Droopy revisited

I’ve said it once but I’ll say it again, I am an Anglo-Saxon. I am certain my roots are from the north rather than the south and by that I mean temperate climes. I am not designed for life in the heat so when it gets too hot I suffer, I droop, I lose energy and wish it was cooler. I suppose my ideal temperature is eighteen degrees Celsius with a relative humidity of fifty percent. Not too much to ask in the country in which I was born and raised, England but often it gets far warmer than that here and far colder too. I could write a book about the English weather as could many who live here. It is Monday (28) as I write this and the day has been very warm and sticky, well for me anyway. The actual temperature outdoor rose to 23 or 24 deg. though in the direct sunshine on the patio it was far greater than that. My early morning duty to water the two gardens kept me occupied for a couple of hours. At this moment in time I am having to water both gardens twice each day because we have had very little rain save for a few hours a day or so ago. It looks as though it will be Friday before it rains again if we are lucky. As I am retired it doesn’t matter that I have to look after the gardens so closely for I now have the time to do it. I don’t much like being uncomfortable in the heat without having somewhere I can escape from it whilst being able to stay outdoors. I had put up the parasol on the patio so I could keep out of the sun but there is another place, a quiet place where I can sit if it gets too hot and it stays cool there throughout the year. I am referring to the rear of the garage nearest the patio where there is a stone bench, the one I built last year. 

The sun never reaches that area close to the garage wall so it remains cool all the time. It has views over the raised flowerbed looking toward the patio so isn’t a boring place.Late in the afternoon E and I planted out fourteen of the beetroot seedlings. We put them in the three raised beds on the patio amongst the plants already there. The remaining plants we will place in the flowerbed in front of the greenhouses amongst the flowers and shrubs. As we have potato and rhubarb growing in the dedicated raised bed between the greenhouses there is nowhere else we can grow them. It was after six o’clock when E and I finally went indoors for the day and into a cooler place.

Shirley Anne



Time of year

On Saturday/Sunday here in the UK we reverted back to GMT by turning the clocks back an hour. It means we gain an hour’s extra light, such as it is, in the mornings and lose an hour at night. Nothing of course is lost, the whole process is simply a management exercise. In a few week’s time it will make little difference as the mornings and evenings will get darker anyway. Years ago it was suggested we operate this light-saving exercise twice in the year but it was decided against. I cannot see the point in the system to be truthful. If daylight is so important to certain businesses, such as farming perhaps then why not start work earlier and finish earlier too? That suggestion would stir up many a heated debate I’m sure. So it is that time of year, mid-Autumn, when lifestyle patterns begin to change as we once more have to cope with colder weather and miserable wet days. We should all be used to that by now anyway. I was out in the garden adding the final bucketful of collected stones into the west wall flowerbed and decided to hand-pick the fallen sycamore seeds from the lawn. At a rough guess I figure there were about two to three hundred I managed to remove but no doubt I will have missed a few. I like sycamore trees but not their seeds! Some will have fallen on the soil in the flowerbeds but not all will take root and grow. Those that do are easily spotted in Springtime and can be plucked out. The gardens, especially the rear garden looks a little barren in places where the trees have lost their leaves but there are so many evergreen trees and shrubs, most of which I have planted, which keep it looking alive. The lawn is at this moment lush but is still full of moss in many areas. I had treated the lawn a few weeks ago which killed off the weeds and clover and to some extent the moss too but more needs to be done in that respect. The lawn itself could do with one final cut if it is possible but wet days and heavy dew make that difficult. Perhaps we will get a dry spell to allow it to happen. The weather has been remarkably warm of late which only encourages the grass to continue growing so we need drier and colder days for a time. Some plants thrive in the Autumn and we have a few of those in the garden producing flowers and keeping it looking bright. Once upon a time there was nothing much to look at in the rear garden when looking out of the windows, now I could spend hours admiring the view, even if it is Autumn or any time of the year.

Shirley Anne

Weird days

English: Sahara desert from space. Русский: Пу...
Sahara desert from space

One thing I think you can guarantee here in the UK is the often unpredictable weather. Usually we get the remnants of any Western Atlantic storms or hurricanes which befall those countries in the Caribbean or the States of the USA. Obviously by the time those storms reach the UK they have lost most of their power even though they can still be strong enough to cause mayhem. Whether one part of the UK is hit the hardest or not depends totally upon the path of the storm and the prevailing conditions here when it reaches our shores. As we had been enjoying high pressure over most of the country during the latest storm’s approach it was forced to follow a route which took it across Ireland and the north-west of Scotland rather than across England and Wales. That wasn’t to say the north-west areas of those countries didn’t feel the effects to some degree. I live in the southern part of north-west England and we still experienced high winds gusting at seventy mph. Here is a picture of a tornado (taken during the recent storm) over the town of Morcambe  which is around sixty miles north of Southport where I live

North West England in red

On Monday evening I lowered our flag for that reason but raised it again on Tuesday morning when the wind had died down. On Monday morning I went for a walk whilst the wind was less strong but the day had an eerie feel to it. The sun had made an attempt to break through the clouds earlier but the clouds won. The sky turned an orange-red colour as did the sun. It looked more like a sunset or sunrise rather than the late morning it was and although the wind was blowing it was surprisingly warm at twenty-one degrees. It was reported that the colour was due to sand being whipped-up in The Sahara and being carried northward over the UK. The winds had been blowing from the south for many days by then. By the time I had returned home the sky had turned completely blue with no clouds at all! I even sat out on the patio for a time in the full sunshine. An hour or so later and it was cloudy and the winds began to strengthen, no more sitting outside. The worst of the weather came overnight but by Tuesday morning it was much better though the wind remained with us throughout the day. I am talking about twenty mph winds here and not the seventy-something mph winds we had during the night. The day turned out bright and sunny and I was able to do some work in the garden and later in the afternoon I went for another walk down to the beach popping into my local pub for a drink on my way back home.

Shirley Anne

Limbo land

Sitting in Limbo
Sitting in Limbo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you ever been in a situation that leaves you in limbo? Something not happening because of circumstances must be the lot of many I am sure and I am no exception. I am sort of semi-retired just now but undecided whether to make it official. If I leave it too long before deciding it may be too late anyway as the urge to resume may fade away. It is still costing me some money to stay in limbo as I have to keep paying for my public liability insurance in case I return to work. My van remains filled with electrical goods and tools and prevents me from using it for other activities as I might do if I stopped work. I have designs on travelling abroad to visit people but E hasn’t renewed her passport yet so that leaves me in limbo too. Apathy and motivation strike now and then and I find it impossible to make decisions but something has to change or I will stagnate. I think it is partly my age and partly the changes I am facing which are causing my indecision to move on with my life. It doesn’t help when E won’t make decisions either! I would like to visit Eire for instance, that is southern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland for those who might not know, simply because I have never been there.

I don’t usually feel the need to travel for its own sake but this is a country close-by for which I have always had a fascination in seeing. A passport is needed to go there of course. I could travel to Northern Ireland without a passport as it is part of the UK and I’ve never been there either. So the idea of going to Eire remains in limbo too for the time being unless I were to travel alone. Anyway all this is a part of life, nothing to make a fuss over but something to think about. I am uncertain what will happen but I am certain something will.

Shirley Anne

What a cock-up!

Well today, Friday, we received the results of the General Election held here in the UK. The existing political party controlling government, the Conservatives (Tories) although remaining the largest party in terms in terms of both votes and Parliamentary seats lost a bit of ground over the next largest party, Labour who actually made gains. It meant that the Conservatives now do not have the overall majority of seats as they had before the election. The Prime Minister, Teresa May, need not have called for an election and indeed it wasn’t necessary but thought it best to attempt to increase her existing majority in view of the forthcoming negotiations with the European Community in order to strengthen her hand in those negotiations.

She now has to carry on with a weaker hand. It will now prove more difficult to get Bills passed through Parliament. I sometimes wonder why people do things the way they do. Aside from reducing her majority other issues have arisen in the wake of the results. I believe the country to be in political turmoil much more now than it was twenty-four hours ago and I just hope we can find our way through it all. I am glad I am not a politician. We all would like to think we could do better but unless we take up the challenge we will never know. As you can imagine there has been much coverage of the election results and the aftermath over the media and I for one have taken a great interest but there is only so much I can stomach. I watched television during the morning but finally switched it off and went for a walk down toward the beach and calling in to the pub on the way back. Today I dined there…..well there’s a surprise! The weather had turned out warm and sunny for the day but wetter conditions were again on the horizon, just in time for the weekend.

Shirley Anne

My country

English: Liverpool Waterfront at Sunrise - Dav...
Liverpool Waterfront at Sunrise – Dave Wood, Liverpool Pictorial Source: I created this work entirely by myself. Author: Scouserdave (talk) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t often speak about my country on this site but I want to just say a few words regarding it now. I was born here in the United Kingdom in the city of Liverpool just after the second World War. I was brought up in the traditional ways of our country, typical English ways and values, the ways and values of my parents and their parents before them. As I grew into adulthood I became aware of the changes which began subtly to erode those values though in fact they had already begun before I was born. Our country was being invaded by foreigners who came with their own traditions, practices and values and who only assimilated superficially. Well none of that mattered because their numbers were few and had little effect upon the population as a whole. These immigrants tended to live in their own communities and that meant to a great extent isolation from the native people of this land. Having said that, we as the native population did little to encourage integration and in some cases were even hostile to the newcomer which increased the separation. Today we have whole towns which have more or less been taken over by one ethnic community or another. The native population of this land are openly discouraged from entering certain areas, actually strongholds of the immigrant population. That can’t be right. If we are to get along with the immigrant effort should be made to break down the barriers. However, I am personally of the opinion that immigrant people should be encouraged to return to the countries of their ancestors. It isn’t racist, it isn’t religious, it is basic common sense. I relate the story in Scripture when The Lord instructed the Israelites to drive out all the people of the land He had given to them, present day Israel, though in those days it was much larger than it is today. The Lord warned them that the people that they allowed to remain would become a thorn in their side, a constant problem but they neglected to drive out all the people because they were a rebellious people. The result? They did become a thorn, an irritation and a problem. In a similar way the immigrant people of this land are in many ways an irritation. One group even aspire to take over the country, they becoming the majority and the native population becoming the minority. Don’t think that is likely? Think again, they are well on the way to representing ten percent of the population. Who are they? The Muslim population. There are others. Many will argue that my argument holds no water but therein lies the danger, keep your head in the sand, turn your face the other way and before you realise it is too late. I voted for ‘Brexit‘ basically for the same reason, I want my country back, a self-governing country which allows immigrants in as long as they assimilate and as long as we have control over their number. This country has been weakened by the attitude of many of its people who would promote open borders and allow an influx of foreigners the land cannot support to the detriment of the English people. We are capable of standing on our own two feet, we were doing just that before we entered the European community. We don’t need foreigners telling us how to run our own country. This is my country and I am proud of it and all it stands for.

Shirley Anne

Bad day

Sleep/Holiday (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was a bad day on Friday, not the day itself but the weather turned nasty at around two o’clock. I have to confess I didn’t get out of bed until almost one o’clock after four separate three-hour periods of sleep. My sleep patterns are all over the place recently but I guess I am getting the sleep I require. It would be nice however to be able to sleep for six hours in one go. I almost never sleep beyond five hours in one go. E had been up for some time and was just finishing her lunch when I came downstairs to have mine. Obviously there would be no breakfast so I had the remainder of the chicken and vegetable stew I had prepared a couple of days earlier. The large bowl was enough to satisfy my hunger. E went out just as I had finished eating, she was off to see her mom again perhaps to do some shopping or sort out some Christmas presents. She spends Christmas day afternoon at her mom’s house as do the rest of the family I think. I never get invited but it isn’t a real problem as I don’t observe Christmas anyway. I repeat that I am a Christian just in case some of my readers were thinking otherwise. Just as she was leaving the house the heavens opened and the rain began to pelt down. The wind had picked up too and it was blowing a gale. It had been forecast days before. This particular storm had been named ‘Barbara’ and its path took it to the north of the UK, that is the centre of the storm went along that path. The winds lessened the further south from it but even at our latitude it was still strong. We had enjoyed rather mild weather for the season up until that point so we couldn’t complain I suppose but it didn’t last long, a couple of days and we would be back to more settled weather. I had thoughts of going out perhaps for a meal on Friday but I decided against the idea because of the poor  weather. There would be another opportunity in the days ahead if I wanted to go somewhere. One thing I really wanted to do over the holiday period was to get out into the gardens and do some work. At the time of writing this on Friday afternoon it looks as though that opportunity will be a long way off unless the weather improves.

Shirley Anne

Must be the last?

Sunset over Southport, UK, in July 2006. Note ...
Sunset over Southport, UK, in July 2006. Note the interesting cloud formations (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Haven’t we been enjoying good weather these last few weeks? Okay I know some have had some cold and windy weather but generally speaking the UK has fared quite well considering it is now Autumn. For a few hours on Sunday we had here in Southport sunshine and blue skies, especially during the afternoon, so much so that I actually sat out in it. The Sun‘s rays were still strong and penetrating and could easily burn unprotected skin if out in it for a long time. There was little in the way of a breeze but when the wind did put in an  appearance it was warm. Later in the day clouds rolled in and we had rain, in fact rain was the forecast for the following two days after which it might turn sunny once more. I doubt there will be more opportunities to sit in the sun from now on unless heavier and warmer clothes are worn. Aside from being in the garden or out at work I haven’t been out much lately, not even for walks. Walking is nice but is very unproductive too. I have simply been far too busy to spend time walking and any walking has been done on my treadmill though when I get on that machine I usually end up running! As the weather gets more wet and windy I think I’ll be using the treadmill more often. I have taken my advert out of the newspaper for two weeks so that I might have more time to myself though I won’t be idle if I can help it. I might get to do some of that walking outdoors if the weather permits. As I write this on Sunday evening I have scheduled electrical work to do in the week ahead so I won’t have every day to myself anyway and there’s work to do in the gardens.

Shirley Anne


Fire in Babylon
Fire in Babylon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I posted an article on May 14 regarding the then forthcoming European Union Referendum the following month June 23. It was written by David Hathaway an evangelist as a warning against voting to remain within the Union and his article, published in his quarterly magazine ‘Prophetic Vision’ also available on-line, I re-blogged on here for anyone wishing to see it. The result of that referendum is now history but the final act of severing the umbilical cord between us (UK) and the European Union has posed many problems. We were so intertwined it will be difficult to unravel the mess. I believe as David does that the European Union is an evil union and we will be well off out of it. Certainly there will be difficulties to overcome but they are not insurmountable. As David says, the Union is Babylon. To explain this I am posting the link to David’s on-line magazine which puts it more clearly. Flick through to pages 6 and 7 to read the article

I hope reading this has opened your eyes and your heart to what is going on around you. It is important that you realise your destiny lies in your own hands. Everlasting life through Jesus Christ or everlasting condemnation without him? The choice is yours alone. What will happen in Europe will happen but you do not have to be a part of it and it isn’t only Europe, God is God over ALL the Earth, Jesus can save you wherever and whoever you are! May the Lord’s will be done.

Shirley Anne

Out of it

On Thursday 23 June the people of the UK as a whole voted to leave the European Union. The gap between the two parties, those wishing to stay and those wishing to leave was relatively small with 1,250,000 more voting in favour to leave. I myself was one of them. I believe we should never have joined in the first place. We are a sovereign country and we need to control what we do here for ourselves without any interference from Europe or indeed anywhere else.

Embed from Getty Images

Those who wanted us to remain and many others in my opinion have not seen the bigger picture which has nothing to do with immediate policies and arrangements. Angela Merkel the German Prime Minister was one of the foreign leaders who were saddened by the result of our referendum. She mentioned something in her formal response to the news that struck a chord with me. She said that the decision we made to leave the Union was an obstacle to ‘Globalisation‘. As I have mentioned in previous posts we are heading for a one world government and the machinery to bring that about is already at our fingertips. It may take several years for the ball to hit its target but it is inevitable it will. Our future isn’t bright if we end up in a one world system. Control will be moved from us and we in turn will be under the control of government. People will scoff but things are heading that way even as I write. The ‘End Times‘ are almost here. How will we be controlled? Through the technology we have developed. Nobody will be able to buy or sell without having bought into the system first. Those who disobey will have any credit removed from their accounts and nobody will be able to help for fear of the same thing happening to them. It all sounds Orwellian and far-fetched but it is all written in Scripture. Close your eyes to the events happening all around you because that’s what people do. All they are concerned with is the present time. It takes wisdom and understanding of the times we are in to see the bigger picture. In the meantime I am glad that we in our own small corner of the world have made a stance against the signs of the times. If what is written in Scripture is true, and I believe what The Bible says, the UK leaving the European Union is in the long-term irrelevant. Our future can only be assured if we turn to God, to Jesus Christ. The world will face the future it is heading for and for some it will be disastrous. If it happens sooner than you think you will need the protection that only Jesus can give you. Why wait?

Shirley Anne