A nothing day

Do you ever get nothing days in your life? Days in which nothing out of the ordinary happens or nothing gets done happen all of the time but hopefully not every day for everyone! My Wednesday was such a day for me. It was the 13 th day of March but it could have been a nothing day on any day both before and after. The weather hereabouts had been really miserable with very high winds blowing and the occasional showering of rain didn’t help matters much. There were things I wanted to be getting on with outside but they were never going to happen until the weather improved. One was finishing the work on the ramp behind the garage and to start work on constructing and installing a new door and frame for the same garage. The latter project was to widen the access into and out of the garage especially for the new mower.

The picture was taken a couple of years ago but shows the rear door of the garage which I intend to replace. I could have started the work on the door had there been materials on hand but there wasn’t. I would have to order them along with other materials but because the weather was so bad I shelved the idea for a few days. Earlier I had partly drained down the heating system in order to remove a leaking valve and on filling it up again discovered the bathroom towel rail heater refused to heat up. That was caused by trapped air in the system which I attempted to remove but at first couldn’t. It happens every time I drain the system for one reason or another. Over a couple of days I eventually did manage to get the air out but still the towel rail wasn’t getting hot enough. I decided to leave it alone for one more day to see if it would eventually work and it did just as it usually did. I went for a walk early in the morning even though the wind was still very strong (around 55 to 60 mph) and tried to stay sheltered from it as best I could. The wind finally eased off later in the evening and hopefully Thursday would be a better day where I might get something done if I felt inclined. It would probably be to order timber for making a start on the door and frame. The concrete laying for the ramp alterations would still have to wait for an improvement in the weather.

Shirley Anne


Getting it underway

Excuses messin cover
Excuses messin cover (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Procrastination is the thief of time as the well-known saying goes. I am not immune to having periods of laziness, or rather lack of motivation. Sometimes I sit and ponder instead of ‘rolling up my sleeves’ (if I had any) and getting on with the job. Finally I come to my senses and get stuck in. The strange thing is I enjoy my little projects as much as I enjoy my professional work and I do not waver when it comes to that work. Currently I am involved in getting a doorway bricked up but as I write this on Thursday I have yet to get the tools out. Usually I prefer to mix mortar in the afternoon, just in case any electrical work comes in but sometimes I will simply take the whole day off if I want my home projects done. I have the choice but not always the inclination. I’ve talked about procrastination before and nothing changes, I still get times when motivation eludes me. I could make excuses by saying I work hard enough and deserve the rest and sometimes that would be true enough but mostly it isn’t. There is nothing worse than looking back and knowing that the things you wanted to get done didn’t get done when you had all the time in the world to do them! There are no real excuses in those cases. Some projects seem daunting and the thought of all the work that might be involvedĀ  can put us off starting it. One step at a time is the key and little by little you reach that point where everything comes to place and you wonder what all the fuss was about. It is better to do things slowly for several reasons, you make fewer mistakes, you can manage your time in a better way and you don’t fall into the trap of overdoing things to the detriment of your health. Having something to do, whatever it might be, is a good thing, especially if it is constructive. I like to be constructive, I have always enjoyed being involved with building projects and watching each stage as it is completed. There is a real sense of achievement when constructing things using your own hands and skills. By the time you read this no doubt my current project will either be well underway or completed but first I must make the effort.

Shirley Anne

Me gerrup an go gorrup an went!

Learning to Speak Scouse at The Hog's Head Pub...
Learning to Speak Scouse at The Hog’s Head Pub, Liverpool, England (Photo credit: nikoretro)

Caroline prompted that title! You’ve got to (gorra) appreciate Scouse (Liverpudlian speak) to understand but it isn’t that difficult. Another way (the correct way) to say it is, ‘My get-up-and-go got up and went’ and this is the theme of my post.

Dear reader do you find that sometimes you just cannot be bothered doing anything? It isn’t as though you are tired or incapable, it isn’t that you somehow you have lost interest, though that may be the real truth of it, no, it is more that you lack that spark, that motivation and you simply won’t budge! I get feelings like that quite often I have to admit. I know something needs doing and I procrastinate, even though I know it is stupid to think that way for in the end whatever it is that I know needs doing will inevitably have to be tackled at some point. In some cases putting things off might make matters worse, a stitch in time and all that. I have blamed my lack of enthusiasm on many things but the real culprit is laziness, I just cannot bring myself to do what I know I should be doing and end up trying to make up for lost time when I eventually take the bull by the horns and get on with it! I am currently working on a project at home which takes up many of my ‘spare’ hours. It isn’t that I dislike the prospect for the opposite is true, I really do enjoy seeing the results of my labour and I know it will all be worth the effort. In this world if you want something you have to make the effort. After a brief enforced respite from the work due to muscular problems and a trapped nerve I felt very reluctant to resume and had to discipline myself to get motivated, telling myself that my get-up-and-go hadn’t in fact got-up-and-went! We can all sit around doing nothing when we know things need doing but whenever I feel this way it doesn’t last long – I get bored doing nothing!

Shirley Anne

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