I have always maintained that preparation is key for any project or eventuality. I don’t like starting any work, any project or task without having all the necessary materials to hand though if I know something I’ve ordered will be with me soon I will proceed as long as it doesn’t delay me too long. Presently I am waiting for materials before I will make any inroads to the project they are for. It might be that those materials will have to be sourced elsewhere if nothing happens soon. Anyway, thinking ahead I have purchased the materials I will need to protect some of the garden plants against the weather in the colder months. At the time of writing (21 st) two of the three main components have arrived and the third should be with me in the next day or so. Even now I am considering an alternative method for the project but haven’t decided which would be for the best. So obtaining materials for any project is a must before beginning the work and it gives me the incentive to start the work when I have the materials to hand. I can have no excuses for procrastination if I have made the preparations and there is little to prevent proceeding now can I? Well maybe but not always, especially if the work is outdoors and the weather prevents it. In the garden I have other things besides the lawn project but they have to wait until the end of autumn as it involves some heavy pruning though not pollarding of the damson (plums) trees we have in the Mound. There are too many of them and those we will keep need cutting back.

 The picture doesn’t show the height of the trees but they are at least twice the height you can see. Gathering the plums is impossible unless we stand beneath them as they fall! It isn’t about the fruit though, it is more the appearance and management of the trees. The fruit is nice all the same. We may even take a couple of them out to allow the other plants to spread a little. The only preparation for this work is being available to do it. I don’t think there is a problem there do you?

Shirley Anne


A warm Winter’s day

English: Trees and Bushes
 Trees and Bushes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Although it was bright and sunny on Saturday it was still quite cold. Sunday was the opposite. It was sunny in the morning but later became overcast, nevertheless it was far warmer than the previous day had been. I had been waiting for an opportunity to do some more work in the gardens so I decided to get out there after breakfast. Even so it was after eleven before I went into the rear garden to prune back the remaining four gooseberry bushes. E had pruned some of them together with the seven or eight bushes we have between the patio and the garage, the ones I took the time to reposition some weeks ago. I had planted some Laurel bushes next to the patio wall behind them early last year and they needed moving. I had to wait until the Autumn before I could move them. Anyway events overtook us and the last remaining bushes didn’t get pruned until I decided to do it on Sunday. I spent some time clearing away more leaves and dead branches and twigs which seem forever to drop off our neighbour’s tree on the other side of the wall. That tree is rather large and whenever it gets windy some of the branches and twigs break off and fall into our garden. As I write this there are at least three very large branches which have snapped off but are caught in the canopy. It will take some time for them to rot away and finally drop to the ground. A couple of seasons ago we had some of the overhanging branches cut off after informing our neighbours of our intentions of course. They seem disinterested in maintaining their garden for most of it has become overgrown and overrun with brambles and ivy. They also have Japanese Knot-weed  growing profusely in places. After doing what was necessary in the rear garden both E and I went into the front garden and did some heavy pruning out there too. In the next few weeks I would like to get out in the front garden and dig out some unwelcome ivy which threatens to choke everything else. There is also a Fuchsia which could do with moving if possible. When I get the opportunity I will make the most of it. With gardens there is always something to do.

Shirley Anne