Not expected

It is fast approaching Autumn and the change in the weather makes it noticeable especially in the hours before dawn. It is getting colder though it can be quite cold during the night in the height of Summer sometimes. Being on the coast makes it a little cooler than elsewhere inland too. Over the years the weather forecasts have greatly improved and are now more accurate though not always. I had checked the forecast for Friday (7 th) morning and throughout the day and it indicated dry weather but on the cool side, only up to 14 deg C where I live. I was going for a walk at 4 am and was suitably dressed for the cool weather and was wearing my rainproof jacket just as I always do at this time of year. I had only reached my next-door neighbour’s house when a fox darted out from his driveway across my path only to disappear across the road into another driveway. He or she must have found my neighbour’s garden easier to negotiate. See my previous posts. I guess he/she wasn’t expecting to bump into anyone so must have been quite surprised at seeing me. At the time of writing I am engaged in some work to make it more difficult for foxes to enter our garden at the rear as they can be a nuisance. Anyway I carried on up the road on my walk. I could feel one or two drops of rain which gradually grew into more until about a mile into the walk when it lashed down. Water was bouncing off the roads and large puddles were everywhere as the drains struggled to swallow it all. I remained dry inside my jacket though the lower half of my skirt got wet. Now I could wear waterproof trousers but I wouldn’t be comfortable in them so I don’t. In any case I don’t have any. So the weather forecast was completely wrong, dry indeed, what were they thinking? The remainder of the day involved the occasional shower too.

Shirley Anne


Forget Summer

English: Hyde Park in a heatwave The second we...
Hyde Park in a heatwave The second week of August 2003 was the hottest ever recorded in London, with temperatures of up to 38 degrees Celsius. Not surprisingly many people flocked to the parks to cool off.

It is past the middle of May and still it is very cold. The warmer temperatures we have come to expect at this time of year have been somewhat lacking even though there have been warm sunny days. It appears that the ‘Jet Stream’, the high altitude wind pattern is favouring places like Moscow with the United Kingdom fairing less well as a result. Until the Jet Stream shifts in our favour I guess we can say goodbye to a  warm Summer again this year. I watch the weather forecasts with interest but it is all bad news lately. I heard tell that the month of June won’t be much better either.  Astronomically speaking Summer starts on or about the 21st day of June so there is still time left for an improvement I suppose. It may be that the later months of the season will prove me wrong. I do hope so. It can be rather depressing when all we get is poor weather when reasonably it should be better. We must however make the most of things for we have no control over matters. For many people summer is the two-week vacation they take each year in a foreign land though not everyone can afford such things. I have been fortunate in that respect having enjoyed many holidays in foreign places in the past. These days I am less bothered about travelling across the globe for the pleasure of enjoying the warm weather which is taken for granted in many countries.  Quite often I have found that the living conditions in these beautiful places where the sun shines most of the year and the temperatures never fall below 20 degrees Celsius are very poor indeed. Having a warm or hot climate doesn’t guarantee perfect happiness unless you have plenty of money and money doesn’t even buy happiness! I am not giving up on Summer, things are not that bad really, it could be a lot worse, in fact it may well be a lot better! I am not sure just what I will be doing in the months ahead. Working? Most probably. Taking a vacation?  Probably not but anything is possible. Enjoying myself? I will try my best. Summer will be great if I am still here to enjoy it won’t it?

Shirley Anne

A month in

Cold Weather Is Coming, Beware!
Cold Weather Is Coming, Beware! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Autumn and the leaves are falling
Gold and brown around my feet
Nature quietly is yawning
On the dawn of Winter’s freeze.

Bright blue skies are turning grey now
There’s a chill within the air,
Crows cry out their raucous chatter
Breaking silence everywhere.

Spring and summer-time of pleasure
Drift on by in troubled mind
For our love is lost forever
Emptiness is left inside.

As the days begin to shorten
And the nights are drawing in,
All my thoughts are turned toward you
Thinking of what might have been.

There is hope beyond the Winter
When the grey gives way to blue,
When at last with Spring’s arrival
All can start afresh, anew.

Copyright Shirley Anne 19 Feb 04

Well we are one month into Autumn and the promise of cold weather is announced by the weather forecasters. It appears Winter is beginning to poke its fingers into the days but it is a time of year I really like. If I were being honest it is my favourite time of year but it is good to be alive no matter what the season. The short poem was written at a time when I was going through a difficult period and my thoughts were centred on the love I had lost but with hope for the future. It may be getting colder but it won’t be long before we see warmer times again. It is the same with life, we have difficult moments sometimes and for a while we suffer but life isn’t all bad and things get better, there is always hope. No matter what the season, enjoy it, you cannot change it after all! Don’t let the problems in life overtake you, often you cannot do anything about them arriving so just get on with it.

Shirley Anne

A boring day?

Marestail shows moisture at high altitude, sig...
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Well Saturday promised to be a nice day in many ways but it didn’t turn out as expected. I had made the decision to take the day as a day of complete rest and it turned out that way. I arose fairly early and had a good soak in the bath, something I don’t do often as I usually have a shallow bath when bathing and then I’m out. Yesterday however I wanted to lie down and soak for a while. With no intentions of working I dressed up for the day and had a light breakfast. It was such a lovely day I thought we might have a barbecue but E seemed reluctant to bother. That being the case I decided to simply sit in the patio playing my guitar for an hour then listening to music on the radio. I ended up sitting there all day getting drunk on whisky and coke whilst listening to jazz. By early evening I was somewhat hungry as I completely missed out on lunch being as I was drunk on whisky and jazz! It happens. As it turned out I thoroughly enjoyed myself, albeit alone! Late in the afternoon I chanced upon seeing one of my neighbours and I asked if she would like to be invited to a barbecue but she was busy. I told her that I meant today, Sunday, and we laughed. Even so she had prior arrangements. It is just as well I suppose because the weather forecast for today isn’t that good. I believe most of the coming week is forecast to be wet, so much for Summer but they still insist that we are in for really hot weather in the near future. We’ll see! I am not sure what I will be doing today but it won’t be sitting around doing nothing that’s for sure, although I was thinking of going to the pub for a change. Maybe?

Shirley Anne