A scorcher!

I have been following the World Cup football matches and so far (I write on 24 th) I have watched all of them live on television, all except one which I had recorded to watch later in the evening on Saturday. E and I had an evening at The Little Theatre in Southport to watch a young people’s dance academy’s presentation in which our granddaughter participated. It was held on two evenings, Friday and Saturday. The music was great and so were the dancers who ranged from about six to sixteen years of age with the older instructors taking stage in one or two of the routines. The theatre is run by The Southport Dramatic club and performances of music, drama and of course dancing are presented there throughout the year. It is a small theatre seating probably no more than five hundred people. For history click here¬†http://www.littletheatresouthport.co.uk/history/¬†. Anyway we didn’t return home until late but nevertheless I watched the recording of the missed football match though I have to admit I speeded up the replay a few times when the play became pedestrian in parts. Today, that is Sunday, I am presently watching the second of the three daily televised games, Japan against Senegal (screenshot below as Japan draw level at 1-1) having seen England’s win against Panama, 6-1. After that match I spent an hour on the patio in the scorching heat of the day before returning indoors to see the next game. I had gotten up early and after breakfast spent an hour watering the front garden before spending time out in the rear garden just relaxing mainly. As I am writing this the first half of the current game has finished. I have fifteen minutes to make a coffee before the second half begins. Once this game has finished I have an hour before the next one begins. This has been the same pattern for my days over the last week or so, I do all my relaxing, exercising, going for walks, work, shopping and chores in the mornings and watch the football in the afternoon and early evening. It works for me as although the weather has been great these past few days I find I cannot sit out in it too long before I get bored. If I get bored I look for things to do and watching a few football games conveniently stops me from working! No doubt when the games are over the weather will change and get cooler and wetter……….that will be just fine for me.

Shirley Anne


A night at the theatre

Empire Theatre, Liverpool
Empire Theatre, Liverpool (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A few weeks ago E asked me if I would like to accompany her to the theatre as she had won yet another prize which this time was two tickets to see a show at the Empire Theatre in Liverpool. Well it has been sometime since we went to a theatre so I jumped at the chance. The last show we saw was the John Lennon Story at the Royal Theatre a stone’s throw away from the Empire earlier last year. This time we were to see ‘Licence to Thrill’ starring Brendon Cole the professional dancer with his ensemble. For those not in the know, Brendon has appeared many times in the ‘Strictly come dancing‘ competition held in Autumn each year for the past eleven years. Together with two other male dancers, three female dancers, a male and female singer and a band of about 12 musicians they put on a loosely themed performance centred around the James Bond movies and one or two others. A ‘all dancing’ show with music and song. I had never been to a show of this kind before and wondered what it would be like but I was pleasantly surprised and I enjoyed it immensely. It was something different to experience. Getting there was a little problematical and E was glad we had decided to go a little earlier than we thought was necessary. We drove in her car to the local station only to find that part of the railroad was under maintenance for this weekend and for others in the near future. We could only catch the train from a station five stops down the line. However they had laid on a bus service to and from that station to the end of the line which is the main station in town and the previous one to ours. It had of course to stop at all the stations in-between too. It added about thirty minutes to our journey. At least they had gotten the timing right so that we didn’t have to wait for the train or the bus longer than normal. We arrived in Liverpool at a little after six-thirty but E wanted something to eat before we got to the theatre so we found a pub and ordered a quick snack. Did I say quick? I meant slow for we had to wait a good twenty minutes for it and when it arrived I was not impressed. I had ordered a burger (something I don’t normally eat) thinking it might come quicker but when it arrived I found the bun dry and the burger a little dry too. I ate only the meat and one or two chips (French fries) and left the rest. I needed to visit the ladies room and we both needed to move ourselves out of there to get to the theatre on time anyway. We managed to get the tickets which had been deposited at the booking office and find our seat with five minutes to spare. Our return journey home was pretty much uneventful save for one incident as we journeyed on the bus on the last leg. We had been driving along the main by-pass and we had just turned into the road which runs along the coast when the bus was overtaken by an impatient driver of what looked like a large white Bentley. No problem with that except that the driver must have been exceeding the speed limit by around twenty miles per hour as I was sitting up front and could see the bus was travelling at forty miles per hour which was the legal speed limit. Aside from that the driver drove down the wrong side of the road for quite a long way as there was a central reservation for some distance at that point in the road. I suppose the driver was taken by surprise when realising cutting back in wasn’t an option at that time! Fortunately there were no other vehicles about and for the driver, no police either!

Shirley Anne

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