Talking rubbish

Polski: Wysypisko odpadów w Łubnej

Notwithstanding any reservations my readers may have regarding any of my posts I am talking about real rubbish in this one. I cannot remember when it was I first saw a wheelie bin or the time when they were delivered to our door when the recycling craze took off. It was the wisest thing we as human beings have done in recent times. So much waste was being disposed off into land-fill sites when it should have been recycled or not produced in the first place. Many materials dumped on waste heaps will take years to decompose or even not decompose at all with detrimental results for Nature. Some materials were even chemically hazardous and a potential hazard to us all if ever they found their way into the food chain. Great strides have been taken in eliminating what gets dumped into the ground but even so there are still those who will blatantly ignore the safety issues and ‘fly tip’ their waste. For the majority of us recycling has become much easier and as long as we place our waste in the correct bins for disposal or recycling all should run smoothly. However even doing this seems to be a problem for some. They either ignore the fact that materials have to be separated or they are unsure as which bin they should go in.

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Green wheelie bin collection day, (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Our local authority has made it a little easier now to decide into which bin we place things as we now have only three choices, green waste for leaves, weeds, small plants and cuttings, recyclable waste for metal cans, glass, cardboard, paper and plastics and finally non-recyclable waste which will undergo a filtration before it is finally dumped in a land-fill site. All these things are sorted into the three bins supplied to us but are then sorted further at the authority’s waste collection site. When we dispose of items at home some are easy to identify and we know into which bin they should go but some are not. This is a fault in the manufacturing and packaging by suppliers. We buy butter which is wrapped with a paper and metal combination which cannot be separated one from the other unless the paper component is burned off. Why produce such a wrapping in the first place? Why not use a plastic which can be recycled or a plant by-product such as cellophane which will decompose naturally? We try our best to recycle but come on manufactures we need your help too!

Shirley Anne


All stop

I was totally out of the game on Saturday, wanting to do something but not having the inclination I remained seated most of the day. That is very unusual for me because I get so bored doing that. My guitar was given more attention than it usually gets and I find playing about on it very enjoyable but I can’t spend all day playing a So the day in one respect was a little wasted but then again it gave me the chance to relax. I have been so busy lately so a little rest from things does no harm. I would be getting a double dose of that as I do very little on Sundays too. I had work scheduled for Monday and the prospect of the delivery of the lamp-post I had purchased gave me something to do when it arrived. I could have spent dome time in the garden on Saturday but my heart just wasn’t in it. The lawn could have done with a cut and perhaps should have been because the green waste wheelie bins were due to be emptied on Monday. As I write this late on Saturday afternoon I may find myself cutting it tomorrow but if I don’t and decide to do it later the cuttings can be put in the compost bin instead. We have two green waste bins and during the warmer months they get emptied fortnightly. We discovered that only having one became a problem due to the amount of natural waste we collect from our gardens. It is the same for our other recyclable waste bins for paper, plastic and metal cans, we need two of them. This is because of the huge amount we seem to collect over the two-week period between collections. The land-fill or non-recyclable waste we now produce therefore has dropped dramatically as a result and that one bin though scheduled to be emptied every two weeks too we only put out once every month and even then it is seldom half-full. Funny how things work out for as I am writing this I am now finding the urge to get out and do something…

I Just Can't Stop It (album)
I Just Can’t Stop It (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

……………but I am not going to……..I am taking the rest that people are always telling me I should!

Shirley Anne

Something for nothing

Scrap Metal
Scrap Metal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As with any other household we at home also produce waste and have things that have no further use to us or have been replaced with something else. Our normal waste products are either sorted and sent to a landfill site or are sorted and recycled by our local authority but some larger items may require special arrangements for collection if we cannot dispose of them ourselves at the local waste and recycling centre. In the past I have obtain a permit allowing my van access to such a centre which permitted me to dispose of large domestic waste materials and furniture. Industrial waste is strictly controlled so for any commercial-type vehicle a permit is required. In order to continue to use the facility I am expected to renew the permit annually. However it has been quite some time since I needed to dispose of anything other than our usual domestic waste which is collected by the local council. During the last year or so I have been undertaking a few domestic projects resulting in the accumulation of some recyclable metal waste. One large and one small central heating radiators, lead soil waste piping, a long length of cast-iron soil waste pipe 150 mm in diameter, metal conduit and cable, aluminium pots and pans, steel baskets out of an old chest freezer and several other items such as a vehicle tow bar and a central heating circulation pump are some of the things I needed rid of. Usually items such as these I could take to the local waste centre myself though for the larger items I would need to empty out my van first and of course renew that permit. I would much prefer to call a local scrap metal dealer and have it all removed free of charge, the dealer selling it on for their own profit. Now as it happened I was out for a stroll on Sunday when I saw a scrap metal dealer driving his pick-up truck on the back of which were several scrap items, a fridge, a washing machine and other metal items and it prompted me to think about having my own waste collected. Later during my walk I saw the same vehicle again and it was being driven into the car park of a local supermarket. I decided to walk through the park to see if I could chat with the driver and caught up with him before he went into the store. I explained to him that I had some scrap metal which I needed to dispose of and that he was very welcome to take it. He asked for directions and told me he would call about an hour later. I was less than thirty minutes away from home so it gave me a chance to collect the items and put them all in the one place for easy collection. He didn’t turn up even though we waited for him the remainder of the afternoon. The is no accounting for such people. There I was offering him quite a lot of waste material for his own benefit yet he apparently was not interested after all. I will call someone listed in the advertisement section of my local newspaper and let them have the scrap metal instead.

Shirley Anne