Sunday was

Sunday had been a totally different day and although the weather forecast promised rain it stayed dry during the day. It was much cooler too with an overcast sky. Not really a great day but I wasn’t going anywhere, I remained indoors throughout, didn’t even go into the garden. My day of rest meant just that but I wasn’t idle, I did some baking. I had gotten up around eight in order to get some exercise on the treadmill and cross-trainer before breakfast. I was just finishing breakfast when E appeared. It was approaching ten o’clock. I had to return upstairs to get out of my sportswear and get dressed for the day. After a spot of reading and checking emails I became bored so I decided to do a little baking, this time a very simple bake-rock cakes. They are so easy to make a child could do it…..Ingredients:
1/2 lb self-raising flour
1/4 lb butter
3 oz caster sugar
4 oz mixed dried fruit (I used sultanas and currants)
1 standard egg
1 or 2 tablespoons milk.
Rub butter into flour with fingers in a bowl until it forms a crumble
Add fruit and sugar and mix
Beat egg and milk then add to form a stiff mixture but not sticky.
Take portions of mixture and either roll into a ball or simply stack on a well buttered baking tray leaving plenty of space between each portion to allow for expansion.
Place in the centre of a pre-heated oven at 400 deg F (204 deg C) or slightly less if fan assisted for fifteen to twenty minutes. When done transfer to a cooling rack before storing unless they are to be eaten immediately.

I like them because they are so easy to make and very tasty.

It was almost time for lunch when I had finished but I didn’t eat until two o’clock. I had been browsing my personal writings which I keep in ring binders and books and one of them I post here….

O the glory of His presence
Fills me each and every day
And I get up every morning
With the urgent need to pray
For my Saviour has reminded me
That by my side He’ll stay
My Saviour rests with me.

As I go about my daily tasks
He whispers in my ears
And I often have to stop and think
For well I know He cares
He’ll be guiding me and moulding me
Throughout the coming years
So faithful is my Lord

O so often I do think on Him
For His sweet and saving grace
His persistence and undying love
The warmth of His embrace
So I’ll honour Him as best I can
‘Till we meet face to face
My great Redeemer King

Copyright Shirley Anne (1989-1998)

In those days I never recorded the date I wrote my songs and poems I only know which era. I wrote something each and every day so there are literally hundreds of them. Some are posted in my blog pages. So that pretty much summed-up my Sunday. Monday would again see me active on my project.

Shirley Anne


No, it isn’t me!

I’m a woman and it’s plain to see
That I love the person next to me
I’m afraid to let my feelings show
But if I don’t I know that he will go.
Yet he hasn’t said he loves me
And he never speaks a word
To him we’re just the best of friends
And that is why it hurts.
Why is my life this way?
The same old thing most every day
I feel so insecure but I’ve been this way before
I’m a woman and it’s plain to see.

Copyright Shirley Anne 1 Aug 2011


Sunday and the sun ain’t shinin’
Dull and raining is the day
Woke up from my night’s adventures
Got down on my knees to pray.

Lots to do yet feelin’ lazy
Too much work’s not good for me
Time to chill and play some music
Let all things just simply be.

Later in the day I’m thinkin’
Should have done a job or two
Maybe I will start tomorrow
Yeah, I’m sure that’s what I’ll do.

Copyright Shirley Anne 12 June 2011

2003 in my life

Many of my poems have not made it to the above pages……….but these ones are there now………..maybe more will follow soon………….

Like uh sledge hammer smatterin’
All the time she’s chatterin’
Make mah heart beat, miss a turn
Mah eyes fixed in glazin’ stare ‘pon her curves
‘N all the time ‘am there, fixin’ stare
‘N mah whole flesh burn.

Copyright Shirley Anne 20 Nov 03

Empty promises, all things said and nothing done,
Selfishness or just forgetfulness?
But still you’re shunned.
It seems that everywhere you go people are still the same
They don’t want you to take part in their life game.
So what do you do?
Keep on trying, because it is the only way for you,
Until that day the time has gone
And you are finished with life’s run.

Copyright Shirley Anne 15 May 2003

From happiness to misery
From laughter unto pain,
From loving arms on sunny days
To left out in the rain.
Those times have gone
For oh so long
They’re just a memory,
A future in your warm embrace
Was never meant to be.

Copyright Shirley Anne 11 Nov 03

How could my love desert me?
Well I will tell you now,
His hands were tied but in his mind
His love for me stayed true.
And all those things he promised
Will work out by and by,
I simply must be patient
And not break down and cry.

Copyright Shirley Anne 1 Sep 03

My weakness is my love for you
You made me happy
And it’s true, that on that night
When we did meet
You took my heart and
Swept me off my feet.
What can replace my love for you?
There’s no-one else,
I’m feeling blue, because you left me
For another,
Now I’m so lonely for I’m here
Without my lover.

Copyright Shirley Anne 1 Oct 03

Nothing much to do
Just want to let go
And come to you.
Just drifting along
Waiting for the time
I’ll have a song
In my heart.
Just thinking of you
You’re on my mind
And I love you so.

Copyright Shirley Anne 9 April 03

The pain still lingers on
And more so since you’ve gone,
You’re always on my mind
Forever you are mine
I love you so my love.

Why can I not let go?
Of this I’ll never know
You are my life to me
And ever you will be
My one and only love.

Copyright Shirley Anne 17 Sept 03