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What a subject

Subject to Change (Switched album)

Subject to Change (Switched album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some things we humans do are never spoken about to others unless they are our doctor, surgeon or nurse in which case we open up and tell them like it is. ‘Too much information’ is often the response if we make the attempt to describe ‘a personal problem’ and yet these ‘personal problems’ happen to us all. A mark of civilization it must be that we hide away our bodily functions and intimate functions when paying visits to ‘the little girls/boys room’. We cannot even say out loud, ‘toilet’ or ‘lavatory’ and use synonyms instead which is rather pointless as everyone knows exactly what you mean. How does the name change alter the way we respond? Strange beings we are. So now then I might wish to relate an unfortunate experience I had on Wednesday morning but how do I go about revealing the details without offending? If I use synonyms you will understand because you will be re-arranging the information in your thoughts to visualise what is revealed. If I tell it like it was you may just think the worst of me. For some it doesn’t matter one hoot. I arose early on Wednesday and was showered, dressed and make-up on before eight-thirty. I thought I might go for a walk before breakfast, just taking a little drink beforehand, though I always take water with me. It was a very wet morning and that didn’t change until mid-afternoon but I was covered up with my new waterproof jacket. I returned home before eleven o’clock and prepared a coffee and a cup of tea, the coffee for E and the tea for me. I just wanted a change for a change! I sat in the rear lounge with E who was doing some craft work on her lap. Suddenly I felt the urge to go visit the lavatory and for more than just a wee. I sat there for ages thinking ‘here I am broken-hearted, paid a penny and only **rted’. Nothing happened except that I began to feel abdominal pain as if constipated but I also felt nauseous and light-headed. I sat down for a minute but had to go upstairs to fetch something. As I got upstairs I dashed into the toilet there and gave it another go. Again nothing so I went to my bedroom to fetch what I had gone up there for but as I walked into the room my legs became like jelly (jello) and I collapsed to the floor. I had fainted. E came upstairs to see if I was alright but by then I had risen and was on my way to the toilet once more feeling very sick indeed. Have you ever felt that no matter which position you try you still remain uncomfortable? Eventually I asked E if she could bring me some honey and a spoon. After taking a spoonful I began to lose the nausea but was still in pain having not passed any solids (okay poo) yet. After what seemed an age it finally happened and everything went back to normal, or so I thought. I needed some sustenance but found I couldn’t eat anything except a spoon-full of jelly or jello. I hadn’t been constipated by the way, it was just the first part…..if you know what I mean! Hopefully I will have described my bad experience without causing offence though I know that even those remotely offended know full-well what I meant.

Shirley Anne

Lovely and not nice


For some apparent reason soon after I arrived downstairs for my breakfast on Wednesday morning I began to feel chest pains. Now immediately you might be thinking, heart attack, angina or some other debilitating symptom but I am glad to report it was none of those things. The pain was over my right breast, on the surface, that is it was emanating from my muscles there. They were sharp and intermittent, one minute all was well and the next it wasn’t. After a while the pain moved to the centre of my chest as if it were indigestion. I was tired too because I didn’t get to sleep until after two o’clock and even then it was restless. Anyhow I realised the pains were due to a digestion problem of one sort or another and typical of a reaction to certain foods or even trapped air. I had eaten a breakfast consisting of mainly fruit however so that might have triggered a reaction though I don’t usually suffer eating fruit. A toilet visit helped and I deliberately skipped lunch except for a warm glass of milk sweetened with honey. Gradually over the day things improved and by evening I was as right as rain as they say. That was the not so nice part of my day. As I hadn’t been feeling too well I did no work but spent the day relaxing. I was looking out of the kitchen window admiring the flowers on some of the shrubs we have planted so I went outside and took a couple of photographs. I had already taken some a few days earlier too. This was the lovely part of the day, being able to see some of the new shrubs flowering for the first time since planting…

Because the shrubs are infants I didn’t expect too many flowers and especially with the ones only planted in the Autumn last year. I am hoping there will be far more as the shrubs grow larger. I was happy to see the results of all my hard work over the last eight months.

Shirley Anne

Feeling low

Familiar Feeling

Familiar Feeling (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I pride myself as being reasonably fit and healthy for someone my age but once in a while I feel run down and weary. The key word here is weary. I arose early on Friday to keep a couple of appointments for electrical work. I didn’t really feel like getting out of bed even though I’d had a very good night’s sleep. Once up and dressed I felt fine but after breakfast a kind of lethargy took hold of me. My first appointment at nine o’clock was in an apartment near to home and I was there for an hour. I felt drained of energy when I’d finished the work though none of it was hard to do. I took a leisurely drive to the second appointment a couple of miles distant. When I arrived the lady of the house asked how I was and I told her that I was feeling a tad weary. She suggested I take time out and have a holiday after I had mentioned I hadn’t had a real holiday for eight years. Again the work wasn’t difficult and I was there for an hour. It was now 11.15 and I was glad my work was over for the day, for the week and all I wanted to do was rest. I didn’t drive home however but went to my local pub/restaurant for a meal. I arrived there at 11.30 but had to wait until noon before it opened for business. I parked the van and sat reading while I waited. I was so happy to get inside and have a soft drink whilst I decided what to have for lunch. I’d had porridge along with fruit and a fruit drink for breakfast so shouldn’t have felt hungry for a few hours. I found myself somewhat hungry by then nevertheless. The meal helped a little to make me feel better but by the time I had arrived back home the feeling of weariness had returned. I spent the afternoon lounging about either on the patio or on the couch in front of the television. My ‘get up and go’ had certainly got up and gone. The work I have been doing at home has taken more out of me than I had realised I guess. The weather forecast for the weekend looked promising so I promised myself I would make the most of it, not to work but just to relax and do nothing for a change. Maybe I’ll think about having a proper holiday…………..maybe.

Shirley Anne

More relaxed

English: Relaxed rabbit

Relaxed rabbit (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This post is really an extension to the previous one in a way. Over the last three months I have done extensive work in the garden in removing bluebells by digging them out one by one, sometimes a few at a time and it has been hard work. There are no other ways to remove bluebells other than by digging them out for they are very resistant to herbicides and cannot be removed that way. I have nothing against the plant itself, they are nice flowers but the problem with them is they spread themselves all over the garden which earns them the same status as weeds. As we don’t want that sort of takeover bid in our gardens I’ve had to spend a lot of time removing them. In the week preceding my writing this post I have succumbed to the effects of that work, muscular pain in my upper legs and buttocks due to them being stretched whilst I have been in a kneeling position. It got so bad I could hardly walk at times and it was uncomfortable whenever I sat down. I was reluctant to stop the work because I was keen to get rid of the bulbs but the weather turned wet and windy which stopped me anyway. That was a good thing for I began to realise that it just wasn’t worth injuring myself because of some unruly plants especially as they would still be there to dig out another day. I decided therefore to slow down the process and be less uptight about getting the work finished. My problem is that once I get the bit in my mouth I can’t wait to rush in and get the work done. So since the previous weekend things have slowed down considerably and at the time of writing this on Monday I have done only an hour’s work in the rear garden. I mentioned that in the previous post. Today, as I write this on Monday I have spent only a half hour digging out a few bluebells in the front garden flowerbeds. As much as I wanted to do more because the weather turned bright and sunny I resisted the temptation. In any event my muscles had not fully recovered and I didn’t want to prolong the healing process. My electrical work has been slow in coming in but I have some work in that area yet to do. I am finding it difficult to slow down and spread the work out but it is something I need to do else burn myself out! It is harder too because I am doing the work alone at the moment. I need to become a more relaxed bunny!

Shirley Anne

Bucket full

Dig Dug: Digging Strike

Dig Dug: Digging Strike (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is a great feeling to be at that stage in life whereby you can pretty much do as you please as far as what you do in a day. At weekends I don’t do any electrical work unless in an emergency so if I don’t wish to do anything at all over the weekend then I don’t. On Sunday I was in no hurry to get up but I arose as soon as I awoke. After a shower and getting dressed I sauntered downstairs just before ten o’clock and had a bowl of fruit with a little muesli and milk. I had been thinking about going for a walk or maybe dining out at the pub to wile away the afternoon but by two o’clock I wasn’t feeling particularly well kind of like the way you feel when you have a bad cold. I decided to remain at home and have a late lunch instead, after all I had made a vegetable and chicken stew the previous day so there was no need to do any cooking. To kill a bit of time before lunch I made another ‘slab’ of rock cake because the other had been so nice but had all been eaten. After lunch I was feeling much better. The day before I had experienced problems getting my mobile phone connection. No matter where I was in the house or the gardens the message read ‘No network available’. As I was home it didn’t bother me too much because callers could contact me over the house phone if it was urgent. I wanted to contact a new friend just to say hello and couldn’t reach her even by text. I tried again on Sunday afternoon and suddenly everything was back to normal but I had a lot of catching up to do answering messages that had been left, mostly from people wanting electrical work done. I was able to contact my friend too and learned she was in the south of the country tending to her mother. Anyway before my phone connection had been restored I had been out in the front garden checking for a signal and noticed more bluebells growing in the right-hand flowerbed again. I had to dig them out, I couldn’t leave them for another day, they had to go! It was only a few days earlier I had been digging out bluebells in the same bed. They are a pain in the proverbial to put it mildly. As I was fetching the kneeling stool which I had stored in the greenhouse I noticed another bluebell in the flowerbed  by the greenhouses which I dug out once I had finished in the front garden. Thinking I had found them all I began to put the equipment away but lo and behold there were more, then more in the next bed. Finally I decided to dig out the couple I had seen in the flowerbed next to the patio whilst I was at it but didn’t get that far. On the way there I saw more in the ‘Mound’ which I started to remove. As I dug them out more appeared with each dig with the trowel or fork and before I knew it I had a bucket full of them! At last I got to the flowerbed next to the patio and dug out a couple there. I have never seen so many bluebell bulbs and plants in such relatively small areas, even rabbits don’t ‘breed’ so profusely! I did say there would be more and more and more and more………..yawn!

Shirley Anne

Ho-hum and all that

'I've had to book my appointment two weeks in advance, so we'll both sit here until I feel unwell.'

‘I’ve had to book my appointment two weeks in advance, so we’ll both sit here until I feel unwell.’

I had a lousy weekend, especially on Saturday. I was suffering with aches and pains and although I had been sweating a lot I felt cold most of the time. I was well-wrapped up but that didn’t seem to make much difference. I went to bed around ten and a boyfriend called me in response to a text message I had sent him. I had to tell him I was in bed and about to go to sleep so the conversation didn’t last long. The following morning I was as right as rain (odd expression that one) and rearing to start my day. I felt so much better so I guess the warmth of the bedclothes and my seeming strength and ability to shake everyday illnesses off did the trick. Anyway the point was I felt great. I had an electrical job to do for the guy in whose house I had worked the previous week but didn’t have the time nor the inclination to do it on the same day. It would have meant working all day and I was tired after I had finished the job I had been doing. I went along at nine o’clock did the work and finished around noon. I had received another call while I was there. It was from an old guy living in the next town who had a problem with his kitchen light and switch. I did the work and drove back to my own town to do some shopping, nothing special, just toiletries which I buy in bulk so that I don’t have to shop for them often. I drove home but left again immediately without getting out of the vehicle. I had forgotten to get diesel fuel for my van. I arrived back home fifteen minutes later and during that time E went out somewhere for the afternoon. When I got indoors there was the package containing the new shoes I had ordered late on Sunday! Now that’s what I call service. Strange thing about this is the fact that I had been experiencing problems with the company’s signing in pages when ordering. See yesterday’s post. More nice high-heeled stilettos. I opened the box and put them on to walk around in them to check they were the correct fit. They were perfect, so much so I didn’t want to take them off because they were so comfortable to walk in. Now these are high heels and yes they are over five inches but they really are comfortable. I have to add though that I am used to heels. Just a couple of pairs of my shoes are higher and they are hard to walk in but I will soon correct that with practice. Over the years I have tended to wear heels at four and a half inches so was never happy wearing anything higher but that is slowly changing. I used to think I would never wear high heels as I got older and most people my age wouldn’t think of it but I don’t look my age or feel my age either. After I had put everything away and sorted out my business paperwork I went outside to dispose of the cardboard and plastic waste and noticed some more bluebell shoots poking out of the flowerbed. I went inside to collect the keys for the garage then came out with tools and kneeling stool to begin digging out the bulbs. There were more than just a few but I persevered and dug them out, well all the ones that I could see. There will be more I’m sure of it but if there are they will show up soon enough. I returned indoors for something to eat as I had missed lunch. I’d had a very light breakfast too. It was only four o’clock so too early for my evening meal. I decided to have a bowl of fruit but gave up on it after only two mouthfuls. It seemed I wasn’t hungry so I put the bowl in the fridge to eat it later. Even now at six o’clock as I write this I am still not that hungry but I will eat. A text message had arrived but I hadn’t noticed. It was from the boyfriend asking if I was feeling better. Ah, that’s nice.

Shirley Anne

A little bit weak

I Get Weak

I Get Weak (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Weak Moments of the Shadows

Weak Moments of the Shadows (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I wrote in yesterday’s post, the weather has turned wet and a little windy too though tomorrow which will be Wednesday as I write, looks calmer but cooler too. There was as expected a dry slot around lunchtime yesterday so I thought I would put on some overalls and boots and begin to rake-off the top soil covering the remaining area where the bluebell bulbs still lie. After just two pulls with the rake quite a few bluebells appeared from beneath the covering. Some came out but most remained as the bulbs would be too deep to remove without digging. I managed only twenty minutes with the rake but I had removed quite a lot of soil despite that. I was however feeling very weak and exhausted, most unusual for me and I gave up on the idea of doing any more work. It was fast approaching lunchtime anyway but I wasn’t going to return after lunch, I’d had enough. As it turned out I think I was so weak because it felt as though the damp weather I had spent four hours working in on Saturday was having an effect upon me. Even though I was well-wrapped up and not feeling the cold at the time it made no difference. Whenever I have worked hard in the past and used muscles not used to continuous hard use I have found it takes a day or so before I feel the resulting effect. I must hold true for working in cold damp conditions and especially if that work was hard-going. We had been informed that Tuesday (today) would be better but the best days would be Wednesday and Friday so I decided to take a break until Wednesday and let myself rest. My problem is I get restless and seeing work that needs to be done not getting done I am keen to get on with it. I have to remind myself that, ‘Hey Shirley Anne you’re not a machine and you’re not as young as you might feel you are so take it easy!’

Shirley Anne

Down but not out

Year of the Gentleman

Year of the Gentleman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I wasn’t feeling well later on Tuesday. It began soon after my return home from a walk. Though the walk was enjoyable I suppose the cold wind had gotten through to me. I went to bed feeling a little miserable but felt somewhat better the following morning. All I wanted to do was to rest for the day and get myself back to normal but just after lunch an elderly gentleman called to ask if I could check a faulty light or him. I use the term ‘gentleman’ because I discovered on meeting him that he fitted the description very well. He was polite, chivalrous, well-mannered and well-spoken and well-dressed too, something sadly lacking in many guys these days. The light was fixed to the ceiling but behind a suspended ceiling beneath. He claimed it had been working for twelve months and perhaps it had but the connections weren’t good and it had been barely hanging from the one screw which had prevented it dropping from the ceiling altogether. For a small light that wouldn’t have been a problem but this was a twin-lamp six-foot long fluorescent unit. The lamps had not been installed properly either so they would never have worked. I removed it from the ceiling and tested it. There was nothing wrong with it and I returned it to the ceiling, this time fixing it there properly. That was it, the only work I had done in a couple of days. I was paid my minimum fee and I returned home. I was still feeling a little under the weather. Just before my evening meal one of my regular customers called to ask if I would check out the light in her kitchen as it had ceased working. I had fitted the unit a couple of months ago so I wondered why it had failed so soon. I arranged to check it out the following day, after I had done the other work I had scheduled elsewhere. The other work entailed checking out another faulty light unit! You could say therefore that I am on light duties (forgive the pun) which is just as well I suppose given the way I have been feeling lately.

Shirley Anne

Gradually but gradually

English: That's some Doctor's Surgery Local re...

That’s some Doctor’s Surgery Local residents really do go and see their GP in the church, part of which is now a Medical Centre. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Over the past few weeks the requests for my electrical services has dwindled somewhat which I suppose is a blessing in disguise. I have received requests though and have done the work but far less of it. This past week hasn’t been any different. Gradually I am becoming accustomed to doing less work for others and less work at home but I’ve got to do something. On Thursday morning I had a job to do locally and in the afternoon I couldn’t take on more work anyway as I had an appointment at the doctor’s surgery. I had been to see the doctor on Monday because I had a urinary tract infection but this time it was for a routine check-up with the nurse (sister). She wanted to review my ‘hrt’ situation. I knew what she was going to say before she spoke. She was going to suggest I reduce the level or take no more. She hadn’t realised that I am transgendered though the information was readily available at her fingertips. Had she checked she wouldn’t have mentioned it. Basically I have to take the hormones (hormone replacement or hrt) until I die, so there is no question regarding whether I should stop. I mentioned to her that back in October a doctor hadn’t checked either and had suggested I stop taking the medication until I told her why I was taking it in the first place. I am now wondering if at my next visit I will be asked the same question again. What can I say? She did however suggest that I be given a six month supply rather than the one month supply the last doctor had changed it to. Previously I received a three-month supply. Common sense has prevailed though I’ll have to wait and see if it will really happen! She measured my blood pressure a couple of times whilst I was there as they all do and nothing had changed, nothing to be concerned about all was in satisfactory order.
E went out shopping as usual on a Thursday afternoon. She buys in the week’s groceries and takes her mom along to do her shopping too. Earlier in the day and after I had returned home I did a little preparatory work up in the top room, not much but enough to allow the work to continue. Little has been done up there this past week for one reason or another but gradually we’ll get it finished.

Shirley Anne

Could be better


I woke up well enough but as the day wore on I became more and more listless and tired. It was Thursday and as I had nothing scheduled except for one job and that was to simply install a replacement oven for someone. I had to wait for the call to let me know the oven had been delivered so I thought I could simply rest at home for a while. I got the call late morning and was back home for lunch. E in the meantime had gone out shopping. Later in the afternoon I got another call and went to do that work. By the time I had returned home I was feeling really tired indeed but it wasn’t the work, it was I thought a cold judging by the way I was feeling. I needed rejuvenating!

(The Rejuvenation Cure, 1525, (1949). A print from 1525 showing the oven which transformed women into beautiful young girls. From A Smile Among Friends. [Alb. Cammermeyers Forlag, Norway, 1949] Artist: Unknown)

The weather hadn’t helped for it had been wet and dull most of the day and it was cold. The calls kept coming in the evening though most of them I rejected. It meant though that I had work on Friday morning and I was hoping I would be feeling better by then. I had to arise early anyway as we were expecting the delivery of a new mattress for the small bedroom any time after seven o’clock (it arrived at ten) and Friday is the day for waste collection so the bins had to be taken out. We don’t leave the bins out all night because of others disposing their rubbish in them. That I don’t mind but when they put the wrong waste in them, that I don’t like. There has been a spate of fly tipping over the last couple of months at the top end of our road and our local council don’t appear to have made an effort to catch the people responsible. We have had indiscriminate waste disposal in our own bins once or twice. I don’t mind getting up early to put the bins out and some weeks we don’t put any bins out because there is little in them. Anyway the weekend beckoned and I was hoping things would get better. It did.

Shirley Anne




A miserable and wet day, typical of most days at this time of year except that of late the weather has been anything but miserable. I am not complaining about the weather, there is little point in moaning about something we cannot change. I am now getting plenty of work, well that which I want to do and it is enough to keep me happy. Today as I write this, which happens to be Wednesday, I am feeling rather tired and worn out even though I haven’t really done much work today but I have been feeling this way for a few days. Notwithstanding the fact that I am quickly approaching my seventieth birthday I cannot explain why I am feeling the way I am other than the fact that my sleep patterns are all over the place. I have a lot of things on my mind and this isn’t helping me getting to sleep and added to this I am sometimes up a couple of times during the night for toilet visits too. I might get lucky and have three hours before I find myself awake once more so I get up in the morning still feeling a little tired. If my mom was alive she would be telling me that all this, the miserable weather and poor sleep was because it is Wednesday. She told me that I was born on a Wednesday, which is true by the way, and she would recite that old rhyme with tongue in cheek about the days of the week where Wednesday’s child is full of woe! Well thanks mom, you always knew how to cheer me up.  The miserable weather has nothing to do with whichever day it is, has it? Hahaha..The miserable day is another matter. It has been one of those days where all matter of things seem to have been against me, annoying little things like other drivers not driving as they should, getting stuck in an elevator whilst trying to carry all the things I needed for that small job this morning, all sorts of trivial things. I try not to let things get the better of me but some things are inexcusable and shouldn’t perhaps happen at all. The lady I was working for was nice though and she could make a decent cup of coffee!

Shirley Anne

Losing it?

Make a Sound

Make a Sound (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have a little rubber room
I play in every day,
I’d have a chair to sit on
But they carted it away.
I sit on polystyrene
My bed is made of sponge,
The food I get is wobbly
Just like a cold blancmange.
I used to have some clothing
I used to have some shoes,
They used to come and speak with me
And tell me all the news.
One day I’ll get my freedom
One day they’ll let me free,
Then we can be two nuts together
You and crazy me.

Copyright Shirley Anne 29 Feb 2004

The other day I was sitting quietly at home watching television but not really taking an interest in the program being broadcast. I was waiting for the following program. However I sat and listened to the guy who was speaking as he described in great detail the building in which he stood as he presented the program. He was speaking quietly and I couldn’t understand why. After a minute or so I became irritated at the sound of his voice and turned off the sound. Immediately I had done so I became calm again. This wasn’t the first time I had experienced such a reaction to the sound of someone else’s voice, it has happened a few times recently. I simply have to turn off the sound. I get bored when watching many televised programs, even movies, though I seldom do so when it is a documentary. It isn’t the watching of television per se that I dislike but I do get irritated at the sound of some of the voices I hear. I am beginning to get the same feelings when in the company of others too, I feel as though I just want to get out of the room to a quiet place. Am I going mad? Am I losing it?

Come and visit me in my rubber room sometime and we will discuss it, if I can stand the sound of your voice that is!

Shirley Anne

Just stuff


I’ve had a partially busy week during my return to work which as it happens is the way I would wish it to continue. I seem to have reached that point again whereby I am dwelling upon the uselessness of it all. I can’t be bothered most of the time yet I find that when I make the effort my outlook changes. Perhaps it’s my age, no doubt it is. Do you ever feel that life and its problems get the better of you sometimes? Well I haven’t reached that stage but sometimes feel I am headed that way. I survive. Speaking of problems, I’ve had a few of those come my way of late. A couple of weeks ago I made a simple error in signing in to one of my online bank accounts but because I didn’t see my error until it was too late I was locked out of my account. An inconvenience to say the least but was is worse was the procedure I had to follow in order to get reconnected. A change of identity and a new password were sent to me through the post two weeks later and then a further letter containing a security code was sent a few days later. Having painstakingly submitting those details on the web site I found I was locked into a repetitive loop explaining that the details I had entered were incorrect! Resorting to the telephone I was connected to a representative of the bank who guided me through the process. I remained locked into the same loop! Now they are sending me new details in order to go through the whole process again. As yet the result is pending as at the time of writing those details have not yet arrived. I have no such difficulties with my other banks. This sort of thing really annoys me and is probably mostly unnecessary. Angels 001 We had a repeat visit from our utility provider, or rather their agent, or rather another agent carrying out exactly the same survey of our waste water pipe systems as the previous agent had done a few months ago. That’s what I call efficiency, no actually a waste of  time and money! The results were exactly the same, everything is in order. What is wrong with this world? Don’t answer that question as it would take you all your life to answer it in detail. Save to say that we, as human beings have a habit of getting the simplest of things wrong at times. Common sense has flown out of our tool boxes it seems. These things are sent to try us they say, whoever ‘they’ are, probably those ‘experts’ we are so often presented with yet never actually see. Life has got to be better than these things and it is. I was reminded of all the good things in life which make all our little problems bearable. As I was writing this I glanced up and looked at the picture on the wall the one you see above. The good things in life far outweigh the trivia. The picture was taken about twenty-six years ago and shows my two young sons. I count my blessings and they are one of them.

Shirley Anne

Forget Summer

English: Hyde Park in a heatwave The second we...

Hyde Park in a heatwave The second week of August 2003 was the hottest ever recorded in London, with temperatures of up to 38 degrees Celsius. Not surprisingly many people flocked to the parks to cool off.

It is past the middle of May and still it is very cold. The warmer temperatures we have come to expect at this time of year have been somewhat lacking even though there have been warm sunny days. It appears that the ‘Jet Stream’, the high altitude wind pattern is favouring places like Moscow with the United Kingdom fairing less well as a result. Until the Jet Stream shifts in our favour I guess we can say goodbye to a  warm Summer again this year. I watch the weather forecasts with interest but it is all bad news lately. I heard tell that the month of June won’t be much better either.  Astronomically speaking Summer starts on or about the 21st day of June so there is still time left for an improvement I suppose. It may be that the later months of the season will prove me wrong. I do hope so. It can be rather depressing when all we get is poor weather when reasonably it should be better. We must however make the most of things for we have no control over matters. For many people summer is the two-week vacation they take each year in a foreign land though not everyone can afford such things. I have been fortunate in that respect having enjoyed many holidays in foreign places in the past. These days I am less bothered about travelling across the globe for the pleasure of enjoying the warm weather which is taken for granted in many countries.  Quite often I have found that the living conditions in these beautiful places where the sun shines most of the year and the temperatures never fall below 20 degrees Celsius are very poor indeed. Having a warm or hot climate doesn’t guarantee perfect happiness unless you have plenty of money and money doesn’t even buy happiness! I am not giving up on Summer, things are not that bad really, it could be a lot worse, in fact it may well be a lot better! I am not sure just what I will be doing in the months ahead. Working? Most probably. Taking a vacation?  Probably not but anything is possible. Enjoying myself? I will try my best. Summer will be great if I am still here to enjoy it won’t it?

Shirley Anne

More exercise and feeling better for it


Get yourself Fit

When I’ve been ill or unable to exercise as happened late last year I have gained weight by being idle and most of the time didn’t feel at my best. A little exercise changes all of that and if done in the morning sets you up for the whole day. Until a few years ago I used to get up very early, most often at 02.30 and be ready to go out in all-weather to do a four or six-mile run after which I would return home and get ready to go to work! I am well-past doing that sort of thing now but I still like running, though now it is usually on my treadmill. For years I owned a bicycle too and spent many an hour riding around on it but always during the day or evening, never in the early hours of the morning! Running is very much different to cycling and in some respects not as good. Each exercise has its own benefits of course. As I have explained in other posts I am beginning to improve my exercise regime since my last period of inactivity caused by the accident I had and I am finding it less strenuous. I have noticed an improvement in the speed I can run and my stamina has improved quite a lot too. Exercise that leaves one a little breathless for a while makes sure the heart gets the exercise it needs too and with each period of exercise undertaken a greater feeling of well-being results. Whenever I do some rigorous exercise I can almost feel my arteries dilating and the blood rushing through them and that feeling lasts for hours after. People who likewise exercise this way will know what I am saying, it just makes you feel good all day. Apart from anything else it burns calories too which can’t be bad for my waistline! I’ve done quite a considerable amount of exercise over the last few weeks and after a long spell of inactivity I can tell you which I prefer!

Shirley Anne