Time of year

On Saturday/Sunday here in the UK we reverted back to GMT by turning the clocks back an hour. It means we gain an hour’s extra light, such as it is, in the mornings and lose an hour at night. Nothing of course is lost, the whole process is simply a management exercise. In a few week’s time it will make little difference as the mornings and evenings will get darker anyway. Years ago it was suggested we operate this light-saving exercise twice in the year but it was decided against. I cannot see the point in the system to be truthful. If daylight is so important to certain businesses, such as farming perhaps then why not start work earlier and finish earlier too? That suggestion would stir up many a heated debate I’m sure. So it is that time of year, mid-Autumn, when lifestyle patterns begin to change as we once more have to cope with colder weather and miserable wet days. We should all be used to that by now anyway. I was out in the garden adding the final bucketful of collected stones into the west wall flowerbed and decided to hand-pick the fallen sycamore seeds from the lawn. At a rough guess I figure there were about two to three hundred I managed to remove but no doubt I will have missed a few. I like sycamore trees but not their seeds! Some will have fallen on the soil in the flowerbeds but not all will take root and grow. Those that do are easily spotted in Springtime and can be plucked out. The gardens, especially the rear garden looks a little barren in places where the trees have lost their leaves but there are so many evergreen trees and shrubs, most of which I have planted, which keep it looking alive. The lawn is at this moment lush but is still full of moss in many areas. I had treated the lawn a few weeks ago which killed off the weeds and clover and to some extent the moss too but more needs to be done in that respect. The lawn itself could do with one final cut if it is possible but wet days and heavy dew make that difficult. Perhaps we will get a dry spell to allow it to happen. The weather has been remarkably warm of late which only encourages the grass to continue growing so we need drier and colder days for a time. Some plants thrive in the Autumn and we have a few of those in the garden producing flowers and keeping it looking bright. Once upon a time there was nothing much to look at in the rear garden when looking out of the windows, now I could spend hours admiring the view, even if it is Autumn or any time of the year.

Shirley Anne


Summer revisited

Having gone to bed rather late on Wednesday (27) evening meant I didn’t arise too early on Thursday. I had remained up until E returned from her visit to the hospital to see her mom who had been taken ill late in the afternoon. It turned out that her mom had to stay in hospital overnight for further tests and according to E was feeling a little better before E left for home. It was approaching midnight by the time she returned. She too slept in late and didn’t come down for breakfast until after ten-thirty, I had finished mine an hour earlier. I wanted to go for a walk but waited until she was up and about before doing so. The weather forecast was good, dry, warm  and sunny for the whole day. That is how it turned out, in fact I was feeling a little too warm in my coat and thought I might have been better not wearing it until I got to the sea front where it felt a bit cooler. Had I gone out earlier it would have been much cooler. Once the sun was up it was just like another Summer’s day even though it was now Autumn and almost October. By the time I had returned home two hours later I really needed to remove my coat I was so hot! The gates on the drive to the garage in which E  parks her car were open. She had gone out, in fact I learned she had gone to the hospital as I had expected and would follow on and do the weekly shopping later if  all went to plan. I ate lunch then spent a couple of hours on the patio in the heat of the Autumn sun. Tomorrow’s forecast was for plenty of rain. The lawn was getting covered with fallen leaves again after we had swept it the afternoon before………now I knew it was Autumn.

PS. To E’s relief her mom was back home by evening after being discharged from the hospital.

Shirley Anne

The long and short of it

Sunlight and Shadow
Sunlight and Shadow (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So there I was gazing out of the kitchen window again looking at a bright blue sky backdrop with sunshine lighting part of the rear garden. The whole sky was blue, no clouds anywhere on this first day of the year. Not all of the garden was in sunshine though because the sun was low in the sky. The house casts its shadow over a wide area as it does at this time in the year. I watched for a while as the long shadow of the garage slowly progressed along the side wall of the garden. The sunlit part of the wall above it  gradually grew larger until finally the rear wall was in sunlight until it reached the shadow of the house. A blackbird perched there for quite some time in the warming rays. That window of sunlight moved toward the right at the same time the sun began to set until all was in the shade once more. Since September I had been watching the progress of Sun as it approached December and the Winter Solstice and the shadows it cast growing longer day by day. After the Solstice those shadows are now beginning to shorten in length and every day more and more of the garden is getting the sunshine upon it. It will be June before the shadows are at their shortest and the whole garden will be in sunlight at some stage in the day. Sunday was a beautiful day though a little chilly too as we entered a period of wind direction from the north for a few days. I stayed at home all day and although I was tempted to do some gardening I decided against it. I need to dig out some plants before they get too large and difficult to remove but there’s still plenty of time for that. For now I am happy just gazing out of the window until the urge to do something takes over.

Shirley Anne

Autumn eh?

English: Door furniture, old and new The hinge...
Door furniture, old and new The hinge and lock say craftsman, the padlock, B&Q. Detail on the old door in a church outbuilding. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What a lovely day Sunday was, warm, dry and sunny practically all day long. There was only the slightest of a breeze, more a zephyr  most of the time. I spent quite a few hours outside enjoying it. The only part of the garden that was damp was the grass and that only because of dew. The artificial grass on the patio was naturally also damp too. Almost two weeks ago saw the Equinox marking the beginning of  Autumn but Autumn proper seemed far off on Sunday. It felt more like Summer. The week ahead looked promising too but I knew at this time of year it can suddenly turned wet, windy and cold. I still had some work to do outdoors if the weather could remain dry for me to do it. I had three small areas around the paving slabs I had laid on the Plot which needed filling in with a fine concrete mix and perhaps do some cosmetic work around the base of the new lamp-post using natural stones. There was also one other job I might be able to do sometime during the week but that would need the tower erecting at the front of the building. I had hinted at the possibility of doing this unusual job many months ago but didn’t get around to doing it. On Friday I had paid a visit to a local establishment which services and sells lawnmowers. It is noted for the lawnmower museum they have  there ( http://www.lawnmowerworld.co.uk/gallery.php?location=0 ) but apart from their lawnmower business they are also master locksmiths. Part of their shop is dedicated to that trade and they sell all kinds of things to do with locks and door furniture. They also program vehicle keys and lock systems which is why I was there. Recently I’d had a replacement control unit fitted around the steering column of my van and later it was discovered that the key no longer controlled the automatic door locking system though it still works manually. Neither the auto electrician nor the locksmith could resolve the problem which still exists. I can live with operating it manually and I will leave it that way unless I come across a solution. Anyway whilst at the store waiting to see if the locksmith could set things right I noticed that they also sold natural stone (slate) plaques with signage. I made inquiries regarding cost to have one made to size for my needs. It would cost £150 I was told so I agreed to have one made. They told me it would be ready to collect a couple of days hence, perhaps Monday. Now I know you will be wondering what the plaque was for and what was to be written on it. It will read…’Hassle Castle…..1877′ and it is to be fixed to the wall at the front of the house at high level. The house was built in 1877. I mentioned the purchase to my neighbour who thinks the idea highly amusing but liked it. I think the same. I may be able to attach a picture before this is scheduled to be posted but if not I will post one later.

Shirley Anne


Over a week ago we passed the half-way point in the year, the Summer Solstice also called midsummer’s day on or around 21/22 June. It is a bit of a misnomer to call it Mid-Summer for as far as the weather is concerned the height of summer happens during the following two months. The term really applies to mark that position in the Earth’s orbit when due to its tilt the northern hemisphere is pointing more toward the Sun than at any other time in the year. It is around this same time (July) when the Earth is actually at its farthest from the Sun. The difference between the Aphelion (farthest) and Perihelion (closest) is about 3.1 million miles or 5 million Km but being that extra distance from the Sun has little effect on climatic conditions. Our weather is more dependent on events here on the planet, wind, closeness to seas and oceans or dry land, mountains and so on. It all depends where we live what sort of weather we have but it doesn’t stop people moaning about it nevertheless. At the moment (of writing) my local weather happens to be dull and overcast with a chance of rain in the offing but it is still mild and maybe a little cooler than of late. This is one of the reasons I like summer….

Embed from Getty Images
It is the proliferation of insect pests I find difficult to cope with at times. That is why I prefer the cooler months. I have been taking things easy these last couple of days both by choice and the fact that I haven’t been as well as I might. As it is summer I get less offers of work than at other times so I haven’t been too busy with electrical jobs though I have had some. It has been fortunate therefore that I have had something to do at home instead. There is always something to do at home isn’t there? I need to make the most of the warmer seasons though, it will be winter soon enough, it isn’t all that far away!

Shirley Anne

A bit disappointing

When I woke up on Sunday morning it was very bright and sunny and the forecast was that it would be warm and sunny all day. However forecasts are never always that accurate are they? Soon after breakfast it became overcast and dull though during the day it did get brighter. The day turned out not too bad but I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t as nice as I had expected. Sundays are my days of rest and at this time of year I like to be outdoors to enjoy them if I can, especially after my week’s work and domestic projects. I have been observing the changes in the garden as the trees begin to bud and the various flowers come into bloom as their time comes, snowdrops, daffodils, hyacinths and tulips each in turn becoming alive once more. Spring is a lovely time of year to be sure. I took this photo through an upstairs window so that the creamy-white blossom on the plum trees would have a darker background to make them easier to see….Plum tree blossom

Does this mean we are going to have a bumper crop again this year? Well only if the blossoms are pollinated. That shouldn’t be a problem as there are plenty of flying insects about capable of doing the job and those pesky few pigeons who seem to enjoy nibbling at them are kept at bay! We chase them off whenever we see them doing that. We mustn’t forget the wind plays a part too and we’ve had our fair share of that recently. Thankfully the wind was light on Sunday which made sitting out on the patio a little more pleasant. It will be lawn mower time again soon. I mowed the lawn a week or so ago for the first time this year but at this time of year it grows quickly. It will probably need its second cut by the end of this week and it will get it as long as the rain keeps away. Nah, I actually did it after writing this!

Shirley Anne

Half-way plus!

English: Inti Raimi, the festival of winter so...
IntiRaimi, the festival of winter solstice and the beginning of the year (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bad weather kept me inside the house over the weekend though as I write this on Sunday afternoon I am not certain the bad weather will improve much for the coming week ahead. If I have to go out I will do so however. I woke up late this morning and consequently missed breakfast but it was too early for lunch so I waited an hour or so before eating. I guess I was more tired than I had thought after working in the kitchen over the previous two days. I have just finished eating my meal and am in the lounge now watching the end of the movie I had begun to watch whilst eating it. I can multi-task, writing this at the same time. Whilst I was preparing the meal I was looking out of the window but could see almost nothing because of the driving rain and sleet. A strong wind was blowing and it looked as if the rain was blowing horizontal to the ground. Not a nice day for a walk! For a very short time whilst sitting here in the front lounge the sun appeared in the sky but was soon gone hidden again behind the dense cloud cover. I noticed the sunlight shining on the wall opposite and it was reaching more than half-way up toward the ceiling. It can only do that if it is shining directly into the room from low down in the sky and it reminded me that we are more than two-thirds of the way through Autumn. In three weeks time it will be the solstice which marks the beginning of Winter and of course the shortest day of the year in terms of daylight hours. The days will again begin to lengthen and as they do the sunshine on the wall will reach lower up it each day that passes. For the time being it has a little further to travel up the wall before it reaches its highest point but it won’t be long before it no longer shines on the wall and we will be able to look forward to longer and warmer days ahead.

Shirley Anne

A little fog

English: Fog on the Humber The Humber foreshor...
Fog on the Humber The Humber foreshore as seen from the old Coastguard Station on a damp and foggy day. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is certainly the season of mists (and mellow fruitfulness…) and lately we have been experiencing misty and foggy mornings. The humidity is high, very high because of that but it isn’t warm with it so it feels cold and damp. We can cope with such things with no problems at all, if we are moving about on foot that is. If we need to travel it becomes a problem if it is too foggy for we cannot move about so safely unless we move very slowly. Each year though we hear of accidents and collisions on our roads because of the fog. The fog is blamed when it is ourselves who should take the blame. If we didn’t rush about in the fog there would be no accidents or collisions. Fog does slow us down despite whatever we do. In foggy conditions travelling by air can still be a problem for it can be very dangerous taking off and landing in fog. Train services are less prone though signals still have to be seen. I like the fog though but only if I am not travelling. I like to see it in woodland, filling the spaces between the trees and the remaining leaves on them. Usually when it is foggy there is little or no wind at all and that has got to be a good thing in my book for I am not a lover of the wind. I have been going for short walks in the morning whilst it has been a little foggy and damp but I am wrapped up to meet the conditions. It is nice kicking through the fallen leaves but they are becoming soft as they rot on the ground and this is where moving about becomes more dangerous. The oils in the leaves leach out onto the roads and pathways causing them to become slippery under foot and tyre. If we take care the fog presents no problems at all so do that and enjoy the Autumn.

Shirley Anne

Sunbathe in October

English: Dangerous sunbathing.
Dangerous sunbathing. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For anyone living a thousand miles south of where I live sunbathing in October is probably more the norm than the exception but for where I live it is very much the exception. I don’t do sunbathing as a rule but the opportunity has been with me during the first two weeks of October, most unusual. We have had such fine weather for the beginning of the month but whenever the wind could be felt it has been a little chilly too. A sheltered spot anywhere out of the wind was a warm micro-climate and still very suitable for anyone wishing to sunbathe. I like the idea of creating micro-climates in a garden. Many have done so and have turned part of their gardens into warm havens in an otherwise cold place and have been able to grow plants not usually found in temperate climates in them. However, as the weather is turning cooler it is ideal for working outside and at this time of year there is always plenty to do outside, not least of all sweeping up the leaves! I was out for a walk a few days ago and saw a guy with a petrol-driven air blower who was clearing away his drive. I thought to myself well that is a good idea but only if the leaves are subsequently collected and put in the bin but I didn’t think he was doing that which meant the leaves would probably end up on someone else’s driveway. A little anti-social I suppose but the wind does the same thing doesn’t it? It was only last week I swept up a lot of leaves only to discover there were lots more of them two days later. Eventually though there will be no more leaves to clean away and the gardens will be settled down for the winter. I often get people asking me to install outside lighting or repair the same during the colder months as they never think to check such things when the weather is fine, warm and sunny. Unless the work is easy I won’t be taking on such work if I can help it. I have been taking every opportunity to sit out on the patio whilst the weather has been fine for I know that soon I will only be able to look at it through the window.

Shirley Anne

More rain

English: rain clouds Looking out to sea at the...
Rain clouds Looking out to sea at the rain cloud that had just soaked me on a winter sunday walk (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If we are to have much more sunshine and warm days it doesn’t look like it is on the menu for the next three or four days as I write this on Saturday afternoon. The sun has been shining this afternoon but there has been lots of cloud cover too. It rained mostly during the morning but the rain is supposed to be returning by nightfall. Sunday looks a little better but thereafter more rain is forecast right up to and including Wednesday. Soon I will need a dry day so that the lawn can be mowed, it doesn’t need it just yet fortunately but it is a case of doing it when I can. I might do it tomorrow, Sunday if it is to be as dry as they say it will be. I made the short trip into the village in the morning in order to deposit some money in the bank but I didn’t linger and walked back home as soon as I left the bank. Although I had an umbrella with me and although it was raining very lightly I didn’t bother opening it but by the time I had reached a hundred metres from home the rain became much heavier. Part of the last few metres I had tree cover so wasn’t bothered too much until I got to the gate when I had to make a dash for the front door. Another few seconds later and I’d have been soaked through! After a late lunch I spent an hour or so out on the patio. It was warm, a little humid and sunny and I sat there watching the numerous bees making their daily trips to a large flowering plant we have in the border close-by. I don’t know the name of the plant but there are several tall pale green stems which I would describe as being lime green, green mixed with white but toward the tops the minute leaves fade into a deep purple colour which are the flowering part of the plant. There isn’t much strength in the plant’s stems and it tends to bend over unless there is some sort of support provided. We have some bamboo canes to help in that support. For quite a number of weeks now the bees have been visiting the plant to collect nectar. There are other flowering plants nearby and some are even growing intermingled with it, Mombrecia being one of them but the bees seem to prefer the purple flowers. The ants are still busy and as soon as the sun comes out so do they. Soon it will be Autumn, four weeks away isn’t a long time is it?

Shirley Anne

First time

English: Street lamp. Aleje Ujazdowskie. Warsa...
Street lamp. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have my bedroom curtains open during the night for a couple of reasons. In the winter months when it is dark and there are no leaves on the trees my bedroom is faintly lit by a street lamp in a cul-de-sac a couple of hundred metres away beyond the gardens at the rear of my house. Its light shines through the trees and results in a silhouette of moving shapes on my bedroom wall. It allows me to see what I am doing when I might be paying a visit to the toilet during the night without having to switch on a light. In some respects that is the more favourable option for who wants to be dazzled by a bright light when in a semi-awake state? Having the curtains open allows me to be greeted by the dawn when I awake, especially in the other seasons of the year. I live in a street which is orientated in an approximate ESE to WNW direction or if you prefer, the house faces roughly SSW. This means that the sun rises to my right from my bedroom window but of course I cannot see it during the winter months as it is too far south. There comes a time in the year when it finally rises directly in line with our street but then of course it is blocked from view by the other houses and the trees in the street and as ours is almost the first building in the street. There are quite a few houses beyond and toward the sunrise. Once the sun begins to rise  from a further northerly position the sunlight is able to shine into my bedroom on what is roughly the west wall of the room, that is the wall on my left as I look out of the window. Each year I eagerly wait for the first rays of the sun to appear on that wall for I know Spring is almost here. So it was that on Monday (9th) I saw again for the first time this year the thin line of bright sunshine on my bedroom wall as the light shone in from an acute angle. It was there for about twenty minutes then finally disappeared as the sun rose higher in the morning sky, each moment moving further southward as it did. As the weeks and months pass by the sunshine will light up more of the wall and will remain there longer as the sun rises from a more northerly point each day until around June 21st when it begins to rise further south once more. At that time the sun, if it isn’t cloudy, will shine on part of the wall which faces the windows and the west wall will be almost fully lit for quite a while each morning. It is nice to wake up to a bright room lit by sunshine, it sets the mood for the day.

This is the 2500th post since starting my blog…….

Shirley Anne

In a couple of days

English: Christmas Dawn The sun rises late in ...
Christmas Dawn The sun rises late in midwinter this far north. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well not actually a couple of days, more like five but after then the days begin to get longer once more. Trouble is the weather will get worse before it gets better, worse that is if you don’t like it cold, wet and windy! That’s how it will be here where I live anyhow. I almost hate this time of year knowing what is to come in that respect. Our house faces, that is the front of it faces south-west and if the sun is out after mid-day it shines directly into the rooms. At this time of year it lights-up the wall facing the window and illuminates half of its height upwards from the floor. As the seasons progress it begins to shine on the floor only and by the time it is midsummer it is so high as to only shine on a narrow strip of the floor close to the window. In a couple more days after midwinter’s day it will be Christmas day of course. Actually I don’t know why it is called midwinter as in fact it marks the beginning and not the middle of it! In a couple of days, in fact Christmas Eve I will be hanging up my electrical ‘hat’ for a couple of weeks, unless….well you know how it goes. The way things are going at the moment I may have to cease my electrical work anyway. I am told that I have the early stages of osteoarthritis. I can’t see the condition improving in my hands but who knows? I have found that whilst I am working or even just up and about there is no stiffness in my hands. That probably won’t last forever though. I have to take each day as it comes. In the meantime my work is still keeping me that busy I am turning down more offers almost every day. In a couple of days or so I will be able to rest from it all for a while.

Shirley Anne

Here again

English: The approach of autumn, Tardree fores...
English: The approach of autumn, Tardree forest See 456553. With the approach of autumn some deciduous trees are shedding their leaves. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is the season of mists and damp mornings and the temperature is gradually dropping day by day. Already I am forced to wear a coat if out doing anything except work, like going shopping for example. No more summer skirts and tops but still I wear the heavier version of them now it is cooler. I have resumed wearing my beloved stockings and suspender belt, things I don’t usually wear in the warmer months of the year except on special occasions. I even wear them to work. So it is fast approaching my favourite time of year, Autumn, not ‘Fall’, Autumn. Fall is when the leaves fall from the trees in Autumn but it is only the deciduous trees which lose their leaves, not all the trees and those in warmer climates don’t lose their leaves because it is Autumn. I like Autumn, its colours, its coolness, its mists and fogs, damp mornings and all the things we associate with the time of year. It is raining more now and I will be hard-pressed to find a day that is dry enough to mow the lawn for the final one or two times this year. I still didn’t buy that hover mower yet! It’s at this time of year I get more requests to fit security lighting too! Why that isn’t considered while it is warm and sunny I don’t know but of course those asking don’t have to work in the cool. damp and sometimes windy conditions  do they? Their thoughts are elsewhere in Summer. My work has often had a seasonal dependency but it isn’t always predictable. When I expect little work I get plenty instead and vice-versa. The summer holidays are over and the children are back in school. Daytime traffic is quiet and there is a feeling of emptiness everywhere except in the centre of town. The daily rush-hour is back and the daily routines in life have changed with the season for those who are employed. Just like me.

Shirley Anne