Still waiting

English: Protestors at the June 30 pension dem...
Protestors at the June 30 pension demo in Nottingham. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had awoken at five o’clock on Tuesday after only three hours solid sleep and a couple of hours sleep that wasn’t quite as solid meaning I was restless during that part. I can remember being restless but don’t know why because I went to bed very tired. Anyway the long and short of it meant I got up early and made the decision to take a walk. It was still quite cool at six-fifteen and it remained that way for at least an hour. I took no coat or warm clothing and wore only a top and skirt, it was just perfect for me. I was able to eat breakfast at eight-thirty on my return home and soon after E came down to join me. Once breakfast was out-of-the-way I got out the mower and cut the lawn. There was still dew on the grass but the mower coped with it. Following that I again watered both gardens and prayed that we might get some rain soon. E and I found time to sit on the patio before lunch after she had washed her hair and had a shower. She had a hospital appointment at two o’clock and I would be driving. Soon we were on our way and by two-thirty she had seen the physiotherapist and could leave but first we took the opportunity to visit our next-door neighbour who was still hospitalised. It had been a couple of weeks since she had been admitted (see previous posts) and the promises came and went but she was still left waiting. As I write this she remains in hospital and hopes to be able to leave at the end of the week. She may have to be placed in a private care establishment for a short time before she can come home. Nobody seems to know exactly what will happen at this stage. Whist E was waiting to see the physiotherapist she and I sat in the waiting area and I noticed a free publication regarding pensions lying on the table. It was a small booklet filled with information about pensions, how to set them up and later how to receive them when eligible. I opened it up to a page whose headline read ‘ What happens if you die before receiving your pension?’ and I immediately remarked ‘Don’t worry, we’ll post it on to you’. E, myself and a couple of other people couldn’t stop laughing at the irony of it all. Well what will you do if it happens to you?

Shirley Anne


The dentist

English: Dentist drilling a girls tooth
English: Dentist drilling a girls tooth (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had an appointment to see the dentist on Tuesday morning to undergo the first of two procedures, the next being on the 3rd December. I have never minded going to the dentist in the least and the only part of the treatment I dislike is no, not the drill but the suction tube they put in your mouth to take away the liquid the dentist uses in conjunction with the drill, which I believe is water. The vacuum tube takes away the water and debris but I find the assistant never always places the tube where it is most needed. A small gripe considering the work being done in my mouth. I can live with it. I have never had any complaints with any of the dentists I have had and with this new practice it looks as if  that isn’t going to change. The waiting room is far better than at my last dental surgery in Liverpool and also more comfortable. As the surgery is positioned at the cross-roads of a busy junction and is at ground level there is always something to look at whilst waiting for surgery. They have magazines just like every other professional’s waiting room but I don’t read them. They are almost always way out of date and I feel that if I were to lose myself in reading an article or a story I would be interrupted before I could finish reading it. I don’t like reading fiction and I am not really a fan of magazines. I would much prefer to chat with those sitting around me but most of them are usually reading magazines! My first appointment was exactly on time, which has never been my experience before and although I appreciate that appointment times are only approximate I hope that this will be the norm rather than the exception. I left the surgery very satisfied with my treatment and hope my next session will be just the same.

Shirley Anne