No excuses

When you think of it there is really no need for excuses, no real need to make them yet we often still do. Why is that? Well the answer is other people, we sometimes feel the need to excuse our decisions, our failures, our reasons for unfulfilled promises and many other things for fear of offending them. Sometimes we fail because of unforeseen problems getting in the way, sometimes we simply just forget. Instead of making excuses it would be better if we confessed our shortcomings but we don’t always expect a positive response. It is a matter of pride and what we feel others will think of us because we let them down in someway.

Sometimes we make excuses to ourselves too! How ridiculous is that? We really don’t have to apologise to ourselves for anything we do that wasn’t planned or what we said we’d do. Are we not entitled to change our minds without feeling guilty?

I went for a walk at almost eleven o’clock on Friday morning. I had slept in a little late due to my not being able to get to sleep before two o’clock. It meant no breakfast or no walk. I chose the walk. I did eat a little chocolate before stepping outside. It was quite a windy day on Friday and getting more so as the day progressed. It was dull and overcast but midway through the walk the sun broke through and made everything better. I strolled along the beach on my way back and the tide was in for a change. There was less than a metre of sand between the water and the sea wall and it was still rising. Further along I stopped and chatted with an old guy collecting the washed-up coal that is often found there. In a post last year I talked about the reasons for the coal being there, an exposed seam or two further out to sea is little by little breaking up beneath the waves. It has been doing that for many years. As I got nearer home I walked past my local pub and the landlord and his wife had pulled up in their car just as I reached the pub. He popped into the rear of the pub but his wife remained seated. As I approached she asked how I was and why I hadn’t been seen for months. Well I made no excuses and told her I often ‘disappear’ for weeks or even months on end, which is perfectly true, I do. As I no longer drink alcohol the pub holds little attraction and I have other things to do anyway. You’ve only to read my posts over the last six months or more to see that. I should make the effort though and pay the pub a visit and probably will do soon. I won’t make any excuses if I don’t.

Shirley Anne


Day of two halves

I was determined to get some quality sleep on Friday night so after a day with half-closed eyes or at least feeling that way, I went to bed early and was fast asleep at around nine-thirty. I still woke up a couple of times but my sleep was good and I woke up on Saturday morning very much refreshed. I ate breakfast around nine o’clock and waited until ten before donning my overalls and boots to go into the front garden and get stuck into the bluebell removal in the right-hand flowerbed. When I had redesigned the beds last year I hadn’t been thorough enough in eliminating the bluebells in this particular bed and now I was paying the price. Earlier in January I had actually dug out around a dozen plants but now they were back in number and I had to spend a couple of hours on my knees again digging them out. I guess I removed over a hundred of them. It was whilst I was doing that when my mobile phone rang. Why does it always seem that I get calls when I am doing something in the garden? It was an elderly gentleman asking if I could repair a loose lighting switch. I explained that I was digging out bluebells but that I would call back a little later to arrange to visit him. After another hour I had finished in the garden and gave him a call. I drove to his house which was only a mile and a half away and soon had the switch secured. After receiving payment I drove into and through the town centre and on toward my local pub for a meal. Here is a picture of the side entrance, the one most folk use, taken when they were having some outside work done…fishHere are the links to view much more about the pub and  .The place was full except for a space at the end of the bar, so I sat there. I only wanted a snack, a sandwich so sitting at the bar wasn’t a problem. When the ‘snack’ arrived it came with all the trimmings including chips (French fries) and a salad! I only really wanted a sandwich. Still it was enjoyable. No sooner had I finished eating when tables became vacant as many left the premises. Typical! I was greeted by many folk who hadn’t seen me for quite a while and asking why I hadn’t been to the pub for some time. I didn’t have an excuse except that I hadn’t wished to. I have been  correcting that of course having been there several times recently, I shouldn’t neglect going to the only place near to home where I am truly welcomed and missed when not there.

Shirley Anne

Too many days

Days Like These (song)
Days Like These (song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Perhaps it is just the seasonal variations but my workload has dropped off somewhat over the last few weeks. I do get some work which is enough to cover my costs with a little over but there are too many days devoid of anything electrical I can do. I am pretty certain that will change though if the past is anything to go by. I had such an empty day on Wednesday but I had already decided I would have my lunch in the pub providing I wasn’t working and I was half-hoping I wouldn’t get any. My wish came true so just before noon I set off to walk to the pub. It was a very windy day and much cooler than of late and it was cloudy and overcast too. The clouds did break up later in the afternoon and the sun came out but it was still cool and windy. As it happened I was their first customer but only because no-one else was seated outside waiting. I try not to eat lunch so early in the day but this day I’d had an early breakfast so it didn’t matter. I was about half-way through my main course (I treated myself to a dessert later) when suddenly the pub filled with customers, most of whom had pre-booked a table in the main dining area. I noticed a group of ladies come in and one of them looked suspiciously like E’s half-sister. I tried to get a closer look without being obvious about it but it was difficult to identify her even though she was a mere two metres away from my table as they walked through. I was certain it was her but I wasn’t going to let her know that I was there if she hadn’t noticed. Maybe she had noticed and didn’t wish to let on. They moved into the main dining area and were seated on the other side of the ‘open’ wall which separated us. The top half of the wall doesn’t really exist but it consists of shelving on which there are several pieces of maritime articles, a ship’s bell, sea gulls, sailing boats and a large wooden steering wheel. My ex ‘sister-in-law’ sat down immediately behind the wall with her back to me and I could only just see the top of her head. Once she began to speak with her friends I knew it was her as I recognised her voice. I still didn’t impose myself on them, it is something I would never do even if I know the person. Anyway I finished my meal and went to the bar to pay my tab and had a little chat with my favourite landlady before leaving for home. She told me that she hadn’t yet viewed the DVD I had loaned her two weeks ago and apologised. I told her to keep it until she had the time to view it and then she said she was going on a short holiday soon to Ibiza to which I responded, ‘To the under thirties club?’ She interrupted by saying, ‘No the over fifties one!’ I guess she is a party girl irrespective of her age. I could spend every day in that pub having lunch but I guess I would soon get bored with that idea. I would much rather be out doing something and visiting the pub occasionally instead. Pretty much what I usually do. Oh and at six o’clock in the evening I received a call from a lady wanting her new cooker connecting. As she couldn’t be available during the days for a while because of the nature of her work I offered to go there immediately and connect it. She paid me more than I’d asked simply because I responded straight away. It’s just the way it goes sometimes.

Shirley Anne

Same ol’ faces

This photo of Fishermens Rest is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Yet another day free from work though I did get offers on Wednesday evening, I just didn’t want what was on offer. It is a nice feeling to be able to turn down work and simply pick and choose what, if anything, I will do. So it was Thursday, a day for E doing the weekly shopping and a day when I might be working or not. I had eaten breakfast before nine o’clock so around two o’clock I would be feeling hungry but I had intentions of dining out at the pub and I usually time it that I am there at noon or two-thirty. That is so I can easily get seated for in between those times it is busy and usually full. I waited until two for I wasn’t hungry at noon. It was a warm and lovely day once more but the sky was clouded over and it was a little humid, just right in every way for me with only a slight breeze blowing. A few people were outside the pub and some of whom I knew. Inside in the main dining area most of the tables were still occupied but in the bar area most of the tables were free. I prefer sitting in the bar area anyway so it suited me fine. Over the past few months when dining there I have chosen something from the ‘specials’ board more often than not. I usually choose one of the fish dishes and this time I chose spiced salmon with new potatoes and a mixed salad followed by a sweet Lemon Roulade with ice cream. On Tuesday I had Cod wrapped in Parma Ham with a mixed salad and potatoes. These dishes are a little more expensive than those on the menu but they are delicious. Usually there are five ‘specials’ of one sort or another on any one day. The main menu itself is quite comprehensive so will cater for most tastes. Whenever I go to the pub I am met with the many familiar faces of the regular customers. Some I see every time I go there and I guess they must spend much of their lives there! A few years ago we had an old wheelchair-bound guy regularly visiting in the evenings and he sadly died. He is remembered by a plaque with his name inscribed affixed to the front of the bar where he liked to sit in his wheelchair. Later, his wife, also wheelchair-bound, started to frequent the place and she sits in the same place if she can. On Thursday I noticed another commemorative plaque with someone’s name on it placed at the opposite end of the bar where someone liked to stand. He evidently died two years ago and was a regular customer. Now I had to ask who it was that had died for I would have remembered him, though not necessarily his name. I am hopeless at remembering names. A nickname had been inscribed on the plaque rather than his real name. Even though the bar staff described him I had difficulty in trying to picture what he looked like. If I see a photograph with his picture on it i most certainly will remember. I have not frequented the pub in the evening for what will be three years this November 16. That was when I stopped drinking alcohol. I could go there in the evening of course but for someone who doesn’t drink alcohol the same attraction that once drew me there no longer exists. Yes, I could go there just to socialise, perhaps on a Thursday evening when they hold their Quiz Night or Saturday when they sometimes have live music. I just can’t be bothered I guess.

Shirley Anne