Five hours

I didn’t remember anything after nine-fifteen in the evening on Thursday. After a much needed shower I was in bed just after nine and fell asleep almost immediately. It was the work I had put in on Thursday which knocked me out. I woke up just before the alarm which was set to four o’clock as I wanted to take my walk before five. Another pleasant walk with little or no wind blowing though I had to keep my hood up for a short time when it rained. It was only light rain which was good. I returned home by six-forty and ate breakfast. I spent an hour or so relaxing after breakfast and didn’t change into my working clothes until almost eight-thirty. I spent a full three and a half hours working on the project. My aims were to instal the wiring for the new lighting circuit and remove the old installation. I wanted to switch the supply over to the new wiring ready for connecting everything up at a later date. I wanted to finish plating the ceiling with the new plasterboard and instal the insulation behind it though I knew there was one area along the back wall which I wouldn’t have time to do. It is the wall facing you in the picture. That is because there isn’t a joist close enough to the wall to fix the small strip of plasterboard to fill in the gap. I needed time to come up with a solution though I am thinking of pushing those cables up and boxing them in which would solve the problem. I had to drill holes in the plasterboard ready for the new lights to be inserted later. I also had to rig up a temporary light in the room once the existing circuit had been disconnected and removed. I found a length of flexible cable which was around ten metres in length and also an old fluorescent fitting measuring around a metre in length and would use them for the temporary light. I would plug it into one of the power outlets on the Patio and would leave it there until it became in the way of doing other things. I got the majority of all that work done after three and a half hours at which time I had a snack for lunch. An hour later I spent a further hour and a half completing my set tasks. Five hours in total. The concrete lintel is still waiting to be lifted into place and until it is done I cannot finish the brickwork above it nor install the wooden lintel behind it together with the brickwork on the inside. Only when they are installed will I be able to remove the Acrow supports. Perhaps my son would be able to find the time on Saturday to help lift that lintel. I was sure hoping so.

Shirley Anne