Mucking about

English: Mucking Flats. The flood defence wall...
English: Mucking Flats. The flood defence wall at Mucking Flats with the River Thames at high tide. The arable farmland to the left is at least a metre lower than the water level. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My readers may have noticed that I have changed a few things on this blog such as the colour of highlighted text which is now purple rather than blue. I think the change makes the presentation more alive. Readers may also note that my pages bars above have been rationalised, some pages have been removed as they have been inactive, that is no-one seems to be looking at them. Those which are left have been reorganised a little and have lost their numbering or lettering except the first six which are still numbered one to six. When I first started this blog I had so many pages up above that I had to number them if I wanted them to be in a specific order and I discovered that when number eleven was reached it ended up in position number two, twelve would be in position three and so on. This is because the software doesn’t recognise that number two should be in the second position. It is using the binary system. To get around the problem I had to number from one to nine and then change to letters if I wanted more pages in the order I wanted then on the page. It was far too cumbersome and didn’t really make the presentation easy on the eye. I remember WordPress indicating that the problem of not being able to place pages in the order wished without them being jumbled up would be sorted out one day. Well that day never came as far as I know. As an example, ‘My Story‘ would be displaced by another page if it that page was entitled  ‘Gallery’ as ‘G’ precedes ‘M’ in the alphabet. I might not want the pages displayed in that order. I had to number the pages or affix a preceding letter to get around the problem. Over the last couple of years I have rid the pages bars of excess baggage and today, Saturday I have reduced the pages to a more suitable minimum. Unfortunately the first six pages remain numbered in order to keep them in the order I wish to present them. I hope the small colour change doesn’t distract my readers anyhow. Mentioning readers, I notice they come from all around the world and from many diverse places. Some countries represented have only one reader as yet but some have quite a number, places like the USA and Canada for instance, not to mention my own country, the UK. I had no idea I was so popular! I thank them all and especially you who are reading this right now, thank you. Now I must stop writing and get on with some domestic chores. Such is life.

By the way the picture has nothing to do with the post, except for the connection in the title.

Shirley Anne


Facebook? Don’t think so!

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A sort of follow-on from my recent post about manipulation. I have several email addresses which I have gathered over the years and the original idea was to have each one for a specific use. One I use in connection with my electrical business but it seldom gets used as people prefer the telephone, though I have had email requests for the less urgent jobs. My first email address was superceded by a newer version and I let my subscription lapse and a friend helped me set up a new address with a different provider because at that time I was unsure how to do it. Yes I know, silly isn’t it? I still have that address and it gets used occasionally. Another address I have is associated with this Blog. I recently subscribed to a new address in the hope that my existing contacts might follow me there but none have taken up the offer so far. It is a new provider who provides a totally secure service ( if anyone is interested) based in Iceland but I am not here to advertise. My main email address is with AOL and it is the one most widely used in my everyday life. Well getting to the point of the post, two of the email providers also have their own news and current affairs pages together with other items of interest. Today, Sunday, after I had finished reading my mail on AOL I browsed their front page as I normally do for a little while and I came across an invitation to partake in little guessing game. The idea was for me to answer a few questions and they would guess my occupation. Needless to say that having answered their questions they got it totally wrong. They maintain that I have retired! I don’t know why it is assumed that everyone works in an office, for most of the questions were oriented that way but in the end it was only a little game. Now I suppose you will be wondering why all this has anything to do with Facebook. Partakers of this little game were invited to make a comment about their results in the quiz but could only do that using Facebook or Twitter. I have accounts with neither of them and never will. Why is it assumed that everyone has and why are these sites promoted everywhere you go on the Internet? Now I know of folk who have had a Facebook account or another similar account and they have since unsubscribed because of issues of privacy or security they had experienced with them. The problem with these sites is that they want to know too much about us. This is the main reason I have for not having an account with them. The thing is this, if we don’t place information about ourselves on such sites it is pointless using them. Here on this Blog I can connect with people without revealing too much information about myself. I can select what I choose to reveal because I am not using the site as I would if it were Facebook. It is getting so that we are being coerced into using these sites or be left out of things in a similar way to what I wrote about in my other post. I guess I am not a child of the system, the subscriber to places that want to know every detail about me. It is said that at some point there will be no such thing as privacy and I can well believe it. I have only to go out into the world and be followed by Big Brother’s eyes, the cameras that have popped up everywhere in the last twenty years.

Shirley Anne

Swap them around?

lol on a candy heart
lol on a candy heart (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have no idea how many of my readers here pop over to Minkyweasel’s Musings but I wonder what would happen if I swapped content by moving all the posts from one site to the other? I’ve no intentions of doing that by the way just in case you got a bit worried (LOL) but I do wonder how many of my readers would still follow this blog. I fancy they wouldn’t. The reason I say this is because the two sites are completely different. Whereas this site covers all sorts of subjects, mostly about the things I do with snippets of other things like my faith and such, the other one is totally about God and Jesus Christ and doesn’t get a fraction of the visits this one enjoys but I persevere with it. I post there but once a week or so but here I post every day. I suppose the subject material on my other site holds less interest except to those who are of the Christian faith which kind of misses the whole point of the site because it is there as a witness for anyone who is not a Christian. So all you non-Christians pop over there and have fun! LOL. Seriously, the material is dedicated to the unbeliever so if you are such a person you will know what to expect but I hope that isn’t a deterrent but a challenge. I would hope though that all my readers (of whichever persuasion) would still follow this site’s posts wherever they may be located. It makes it all worthwhile knowing that you call in each day and I thank you all for doing so. I don’t follow many of your sites, mostly because I don’t have the time to follow them all but I try to make time for most of them, as many as I am able and I find many of them interesting too. So worry not that I will be moving material elsewhere as I value each and every one of you.

Shirley Anne

You gotta have something to do!

Neural Connections In the Human Brain
Neural Connections In the Human Brain

I am amazed at the progress we have seen in computers and what they have become. They are used in all areas of our lives from control and monitoring to medicine and communication. They are simply everywhere. The beauty about computers is the fact that are extremely fast at processing information and implementing any necessary resulting action. They cannot act as quickly as the human brain and even the most sophisticated of them, as yet at least, cannot process information as fast and efficiently as the human brain. What it can do much faster is crunch numbers, that is carry out complicated mathematical problems in the blink of an eye. Without computers you wouldn’t be able to do what you are doing right now, reading this post! I didn’t want to talk about computers though but you have to admit they are a study all to themselves. You dear reader no doubt run your own daily/weekly ‘blog’ and it obviously gives you some pleasure else you wouldn’t bother doing it. You also enjoy reading what other folk write in their blogs else you wouldn’t be here now reading this. Well you gotta do something to pass the time, you gotta have something to do that is different from the rest of your daily life but it’s all about communication with other human beings. We all feel that need to reach out to others in our lives whether that be face to face and talking, over a telephone or by the written word as here. We are drawn to those we like or perhaps what they write and what they have to say. Maybe we share the same interests or we have some common ground but sometimes we reach out for other reasons, perhaps we are lonely or just wish to make new friends and acquaintances. Well again, you gotta have something to do. Writing this has given me something to do, filling a small piece of my day before I move on to something else, in this case I am off to bed next as it is approaching midnight and I have to get up for work in the morning. Pleasant dreams! (I wrote this late on Monday evening by the way)

Shirley Anne

I am reminded

There are now 106 followers of my blog and 30 have subscribed to email notification of any new posts or comments so they don’t miss a thing. I looked at the most recent follower’s blog (I do look at all my followers blogs) and was reminded that I should again thank all of you who bother to look in and especially those who have added me to their ‘must read’  list, my followers. Whilst I am unable to reciprocate in all instances because I already follow many myself I do make every effort to at least look in when I can. I always respond to comments though and that in itself often prompts me to look at the blog of the person commenting. So yes, I do thank all my readers, followers and those who comment for they make my posts worthwhile. Whilst I have your attention, this is not my only blog, I do have another which sadly doesn’t attract as many followers as this one. I’ll let you search for the link, should you be interested, which is on this page. Thank you all once again.

Shirley Anne x

A certain type of person?

AOL Unbound
AOL Unbound (Photo credit: sdk)

Each day I check my email in boxes. Over the years I have accumulated four of them. In the early days I used each email address for different purposes but gradually those uses became obsolete. Email providers usually maintain your email address for life and I suppose it would be difficult to ‘unsubscribe’ as they say. Perhaps not using an address for years might close the account but I have never tried doing that. I have four accounts, AOL being the main one that I use. This blog is linked with my Gmail address for those wishing to contact me so is likely to be used occasionally. The other two addresses only rarely have genuine messages on them but I still look in every day. My main address with AOL I check two or even three times each day because of the volume of mails I receive through it. When I have finished reading/sending mail I spend a little time browsing the AOL news pages and very often discover many interesting things to read there. Many of the postings invite comments from readers and I have been known to post the occasional comment myself though very infrequently. Sometimes I simply read what others have to say which brings me to the whole point of this post! I am beginning to think that only a certain type of person regularly post comments on these news items. The responses are not well written, sometimes abusive and with appalling spelling mistakes and standards of grammar. It’s as though some of them never had any schooling at all else they took no notice of their teachers. One would think an effort would be made to write half-decent comments with the words being spelled correctly at least. Now I know there are people who have difficulty with the English language or any language for that matter for they may be dyslexic but I don’t believe every writer suffers being so, more likely they are just too lazy to even try. So it seems to me at least that only certain types of people regularly comment on these sites as a means of social contact and that most of them can’t read or write properly!

Shirley Anne

Twit (ter)

Evidently it is the fifth anniversary of the social networking site called ‘Twitter‘. The website allows for short communications between people who want to ‘chat’ or place something of interest, perhaps an event in life that people might want to share in an instant. It’s a little like Emailing but quicker. The snag is that messages posted on Twitter are limited to 140 characters per ‘Tweet’. I had to go out this morning to do some electrical work and whilst driving I was listening to a program in which they were discussing Twitter. Someone said something along the lines of, ‘I just don’t know how I managed in the past without Twitter. I need to send out messages to millions of people.’ Well I can understand that, if I had millions of friends, which I don’t and I know most people are in the same boat too. So why the sudden ‘need’ to send out ‘tweets’ to all and sundry? I can imagine this woman sending out numerous and probably unnecessary messages throughout the day. Hasn’t she got better things to do with her time? I just don’t see it. I read the phrase ‘Follow me on Twitter or watch my video on Facebook‘. Can’t people get through a day without feeling the need to post numerous messages for other people to read and respond to? I think too much time is spent on the phone as it is without having to constantly read Tweets and other messages as well. Twitter is for twits I am thinking. Facebook is for people who have nothing better to do. I spend a fair amount of time on the Internet, writing my posts, reading other folks blogs, reading email, banking, searching for information etc. I do not need to spend more time twiddling with electronic gadgetry whilst my life is ticking away. I know a few people who don’t have an Internet connection, don’t want one, don’t even own a computer, never send text messages, don’t spend hours on the phone, don’t play electronic games and many other things but their lives are full. They don’t get pestered and they can lead quiet and anonymous lives without anyone bothering them. So who is the twit?

Shirley Anne