply my leg muscles were not used to the type of exercise the Trainer gives and although I was cautious in using it I wasn’t cautious enough. Now I have to wait for restoration before I can resume my exercise regime. Naturally I will have to resume slowly else get myself into more mischief! One step too far…..something to be avoided.

Shirley Anne

A small thing but

A landlubbers pain in the neck. Carelessness -...
A landlubbers pain in the neck. Carelessness – NARA – 535331 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Quite often in life it is the small things which can cause the biggest problems. We tend to overlook the small things as insignificant but they can soon become large things which then demand our attention. The phrase ‘A stitch in time saves nine’ springs to mind. A small tear in a garment can lead to it being thrown away if it isn’t mended in time. Life is like that, everything is in decay but some things perish more easily don’t they? For some years now I have suffered with the occasional problem of having a trapped nerve in my neck. I might suddenly feel an ache in my back, arms or legs as I did a few weeks ago and wrote about it in a post. At first I used to simply bear the pain until it subsided and that often was for a couple of days. Then just as suddenly as the pains appeared they disappeared leaving me wondering the cause. One day I discovered that if I held my head in a certain position the pain would disappear and that led me to discover that doing neck exercises solved my pain problems. As I am over seventy years of age I am beginning to think the trapped nerve issue is simply age-related and that is probably true. In my younger days I never suffered this way, not even once. I awoke on Monday morning with a view to drive a few miles to an electrical job but as I dressed and ate breakfast I found I had problems with the muscles in my buttocks and lower back which made moving about very slow and painful. I did remember to do some neck exercises which eased the pain and in fact once I was moving about the pain seemed less of a problem. I am sure many of us could relate to feeling a little stiff when we get out of bed but I have found that as I have gotten older the problem is more frequent. Lying still on a bed for hours is going to promote stiffness so I suppose having a restless night in that respect isn’t such a bad thing after all. Anyway despite my exercising the pain still took some hours to subside. I did go to the job as it didn’t involve any form of strenuous work and I was back home after an hour or so. I spent the remainder of the day doing very little but wanting to move about so that I didn’t seize up completely! A bit like being between a rock and a hard place. Some choice eh?

Shirley Anne

Not possible

A Pain That I'm Used To
A Pain That I’m Used To (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nothing seems to be going the way I would like it lately. My little projects have been held back because of one thing or another. Rain has prevented E and I from working any further on the flowerbed for the time being. I did some more work in the top room on Friday morning, sanding down the worktops, applying a second coat to part of them as well as painting the window frame. I could go no further that day as I became unable to move about freely. I had a severe pain at the very top of my left leg which at first I thought was muscular but it turned out to be caused by a trapped nerve. If I sat down it became very painful attempting to stand erect and once erect walking even the smallest distance was arduous. A walking stick helped but the pain was ceaseless. The following morning showed no change so I decided to rest for as long as possible instead of attempting any work. I could only have worked indoors anyway as it was a day of sporadic rainfall. During the day I discovered that if I held my head back whilst getting up from a seated position the pain eased and made the attempt much easier. I thought to myself, ‘What if I did some neck exercises, would that solve the problem?’ During the last few years I have experienced pains in my arms, legs and in my back which were all due to having a trapped nerve in my neck. I found out by myself that neck exercises eased the pain and cured the problems. Could they help this time too? They did. It seems odd to me that a trapped nerve in the neck could cause so many problems around the rest of my body but it is a fact. I have to say I didn’t recognise the association as quickly as I should have on this occasion and could have felt relief sooner. The rest does me good though otherwise I might wear myself out. So over the weekend nothing got done and on Monday I would be doing some electrical work making progress on my little projects almost impossible unless E gets some free time to help. Actually it is she who does most of the gloss painting anyway but she has been busy with other things. There is no hurry as long as something gets done and the job doesn’t stop completely. I don’t wish to have too many things going on at once and that is why I am holding back from changing radiator valves and doing some minor alterations on the heating pipes. There is still plenty of time for that work to be done before the end of the warmer months.

Shirley Anne

Another one

The lumbar region in regards to the rest of th...
The lumbar region in regards to the rest of the spine. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The weekend just passed was yet another long one. For some reason here in the United Kingdom we had the second Bank Holiday of the month which meant Monday off work as well as Saturday and Sunday. Of course not everyone can take those days off work because of the nature of their work but no doubt those that cannot will have extra days off in lieu sometime later. As I am self-employed I can take whichever days I like but it all depends upon the available work of course. This Saturday I was asked to do two jobs in separate locations and because I would still have two days off thereafter I decided to do them both. At most I would be away from home perhaps three hours and I would still get the afternoon to myself. It was a very sunny on Saturday after about ten o’clock and in the afternoon I was able to spend some time out on the patio with my guitar. One thing had threatened to spoil my plans to do those two small jobs for on Friday afternoon I had been out in the garden pottering about and doing a spot of sweeping when suddenly I found myself with an excruciating pain in my lumbar and sacral regions, mostly the latter, and unable to stand erect after bending down to shovel away some soil. From that point on and throughout the evening up to and including bedtime I was in great pain. At first I wondered what it might be but didn’t realise what it was until the early hours of the morning after spending a very restless night. I had gone to bed before nine o’clock in an effort to relax and ease the pain by lying down but then found it extremely difficult to get up from the bed to visit the toilet. I managed to do so however but was in pain throughout. I don’t think I actually had much sleep but by four o’clock I’d had enough of lying on the bed and got up for the day. That was when I realised I must have had a trapped nerve for when I did some neck exercises the pain eased. I coupled those exercises with others and by seven o’clock I found I was able to move about with very little pain. I have endured a similar problem with a trapped nerve on a couple of occasions in the recent past and found these exercises to be the only way to release the nerve and hence the pain. By the time I was to drive to the first job I felt much better. However, by the time I had returned home at 11.30 I found myself in pain once more. This time the neck exercises didn’t help for the pain seemed entirely muscular but perhaps the two were linked, I am not sure. I made sure I took things easy for the rest of the weekend in the hope that everything would be back to normal by Tuesday. Things haven’t been going too well for me lately in everything except work. At least the weather has improved.

Shirley Anne

What will number three be?

Feel the Pain
Feel the Pain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They say that not only do misfortunes never come singly but rather they often come in threes. I had that unfortunate episode on Saturday and on Sunday morning soon after I arose at seven to visit the toilet with every intention of returning to bed for an hour but I changed my mind and had a shower instead. Soon after my shower I started to feel severe pains in my stomach. I do seem to suffer with my stomach more often than I’d like, if I could say I liked the suffering, which obviously I don’t! The pain was one I am well familiar with, that caused by trapped wind. It is a very unpleasant condition and the pain often lasts unceasingly for hours. No matter what position I take up to ease the pain it changes nothing. I take to sipping warm water if I am able to swallow it and it does help to shift the wind but it takes a long time. This time however my condition became worse as the morning passed. I knew it wasn’t just a matter of trapped wind, though that was partly responsible, it either had to be food poisoning or I’d caught a nasty stomach bug. So I had a two-fold problem and the pain was excruciating all the way through to one o’clock. Sometimes I’d feel nauseous and want to vomit and indeed I did do that twice but there was nothing to expel other than bile. I even spent almost two hours sitting on the throne in the wet room which seemed to help. At one point whilst in there I broke out in a sweat and had to remove all my clothing, even the hair band I was wearing had to be removed too. After fifteen minutes of that I started to feel cold and had to switch on the fan heater in the room.I called out to E who was showing some concern for me but knew there was little she could do. I asked her to fetch my bathrobe from my bedroom so that I could wear that instead of my day clothes. It was almost two o’clock before I emerged having been in there since eleven o’clock. Although the pain had subsided a little and I was feeling much better it still remained with me during the rest of the day. By late afternoon it had progressed to my intestines and I waited patiently for the inevitable outcome, if you’ll forgive the pun. I won’t go into further detail at this point. Needless to say I hadn’t eaten throughout the day for that would have been foolish and would only have aggravated the situation. I only sipped on warm water. So there you have it, a rather bad weekend with two misfortunes and I am wondering if and when there will be a third.

Shirley Anne

It still hurts

English: "Cocaine toothache drops", ...
English: “Cocaine toothache drops”, 1885 advertisement of cocaine for dental pain in children. United States. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A few days ago I bruised the little toe on my right foot and it hurt like mad. It is still hurting as I write this. Physical pain can at times be unbearable and we say there is nothing quite like the pain of toothache but I say not for I know and have experienced all sorts of pain which in their own way are just as painful. I heard about this guy, whether it was on television or on the Internet I’m not sure but he could switch off his senses so that he could even have an operation without the use of an anaesthetic of any description. That seems impossible but in fact is true. I also saw a video which was on the Internet about people in the far east who insert all kinds of strange things through their cheeks, noses, ears and skin and in every conceivable part of the body in the name of a ritual of one kind or another. It hurt just to look at them doing it! One guy had pierced his cheeks and then over time expanded the holes to 100mm or more and had to fit rings in them to stop the skin collapsing. You could see his teeth from the side of his face! I for the life of me cannot figure out why people would do such a thing to their body. We have all no doubt seen those people from Africa who insert wooden plates into their lower lips to enlarge them. To them it is attractive but to us it seems the opposite. Surely it must hurt them in some way? I’ve seen adult males in this country who have inserted large rings into their ear lobes too. I think to myself.’What if they do such things when young and then regret it in later life?’ I see people totally covered in tattoos and those who disfigure their faces so they look ‘devilish’ or cat-like, even going so far as to have false horns implanted in their foreheads and ‘vampire’-like fangs implanted in their mouths to complete the effect. Some even have their teeth filed into shape!

English: Hamlin's Wizard Oil, the greatest fam...
English: Hamlin’s Wizard Oil, the greatest family remedy for rheumatism, neuralgia, toothache, headache, diphtheria, sore throat, lame back, sprains, bruises, corns, cramps, colic, diarrhœa and all pain and inflammation. Sold by all druggists. Advertising for turn-of-the-century miracle cure, chromolithograph by Hughes Lithographers, Chicago. Undated, estimated to be from around 1890. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Imagine trying to find employment after undergoing such disfigurement. They either do not work or have enough money in the bank not to have to! Then there are those women who undergo plastic surgery so often that they become permanently disfigured and those who have breast implant after breast implant to acquire the largest size possible. In my opinion such large breasts make them look ridiculous rather than attractive. Having a slim waist is desireable for many women but one took it to extremes trying to achieve a tiny waist. All she has succeeded in doing is to compress her internal organs so much that they are in danger of failing her. She has to remain in her tiny corset because her own body can no longer support itself! Extreme measures like these must be painful and I wonder why people wish to inflict such pain upon themselves. Stubbing my little toe is more than enough pain for me thank you very much!

Shirley Anne

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Human Feet - female - bruised
Human Feet – female – bruised (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Having worked so hard on Monday I was thankful to get to bed and rest. Being as I am a lady of shall we say, some years, I am prone to night-time visits to sit on the throne at least once during the night. I duly arose around three in the morning and off I went but when I reached the steps at the end of the landing I stumbled and caught the little toe on my right foot on the architrave surrounding the bathroom door which hurt a lot. Once I had finished with sitting down I bathed my foot in very cold water which eased the pain a little. I returned to bed but found I had to sleep with my right foot uncovered to keep it cool for comfort. When I finally arose for the day my little toe felt really painful and I found it difficult to walk without discomfort. Fortunately I had nothing planned to do for the day away from home and I hadn’t planned on working in the garden just for the morning as E and I were going to dine out in the afternoon. I was therefore able to remain seated for most of the morning thus keeping my foot at rest. When it was time to get changed for the afternoon’s outing I found it difficult to walk upstairs to my bedroom but once there I managed to find a pair of shoes that I could walk in without too much pain. I got changed and soon we were off out-of-town to a place we have grown quite fond of. I didn’t have to walk far once E had parked her car and soon was able to sit down at the table. E was kind enough to place the order and tend to our needs allowing me to stay off my feet. After a rather filling meal, for they serve very generous portions there, we drove home but stopped at the shopping precinct by the sea front. She knew I wanted to buy a pair of slippers (soft house slippers) for myself as for quite some time I have been without a pair. Whilst we were there I looked for another pair of flat-heeled shoes for day wear and she browsed the shelves looking for something for herself. I found a really comfortable pair of slippers and flat-heeled shoes but E couldn’t decide on anything for herself. I would have bought whatever she wanted but she passed up on the offer this time. My little toe was still hurting but the pain eased a bit once I put on the slippers. How can such a small part of the body hurt so much I thought? Hopefully as I write this on Tuesday evening the pain will have disappeared by the morning.

Shirley Anne

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Getting on a bit

Cramp Twins logo
Cramp Twins logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With all the work that I do it is hardly surprising that once in a while I feel really tired and out of the game. Naturally as I get older I suppose that will increase or I will find myself doing far less than I do now. I already do less than I once did in any one day but still find things to do to fill my time. I suffer little with my health but every now and then things happen which are disconcerting and leave me feeling a bit concerned. As an example, on Sunday morning I woke up rather abruptly with a severe cramp in the calf muscles of my left leg. The pain was agonising and long-lived, so long it lasted throughout the day to a lesser degree. As one does with cramp I tried to massage the leg but it made little difference and was awkward to do in any case. After what seemed like many minutes, though probably less than thirty seconds, the pain eased off enough to be just about bearable. I was sat on the side of the bed by this time but something else was affecting me which I am sure was unconnected to the cramp, though I may be wrong about that. I was sweating, a sort of cold sweat. I felt somewhat nauseous and thought I was going to faint. My breathing was shallow as if the ailment was causing it, which it probably was and I felt really bad for a couple of minutes. Once the cramp had subsided to a manageable level I was able to lie down and relax again. An hour or so later it felt as though nothing had happened though the pain in the leg remained with me. Over the last couple of years I have noticed an increase in foot cramp occurrences affecting either the toes, usually the big toe, or other parts of the foot such as the instep and the side of the foot. Nobody really knows what causes these cramps so I am led to believe but they may have something to do with the ageing process. Although I wasn’t feeling my best on Sunday I had enough energy to do some walking though only on the treadmill, for two reasons, one, the weather wasn’t particularly pleasant and two, I could monitor myself whilst on the treadmill. I can check pulse rates and know exactly the speed I am travelling. I can also alter the conditions, the speed, the gradient and the duration. Going out for a walk, though better, doesn’t usually permit monitoring and much of it is guesswork. Should I feel that something is wrong whilst exercising I am in the right place at home. By early evening I was feeling as right as rain, back to my old self and ready for the next day. Tiredness, ageing, lack of respite all take their toll I am sure but I’m not ready to just sit on my butt all day long, not yet.

Shirley Anne

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