Deeper sleep

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I had been very tired going to bed on Thursday evening and excepting for a couple of toilet visits slept pretty much right through the night. After a recent restless night it was good to be able to sleep through but it was so deep I didn’t wake until almost ten o’clock! As I was getting dressed someone called me asking for a quote to have some rewiring done in their home. I explained that I no longer did such work as I am semi-retired and have a self-imposed limit on what I will accept. I carried on with dressing and arrived downstairs at ten-thirty. I hadn’t dressed for work as I had no intentions of doing any work for the day, in fact I had missed breakfast and had decided to dine out at the pub instead. It had been a couple of weeks since I last washed the van and it was looking very dirty. However, I didn’t want to start the day washing my van especially in my better clothes so I had it in mind to drive to the local car wash and have it done there. I don’t often use the car wash as I usually do it myself but at only £6 for a hand wash it wasn’t expensive. I drove the half-mile there and waited in the queue. I didn’t have to wait long and soon was driving out the exit in a super cleaned and spruced-up van. It was sparkling, just like new! I drove off to the pub but it was still only eleven-thirty so I parked-up and sat reading my magazine. I was so engrossed I didn’t notice the parking lot filling up with diners as the doors had opened at noon. I went inside, sat down at a table and waited for the bar to empty. I placed my order and took my drinks to the table and waited for my meal. Despite the large queue that had formed at the bar ahead of me my meal arrived shortly after. Maybe as a local and regular customer I had been given a little preference? Would be nice to think so. The pub has become so popular it get customers from afar visiting which makes it more difficult for the locals sometimes. I decided against a prolonged stay on this occasion as I planned another visit over the weekend and would probably spend a few hours there.

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For a change

I had made up my mind to dine out on Friday afternoon and hoped that if any work came in it would be during the morning. I had no work come in and although I could have spent the morning in the garden I chose not to because it was bitterly cold in the easterly wind that was blowing. I spent the morning therefore doing nothing at all. I had finished breakfast at nine-thirty so wasn’t in a hurry for lunch at my usual time. In any case I would be visiting my local pub and knew it would be difficult to get a table unless I went there before noon. I went therefore at two o’clock and even then there were no tables vacant. It was another half-hour before I sat to eat though it was almost three o’clock when the meal arrived. Just right. I had asked for a tab so didn’t need to pay until I left the pub. Some folk pay in advance but I chose to keep my tab open until I had not only finished dining but also until I departed for home. It meant that any drinks I might have for the remainder of my stay would simply be added to the bill. As it happened I stayed there for over three hours.

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At first I had no-one to talk with but that soon changed as the afternoon wore on. One good thing about pub life is that you seldom have to remain isolated if you want company. On my last visit though I did end up alone even after two hours being there but that is unusual. After my meal I sat at the bar in the company of three guys and watched as they slowly became ‘tipsy’. The sad part was knowing that two of them would be driving when they left. The one who departed whilst I was there had drunk three pints of lager during my stay at the bar and probably had more before I joined them. He was driving home. The other, a taxi driver, also had three drinks whilst I was there and remained drinking as I was leaving for home. I wasn’t sure that he was driving though but I have seen him on previous occasions driving after drinking. I know of a few people who go to the pub, drink alcohol and then drive home. One day something nasty could happen but they seem to get away with it. When I used to drink alcohol I walked to the pub as it isn’t far from my home. Laws are made for breaking according to some people.

Shirley Anne

My heart wasn’t in it

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The Douglas Squirrel (Tamiasciurus douglasii) is an example of wildlife. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Another way of saying I just couldn’t be bothered! As many of my readers will know, I sometimes go through these phases of not being interested or not being bothered about things. Saturday was one such day though I have to be honest and say it happens a lot more often these days than it used to. It was such a lovely day on Saturday, brilliant sunshine and blue skies, the kind of day that beckons you to be outside. I had deliberately stayed in bed longer than I normally do, I just didn’t want to get up. I wasn’t that tired but there was nothing really desperate to get up for. However, as I sleep with my curtains left open I could see the clear blue sky and a few fluffy clouds and I just had to get up. Before I could do anything I noticed some movement in the garden and was stopped in my tracks. There were two wood pigeons waddling along the path totally oblivious to the squirrel following them. They continued along unaffected whilst the squirrel hopped here and there searching amongst the shrubbery and plants. Eventually the squirrel disappeared and I got on with what I had to do. By the time I had finished getting dressed and applying my make-up my phone rang. It was someone asking if I could do some work for them on Monday. I wrote down the details and went downstairs ready to go out. I skipped breakfast as by this time it was eleven o’clock. I locked up the house and I walked to the train station. I had just missed the train but another came along fifteen minutes later and I climbed aboard. I was on my way to Liverpool for a spell. I had almost forgotten that it was Saturday.

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Where Did Your Heart Go? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The train carriage was packed with people, most of them going into the city themselves. I don’t usually travel to Liverpool on the weekend because the trains are often full whereas during the week they aren’t at these off-peak times. I spent only an hour there but got so bored I decided to return for home, maybe stopping off or taking a detour to the pub for an hour or so. By the time I reached my station I found I couldn’t be bothered with a pub visit so I walked home instead. The journey home on the train was a little irritating as a guy sitting behind me was chatting continuously on his phone for the whole forty minute duration never stopping for a minute. Why can’t people just sit quietly once in a while? A woman about my age or slightly younger came on board with her two grandchildren (I learned later when chatting with her), one, a boy about eight years old and the other a girl whom I was told was five. The boy was very well-behaved, even letting his little sister sit on his knee. I could tell he was fond of her. She however was a proper little madam and a little cheeky too. I was teasing her during my conversation with her grandmother. They were being taken to Southport for a few hours whilst the sun was shining. I left the train and walked home to an empty house. E had gone out to her monthly meeting with her group. They meet on the third Saturday of each month. She had gone out prior to me leaving the house, in fact prior to my coming downstairs earlier. Evidently she had been visiting her mom but she must have returned home for her lunch whilst I was out before then driving off to her meeting. I had thought about walking to the pub after I’d had something to eat but I found my heart wasn’t in it.

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Day by day

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Overcast weather at the Humble Administrator’s Garden, Suzhou, China (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well the weather has become unsettled again with rain some days and sunshine on others. We have had therefore to get out to do the work in the garden whenever the opportunity arose. This has been difficult for me for on some days I am working away from home for a few hours. I don’t work on a Sunday and on Tuesday I didn’t wish to work in the garden as the weather had become showery. We simply went out for a meal in the afternoon instead. We had Friday, Saturday, Monday and as I write this on Tuesday evening perhaps Wednesday with good weather for working in the garden. We have to take each day as it comes. We’ve still not received a quote for the brickwork we want doing on the garden toilet project but at the moment we don’t really mind as we can concentrate on the garden. When we dined out on Tuesday E decided we would try out a pub we had passed by a couple of weeks ago which looked inviting. We arrived after 2 o’clock and found the place almost completely deserted with only two young women and their small children inside. I placed our order at the bar and when we were served E recognised  the woman who waited upon us. She was an older woman who later told us she was 71 years old. She used to manage one of the old pubs in Southport and that is where E had known her from. She told us that she didn’t want to retire from working completely and that was why she was working in the pub. After our meal we chatted further and then we left. I doubt very much that we will be returning to that pub for a while at least. We are keen to get on with the garden work but there is much to do. Hopefully we can find the time if the weather doesn’t remain changeable but we’ll have to wait and see. Well the weather was glorious on Wednesday after all so E and I spent all day digging and excavating some of the huge slabs of stone together with many house bricks that were obviously part of a wall once. It appears that whoever built the mound wasn’t too fussy what they threw in there. We now have a considerable stack of old bricks as well as natural stones and slabs with more to dig out. We have that much material we could almost open our own reclamation yard! Many of the slabs now remain in the area because eventually they will come to rest there and as we have moved much soil and debris they are not in the way. What we will do is slowly set them in place as we move along shifting the mound. The work is very demanding and really soaks our energy but we don’t mind that. It is going to take weeks to get the area in shape.

Shirley Anne

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Time out at the pub


It has been quite a while since I visited my local pub but on Thursday afternoon I decided to take the short walk there and spend an hour or two over a couple of drinks. As I don’t drink alcohol these days I chose to drink alcohol-free lager rather than diet cola or another soft drink. Hardened drinkers who go there think I am crazy but I’ve always liked the alcohol-free substitute. It would be very tempting to revert to my old ways and drink wine, whisky and beer but I am not tempted to do that any more. E had gone out shopping on her weekly trip with her mum and I had left off working outside because of the weather. It had been raining on and off all morning, nothing heavy but more that extra-fine rain or drizzle that seems to penetrate clothing so easily. So I decided to take a break and catch up with what has been going on in people’s lives. Unfortunately there were not many people at the pub and those I knew were deep in conversation so I sat alone for quite some time. Those I saw there were drinking alcohol, glass after glass of wine or beer. All of them were driving too! Two were taxi drivers! They seem to get away with it, which to me is totally wrong. I dread to think what could happen on their journey home. Later others arrived but by that time I wanted to return home. I did end up chatting with one acquaintance but only for a few minutes then I walked back home. On the way I met someone else I know who had just taken her dog out for a walk and was returning home herself. We chatted for a minute or two the went our separate ways. She’d remarked that she hadn’t seen me in the pub for some time to which I replied that was due to my not going there! She laughed and I added that the reason was down to the fact that I simply couldn’t be bothered. That just about sums it up, I just cannot be bothered at times. It isn’t that I don’t like going to the pub but I simply don’t feel the urge as others might do and I suppose people might say that is because I no longer drink alcoholic drinks. That however cannot be true for I often felt the same way when I did drink alcoholic drinks. I am far more likely to visit the pub on a whim rather than doing so as a matter of routine and I prefer it that way. I am probably more a creature who does things on a whim than setting my life in concrete, besides, I have been mixing that stuff almost every day for the past two weeks!

Shirley Anne

I went out

A thatched pub, the Williams Arms at Wrafton, ...
A thatched pub, the Williams Arms at Wrafton, near Braunton, North Devon, England. Taken by Adrian Pingstone in July 2004 and released to the public domain. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

These last two years I haven’t been out as often as before, to the pub that is. Today, Wednesday I decided to break the habit and I went along to the pub, my local pub, to enjoy a drink or two and hopefully meet some friends and acquaintances there. It was such a pleasant day so after doing a couple of small jobs in the morning, returning home and eating my lunch, I changed my clothes and took a walk in the warm sunshine, ending up at the pub. It wasn’t long before I was engaged in conversation with people there, most of them new to me. Later I met with a couple of friends and chatted with them too. I didn’t wish to stay the whole evening as I’d drunk enough and as they say, enough is enough! I am trying my best to be a good girl by placing a limit on my drinking habits when out and about. Apart from the obvious health issues it is good for my purse too! I do enjoy good company and I will speak with anyone who has the time to respond to my contact with them. I have said it before but reiterate, people seem to like me! When I returned home E was already eating her evening meal (she doesn’t like the idea of pub life as much as I) so I had to prepare something for myself. We had an uncooked chicken in the fridge which needed to be cooked that day so I popped it in the oven and resigned myself to waiting the hour and a quarter for it to cook. I spent the time online catching up on emails and blog visits and by 8.30 I was able to sit down with my chicken and vegetables. I don’t know when I shall visit the pub again but I know that whenever I do I will be assured of a good time with great company. Life is what we make of it and I try my best to make it worth living.

Shirley Anne