Christmas Eve

The post has nothing to do with Christmas apart from the date. I was determined to go for an early morning walk on Christmas Eve so arose at two. The week ahead looked very promising as far as the weather was concerned, dry though cold. I decided to walk along the Promenade (it is so named) for a change but long before I reached it I could hear the thump, thump, thump of rock music from one of the night clubs. Why on earth do they have to have it so loud that I can hear it a half-mile away? It must be a nightmare living close-by and it happens almost every night. Thankfully by the time I was on the Promenade the music had faded to a more respectable level though it was still loud enough to hear far away from the club. Soon I was up-wind of it and all was again quiet. It had been foggy during the night and there was still a trace of it as I walked along. I was surprised at the number of vehicles passing by as at that time there are usually few. Soon I was back home in the relative warmth, I say relative as the heating isn’t on at five o’clock! The house is generally warm especially in the room we use to eat in which is just as well as I ate breakfast in there. It was time to do a spot more work in the cellar hallway, finishing off filling holes and gaps with plaster. After two and a half hours I had it done and returned upstairs to sit with E whilst she ate her breakfast. I took a two-hour break then went back to work for just an hour. This time I did a little painting but not a lot. I was mainly giving some of the bare plaster its first coat though I did cover part of the ceiling too.

In the above picture I painted the area above the doors and the ceiling to the right of the light. In the lower picture I had been filling in the holes and gaps on the wall and ceiling as well as elsewhere in the hallway.

The room on the left is the small store room which is just about completed, only requiring a very small amount of painting work which would get done when I next used the floor paint.

Shirley Anne


Surprise, surprise!

Having ordered my new tablet and expecting its arrival in a week’s time (24 – 31 Dec) it arrived today on the 22 nd. Haven’t used it as I write for it is charging the battery. It feels a lot lighter in weight than the old machine and slimmer too. I wonder how they cram everything into such a small frame. Computers in general have taken great strides in development since the days of the Vic 20, Commodore 64 and others and many times more powerful and versatile. Since becoming mobile they have not lost anything being no longer tethered to the power supply. It shouldn’t take me long to get to know my new tablet.

It was Saturday and I wanted to get on with the work in the cellar again. I was plastering in the various holes in the walls and ceiling prior to getting out the paintbrush but it was taking such a long time to do. I spent a couple of hours down there and made a lot of progress though there was still more to do and I planned on continuing with it until it was finished but I was taken ill. I thought I had contracted the ‘vomiting bug’ though I didn’t vomit anything. The symptoms were similar, severe stomach pains, dizziness, feeling light-headed, nauseous and suffering hot and cold sweats but it turned out I had trapped wind! I was in agony but thankfully everything went back to normal after a short time. Not pleasant at all. I decided to leave finishing off the plastering for the day and took the weekend off. I would probably do it on Monday instead.

Shirley Anne

Loving it

Saturday 15 th December. I had a really good night’s sleep on Friday having gone to bed feeling tired and under the weather. Whilst I was working I didn’t feel bad, I never do, it’s when I stop then it hits me! I was grateful that I had slept through eleven hours though that had been interrupted a couple of times for visits to the you know where! Gosh I don’t usually take more than five hours so I must have needed it. I felt great anyway and was ready to do some more work down in the cellar. Throughout these past twelve months I have spent a lot of time down in the cellar as you may know from my posts. Well the task for Saturday was to box-in (becoming a habit) more wiring, no pipes this time, in fact there will be no more boxing in of pipes down there as all those that needed boxing-in have now been done. Many electric cables were clipped to the surface on walls and timbers over the years and some of those really needed doing something with. Above the bottom step in the cellar hallway are clipped many cables so that was my first port of call….

The light-coloured timber is now what covers those cables. I had to use spacers behind the board and the ones at the top were very difficult to get in but I managed it with perseverance. Another thinner board was fitted to the underside too. In the background you can see the utility room. The architrave at the top of the door was missing. Several cables had been clipped in the place where it should have been. They ran to the right in the picture beneath the ceiling coving which was broken and in a mess. I decided to loosen off some of the cables and fit timber along the wall and then cover the whole area with a thin sheet of board (shown in white in the pictures). I replaced the top architrave over the door and plastered the wall above it which covered some of the exposed cables. The area to the left of the door at ceiling height needs re-plastering to finish that part of the room. 


The space above the doors to the gym and the main store room (to the right but out of sight in these pictures) also requires attention. Plenty of work for me to get stuck into!

Shirley Anne