A home to live in

E has been her usual self, winning prizes seems to come naturally for her. I have lost count of the things she has won over the last few years, holidays, tvs, cameras, books, furniture, the list goes on. It was Monday morning the second day of the month and we were in the dining area alongside the kitchen just talking and looking out the window at the garden when the doorbell rang. I went to see who it was and it was the postman delivering a parcel, two parcels to be precise for he called a minute later with the second. E had no idea what was in the parcel though it was addressed to her. Eagerly opening it she discovered it was the prize she had recently won in a competition, a bird box as we call them here. It had been manufactured in Holland and was labelled a three level bird ‘flat’ (apartment). It was my job to mount it on the wall, the only place suitable for it to go given the preferences….

…and the close-up showing access panels on the side for each level should they need to be cleaned out…

We are hoping the box will get more cover as the plants below grow taller. Now that I was out in the garden I decided to do a couple of small jobs one of which was to sweep up the enormous piles of leaves that always accumulate by the cellar door leading out to the garden and in one or two other places around the house building. My other job was to shave off a little wood from the new passageway gate I had constructed a couple of months ago. It had expanded in the cool, humid weather as wood does. In the warmer and dryer months the wood shrinks a little so the gate fitted perfectly when I made it. I had forgotten to allow for the normal expansion of the timber. Despite the high winds we were experiencing on Monday it remained pleasant and warm throughout the day.

Shirley Anne


Nothing to do, yeah sure!

Dream Journal - Time Management & Learn New Things
Dream Journal – Time Management & Learn New Things (Photo credit: AlisonQuine)

Again on Wednesday I had no work scheduled and had an extra lie in bed missing out on a proper breakfast. The weather forecast was promising so I decided to do some work at home. When we had the roller door fitted a couple of weeks ago it still left a large gap over the door to be filled with timber. In Thursday’s post I mentioned the fact that E and I went shopping on Monday for the materials needed to  do that same job. It took a few hours to do but we finally succeeded and now all that is needed is to paint it. We had opted to use wood as opposed to plastic although at some point in the future plastic could be used to cover the wood if we wanted to do that. So far all we have done is to treat the wood with a preserver/wood worm repellent and we will paint it some time in the near future. E was keen to prune back some overgrown trees  that are growing in the border on the approach to the garage where we had been working so after that work was complete we set about the trees with a saw then cut the branches smaller to fit in the garden waste wheelie bins. I have to admit to being rather tired after the day’s work but then I had to go indoors to prepare a roast dinner! A much more enjoyable task and set aside a plate for our youngest son who occasionally asks if we can prepare a meal for him, usually because he has had a busy day and has little time left for himself. We obviously don’t mind doing that for him. The days go slowly when there is nothing to do but they can be rewarding when there is. I get complete satisfaction when I have achieved something and done something with my time rather than mulling about doing nothing. I like to rest too, it isn’t all about work but I do find that all rest and no work is just as bad as the other way round! Nothing to do? Yeah, sure but for me that doesn’t work.

Shirley Anne

I can see the floor!

I was up and out working at 8 o’clock yesterday morning. I had rested all day Saturday so was ready to do something. The main jobs were to remove the bricks and then the stones that had been stored in the garage but first of all, where to put them? I had it in mind to store them on the concrete platform that stands behind the old garage but first I had to remove some garden furniture and other things that had been left there. Using a wheelbarrow I proceeded to remove the bricks and re-stack them on the concrete platform. This took me over an hour of continuous labour. The next hour was spent shifting the stones and re-arranging the other items stored on the platform. At last! I could see the garage floor! By this time E had come outside to help. She was applying wood preserver to the parts of the new partition wall that had not yet been done and also some spare plywood sheets. Meanwhile I fitted some skirting boards and architraves to the partition wall which is now complete. There was quite a lot of off-cuts of wood as well as old wood pieces that needed to be removed and burned. This was my next job. In the past, before we had a vegetable plot, the area was used to burn large amounts of old wood, tree branches and the like but now the area has been landscaped and planted so we have to burn the wood elsewhere. We have an old metal waste bin that we use for burning wood now. It has holes in the base thus allowing an air up-draught, perfect for burning. However, with such a large amount of wood, including some old branches we found in the garage, it was necessary to stay with the fire to both feed it and to make sure the fire remained safe. By the time the wood had burned a couple of hours had passed by and I was beginning to smell of wood smoke! It was around 4.30 when I decided I’d had enough and went back indoors both to rest and to get washed and changed. There is always another day. The garage is looking more like a garage now although there is still much to do yet.

Shirley Anne