Over three thousand

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To date I have posted almost 3100 posts on this blog. I don’t suppose many of my readers will have read them all or that many browse older posts either. I was browsing some of my old postings just for something to do. I had and have been doing much work at home lately as well as carrying out electrical work for others and it does take its toll. I do enjoy my work however but it is nice to be able to sit and relax afterward. I am not one who likes to read fiction, it was never an interest to me but give me literature about practical subjects and I am happy. With me, if I am reading something of interest it leads me to other things. When I am searching a word in a dictionary I often find myself drifting off and searching related words and their meanings too. Before I know it I find myself way off target if I am not careful. Life’s a bit like that for many of us, we aim for something but get sidetracked and we end up somewhere else, somewhere we never thought we would be. The funny thing is we end up preferring our unintended destination. When I first started with this blog I never thought I would ever have reached so many posts but I did. That is 3100 posts in almost as many days. On one or two occasions I have posted twice on the same day but that hasn’t been often. Sometimes I wonder if I will continue and if so for how long? I have been tempted on a couple of occasions recently to simply stop. A blog is basically a personal log for many, an insight into the often mundane things we get up to in our daily lives though some people use the platform for other reasons, and there will be many. So I was re-reading some of my old posts and they brought back to mind memories of when they were written and the things I had been doing at the time. I wondered how I managed to do some of them when I remember what was involved and that is the point, we often do not realise our own potential when faced with a seemingly difficult and daunting task. It just takes a little confidence. Almost 3100 postings since the middle of January 2009 proves a point to me anyway.

Shirley Anne


All electric

English: Leyton Electric Time was when 'The El...
Leyton Electric Time was when ‘The Electric’ was a municipal undertaking and electricity substations were built in the style of minor Greek temples. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now that could mean anything, no gas, no coal, no oil as sources of power and indeed many houses these days have only an electrical supply. However I am not thinking along those lines, I am thinking about the amount of electrical work I find I am undertaking lately, not unexpected as I mentioned earlier. I sometimes wonder what I would be doing if I wasn’t an electrician, would there be much for me to write about? I am almost certain there would be. We all have something we can write about, we all have our own special experiences in life and it is nice to be able to share these things with others. We may think that nobody would find anything we say to be of interest but that just isn’t true. You would be surprised how even some of the simple things we write about are interesting to others. It may be that some of our readers wait anxiously for our next posting, well we can all hope for that I suppose. As for myself I simply like writing and what better way to express your experiences? When I first started this blog I found it difficult to find any inspiration, what to write about and someone suggested I write something about my daily experiences, about my work, my likes and dislikes, my hobbies (that’s always a good one), perhaps my religious beliefs and many more things. We can write about world events and those nearer home, holidays and celebrations, the list gets longer.

She Like Electric
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At the moment I am writing a lot about my job as an electrician and the things I am presented with each day. There is never a dull moment in my line of work. I get to meet hundreds of people each year and hopefully all that I have done for them will be appreciated and will have met their needs. Often I spend time chatting with those of my customers who are perhaps a bit lonely and in need of a little companionship. In the weeks to come I may be writing more about what I am doing in the garden but that will depend on the weather. Whatever I write about I hope my readers will get some enjoyment from it.

Shirley Anne

Nearly a milestone

Boat of Boredom
Boat of Boredom (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There’s not much going on lately on the home front. I have been kept busy at work and have even had to turn down work because of the amount I have been getting. Many would say that is a good thing and it is if indeed much work was necessary. In my case I work more out of enjoyment than necessity. Work gives me something to occupy myself and to relieve the boredom of an otherwise dull existence. Life for me isn’t all dull though but unless I am occupied it can be very dull indeed. I did no work on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and at the time of writing this nothing planned for the week ahead. Well that’s fine as it gives me the opportunity to do anything I like instead. Problem is there is little else I have an interest in these days, things to keep me active that is. I want to be active all the time and I suppose that is my problem. I do little reading, watch little television, almost never go to the cinema, in fact if I am sitting down for too long I simply have to get up and walk about.

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Yes, I am sitting down writing this but my mind is on other things, what to do next? I have been glancing at my blog’s statistics, specifically how many posts I have written and I discovered that as of today (Saturday) I have written and posted 2489. That’s a lot of posts since my first in January 2009. When I look back I am amazed at the way the blog has developed and the diversity of the posts themselves. If each of those posts were about a different subject that would mean nearly two and a half thousand subjects! Alas, I doubt I could write about so many different things so you will find much of my posts centre around a single subject but even so there are still many. I don’t boast that I am that knowledgeable on all the subject material except perhaps those in which I am well versed and experienced. Surprisingly though I don’t spend a lot of time at my computer and most of my posts, probably all of them, are written straight from the heart without much thought. The words just flow out. I have an active mind and find writing quite easy. One thing I have to say though is that I get bored easily and perhaps that is a good thing when writing blog posts for there is a fine balance between keeping my readers interested and boring them to death with posts that go on and on. If I write 400 words I am happy enough but once I pass 600 I am beginning to get bored myself. All in all I think I have done well in achieving this minor milestone of almost two and a half thousand posts. A few weeks ago when I was at a low ebb I seriously thought of closing the blog altogether but I am still here, for how long I cannot say. Maybe I’ll wait until I reach the five thousand post milestone before making that decision.

Shirley Anne

Swap them around?

lol on a candy heart
lol on a candy heart (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have no idea how many of my readers here pop over to Minkyweasel’s Musings but I wonder what would happen if I swapped content by moving all the posts from one site to the other? I’ve no intentions of doing that by the way just in case you got a bit worried (LOL) but I do wonder how many of my readers would still follow this blog. I fancy they wouldn’t. The reason I say this is because the two sites are completely different. Whereas this site covers all sorts of subjects, mostly about the things I do with snippets of other things like my faith and such, the other one is totally about God and Jesus Christ and doesn’t get a fraction of the visits this one enjoys but I persevere with it. I post there but once a week or so but here I post every day. I suppose the subject material on my other site holds less interest except to those who are of the Christian faith which kind of misses the whole point of the site because it is there as a witness for anyone who is not a Christian. So all you non-Christians pop over there and have fun! LOL. Seriously, the material is dedicated to the unbeliever so if you are such a person you will know what to expect but I hope that isn’t a deterrent but a challenge. I would hope though that all my readers (of whichever persuasion) would still follow this site’s posts wherever they may be located. It makes it all worthwhile knowing that you call in each day and I thank you all for doing so. I don’t follow many of your sites, mostly because I don’t have the time to follow them all but I try to make time for most of them, as many as I am able and I find many of them interesting too. So worry not that I will be moving material elsewhere as I value each and every one of you.

Shirley Anne

It’s a shame, seems a waste

Hildegard reading and writing
Hildegard reading and writing

Every week I somehow manage to produce seven posts and occasionally one or two more. I have found I enjoy writing short articles from my everyday life and other things I find interesting. When I first started I found it difficult knowing what to write about and my posts were very brief but as they say you’ve got to learn to walk before you can run. With many things in my life though I get bored and disinterested if I stay fixed on them for too long. Some things in my life I never tire of but the rest I find hard to stick with. Some of the things I don’t tire of are playing my guitar, riding my bicycle, reading informative material about almost anything I am interested in such as my Christian faith, science and  astronomy amongst many others. Although I like writing I find I have to write short articles rather than lengthy ones simply because I begin to lose interest in the writing and have to make it brief although sometimes I find I can write longer articles on occasion if the subject is one I am really interested in. Since I started this blog I have written many articles and as I progressed I think I have improved my talent for writing and content. Many of my previous submissions I would consider to be worthy of another airing and I feel it is such a shame that they may be locked in the past forever without anyone reading them. It seems such a waste. In that vein I would encourage my readers, especially those new to my site to occasionally browse its archives using the ‘Browse Archives’ box below  on the left of this page. You never know, there may be something there you find interest in. At the very least there are hours of reading material there to wile away the time on a rainy afternoon, even I do that sometimes. Most people who read my pages are themselves ‘bloggers’ and producing their own articles of interest I am sure, I know, I read some of them! There is a limit to what anyone can read or find the time to read but I think delving into the past makes for some interesting reading.

Shirley Anne

Good readership

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It was with great trepidation that I started this blog a couple of years ago, well almost three years ago now and at first I drew little attention. As I developed the blog and gained confidence in writing I have been blessed by an ever-increasing readership for which I am so grateful. Not all of my readers make comment but I am happy that they read my pages in the first place. I have tried to vary my content as much as possible and no subject is taboo, for we all must have an opinion on things in the world whether they affect us directly or not. I write spontaneously, that is as I think of a subject I will write about it as I see it. The news has an influence on what I write about as do the subjects of other people’s blogs or situations I might find myself in. Having said that, or should I write, written that, I find that in most situations people are interested in my personal life more than anything else. That to me is most gratifying and I welcome such interest for I have the same attitude to other people, I am interested in them as people more than what they write about other things. I can safely say that I have a good readership, not just in numbers, which is continually growing, but in who responds to me through this media. I hope I do the same when I comment on other blogs, make the recipients happy that I respond to them. The Internet is a wonderful tool for bring people together but it must be used wisely. It is so easy to offend people for as it is written, the pen is mightier than the sword. I hope that as each of us connects in this way that we shall be careful in what we say. I hope this year will prove fruitful in the building of relationships whether in we agree on things or not for we are all different. May I take this opportunity to thank all my readers for the fact they read my meanderings and especially when they comment and thereby make contact with me. Bless you all. I hope I can continue to keep you interested and entertained this coming year. Added to this I do have another, more specialised blog which is solely based upon the Christian faith for those who may be interested. The relevant link is over on the right. There is a further Minkyweasel presence on YouTube and again, the link is over on the right.

Shirley Anne

A milestone

Today, the Web and the Internet allow connecti...
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In olden times many main routes in this country, (I say routes rather than roads for there weren’t many roads as such other than those the Romans had built during their occupation of this land) were dotted along their length at various places with large stones by the wayside indicating the distance ahead to the next main town. Later, wooden signposts literally pointed in the direction of the next village or town. The stones and signposts were engraved with the mileage so that one could tell how much further one had to go and how long it might take to get there. These days of course distance is no object and almost everywhere in this land can be reached within twenty-four hours. In long times past most folk simply didn’t travel far from their homes and villages, it was too dangerous to do so. There was no real need to leave their community. Nowadays the whole world is a community. We can travel  to almost anywhere that is heavily populated within that same twenty-four hours and within a couple of more days, travel anywhere on this planet! We need not leave our places of residence today much as they did long ago because today we have the Internet and can communicate with people around the globe. This blog can be read anywhere in the world with the right equipment. When I first began to write here I struggled to find something to write about but now I am able to write much more having gained the confidence and experience. Today I have reached a milestone in my adventure, writing my blog posts. Today marks the 1,000th post on this site! Indeed a milestone. Well it is for me. I hope I can continue to write and that those who read my ramblings will find some interest in my content.

Shirley Anne

Queen’s English

I don’t know about you but I think many of todays adult population have an appalling command of the English language. Of course there are some who sadly cannot help their writing skills not being up to scratch because of dyslexia but there isn’t really an excuse for the rest of us, especially with proof-readers and spell-checking programs. I was reading a comment that somebody had written in response to a particular article of news on the Internet.  Instead of using the word ‘have’ they substituted it with ‘of’. This is symptomatic of the way people actually speak these days, they slur their words so that they sound like other words which, when written down, become the other word! For example they might say. ‘The policeman should have noticed the banana on the floor’ but write it thus:- ‘The policeman should of noticed the banana on the floor’. The word ‘have’ being so spoken as to sound like ‘of’ so when written it becomes that word!

Why do people get the words two, to and too confused? Most often the word ‘to’ is substituted for the word ‘too’ as in ‘He said it was to much for him to do’, when it should be, ‘He said it was too much for him to do’. Simple mistake if it is a mistake, which it probably isn’t most of the time. It is easy enough to remember which word to use in this case. Most applications require the use of the word ‘to’ but if an excess is implied then the word ‘too’ is correct because it has the extra ‘o’. There should be no excuse for mis-using the other word ‘two’.

Don’t people know that the letter ‘i’ is never used by itself? It should always be written as ‘I’. Or that the first letter of a name (proper nouns) should always be a capital letter as in John, London, Asia etc? Yet I see people writing all their words in lower-case with a complete disregard for the beginnings of sentences, proper nouns or quotations.

Then there are words such as ‘there’ and ‘their’, ‘where’ and ‘were’ which get people confused but they are not that difficult to understand. Remember ‘your’ is not the same as ‘you’re’, ‘our’ not the same as ‘are’.

There are many things in the writing of the English language that people get wrong. We all make mistakes but where there are writing aids I think they should be used and by doing so perhaps we can learn and improve as we go along. Be proud of your language and make every effort to improve your use of it.

I am of the opinion that many people just do not care about their language or their illiteracy, those that can do something about it that is. Standards are diminishing and it isn’t only in language, it is across the broad spectrum of life in many cases, in work, driving and in other things. 

Shirley Anne

Reviewing my posts

During the course of any week I browse through some of my old posts. When I look at the statistics for this blog each day I see that some of my readers also look at old posts I have written. Presumably they are following tags of course but I simply go straight to my post history and browse that way. I notice a couple of things in doing this. First of all I notice just how many posts I have written in such a relatively short time. They amount to at least one post per day since the blog’s inception. The next thing I notice is how my writing skills have improved over that same period, helped along by the proof reader of course! Thirdly I find that the subject matter is  fairly diverse, I would hate to think that my posts had become stagnant through lack of diversity. This is why I do not major on the one subject. Yes, I will write on certain things quite often, work, life, religion, events in my day and many other things because I feel it makes for a more interesting blog.  When I browse my old posts it sometimes helps me to write something new.

This morning I have been reading the ‘Good Newsmagazine which is posted to me each month. Several subjects are touched upon in the publication such as (in this issue), ‘Has America Lost Its Way’? ‘The Magnificent Millenium’, ‘A World Held Captive’ and in the supplement which is produced for the UK and European readership, ‘The Economy’, ‘A World Beyond Today’ and ‘When Will God Intervene’? Often the subject matter is not specifically ‘religious’ although explanations regarding world events point to prophetic writings in Scripture and from this we get a much clearer understanding of the direction where things are going. It’s like watching a movie whilst already knowing the plot and the outcome. The amazing thing is that what was written is actually happening before our eyes! I digress. This post was not meant to be about religion. The point I make is that inspiration can come from any direction, even the past. I may read something from my old posts and be inspired to write something new. Today I have been reading the ‘Good News’  but it could be any magazine or any other thing which gives me inspiration. Sometimes it pays to look back and reflect on things.

Shirley Anne