Although I now live in Southport and have done since 1989, I was actually born and raised in Liverpool which is around twenty miles or more south. I left Liverpool when twenty-seven years of age. Most of the pictures you see below were taken one very bright and early Sunday morning in 2003 and some changes have happened since, for instance in one of the pictures taken of the ‘Promenade’ at that time does not show the new hotel complex which has since been built. Just beyond what looks like a large white tent to the right of the picture, which is actually a ‘merry-go-round’, is where the new buildings are sited. One picture (third from bottom) shows the former magistrates court and fire station which have now been rebuilt and moved slightly. It is the picture showing a traffic island in the foreground and is at the north end of the main thoroughfare in the town called Lord Street. The shops you can see in some of the pictures are located on Lord Street. There is a picture of a very large building in red brick which used to be a hospital but was converted to an apartment building many years ago. The apartments are the most expensive in the town to buy with some selling at over £1 million pounds even back in 2005. Queen Victoria’s statue shown in one of the pictures has since been taken to Liverpool for renovations and has returned but placed in a slightly different position from it’s original one and also faces in the opposite direction, that is toward the town. It is sited at the Promenade end of Nevil Street  which joins Lord Street at the opposite end of the street. Nevil Street is shown in the fifth picture from the bottom looking toward the Promenade (beyond which are gardens and the beach front) and from the Lord Street end. The Millennium Bridge (white structure) which spans the lake can be seen in this picture too. Some other pictures were taken on that bridge together with the pier and seafront pictures.  The two pictures showing a large clock tower are taken from the south end of Lord Street.