Can’t wait to see things getting done

Junk food copy
Junk food copy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Over the last three days, that is Wednesday onward, we have had three young guys in our rear garden rebuilding the wall (see previous posts) but on Friday they cut their visit rather short. One of their party was feeling quite ill and in fact had brought up the contents of his stomach after stopping at an eatery for breakfast. Without naming the eatery its name begins with an ‘M’, a world-wide chain of eating places. I call their produce junk food myself but many people use them especially if they have children. As I write this on Friday evening I am not sure if we will see their return again this week. It isn’t important but I do hope the young guy is feeling better now. They have about three courses of bricks to lay on the double-thick wall, six rows and it will be completed. I am more concerned about the lack of progress on the roof repairs. I had one small job to do in the morning and was then prepared to do a little work at home after lunch but I received another request for my services at 11 o’clock. I drove the seven miles, did the job and was back home at 12.15 just as E had driven off to give a blood sample at the clinic for routine checks. That meant I had to cater for any needs the bricklayers might require but as I mentioned they were in the process of clearing up to leave. I prepared lunch but didn’t sit down to eat until 1.30 just before E returned. It was after 2.30 before I could do any work and by this time I was reluctant to start. Nevertheless I decided I would permanently isolate the gas supply to the bedroom as I mentioned in my previous post.

Propane torch being used solder copper pipes f...
Propane torch being used solder copper pipes for residential water mains. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I located the pipe in the cellar cut it where it went through the wall and up to the bedroom on the outside of the house. I fitted a blanking connection but discovered that the short length of pipe that was left in the soldered ‘Tee’ joint on the main pipe run had loosened, its soldered joint had come adrift whilst I was fitting the blanking-off cap! Fortunately I have a gas torch and solder and was able to resolder the joint before turning on the gas valve. No leaks! Whilst I was doing that E was filling in the various holes in the window frames ready for painting later. I decided to call it a day as by now it was 4.o’clock and I’d had enough of work. I do like a rest from it now and then!

Shirley Anne